14 Reasons You Should Never Take Your Kids to Iceland

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by Erin Bender Feb 3, 2016

1. You can go dog sledding on a glacier…in the summer! Your kids will get so confused since they always considered it a winter activity.

2. Iceland’s magnificent waterfalls have torturously long and hard-to-pronounce names like Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrabúi, and Skógafoss. If I can’t say them, how can your kids?

3. Gorgeous local horses have adapted to the harsh weather and look irresistibly cute. Once your kids see them, they won’t stop asking for one.

4. The Blue Lagoon is so magical your kids will believe that fairytales come true. Reading Cinderella at bedtime will never be the same.

5. The Northern Lights are so spectacular that your kids will think their parents can create the Aurora Borealis on demand…in any country.

6. City kids might get used to the broad grassy spaces, nature trails and gorgeous wildlife. How will they ever settle back into urban life?

7. With ice caves as scenic as this, your kids might turn into Batman and never want to leave.

8. They will see the raw power of a real active volcano. Those science volcano projects will now make your kids yawn.

9. After seeing how the geyser Strokkur violently erupts water up to 70 metres in the air every few minutes, your kids won’t care for Yellowstone’s Old Faithful.

10. Enjoying a picnic lunch at Viðey Island is really easy to organise – just catch one ferry and you’re on a historic and beautiful island. Your kids will think everything should be that easy.

11. There are too many stunning wildlife tours to choose from – seals, foxes, reindeer, whales and puffins. How will you and your kids ever decide?

12. The rocket-inspired cathedral Hallgrímskirkja will give your kids the impression that there’s no reason why your home can’t be shaped like a spaceship too.

Photo: Beata May

Photo: Beata May

13. Visiting the open-air historical museum Árbæjarsafn will just confuse your kids if they say it out loud (or possibly end up with spit marks on their clothes).

Photo: Lydur Skulason

Photo: Lydur Skulason

14. Once your kids try the 300km “Golden Circle” scenic drive, they’ll want to drive all week around the famous (and longer) “Ring Road” too. You won’t have time to see anything else!

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