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16 Places to Stretch Your Honeymoon Dollar

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by John Hewitt Dec 3, 2008
The dollar isn’t as strong as it used to be, but if you choose your honeymoon destination carefully, it will still go a long way.

YOU DON’T NEED TO head to an expensive tropical island to have a good time with your new spouse. Go obscure. Impress and confuse your friends.

The current economic downturn dollar has actually opened up new opportunities for newlyweds looking to save some extra money for their wedding champagne budget. And services like Our Honeymoon Registry help other people fund your trip!

1. Iceland

Iceland’s economic pain –a looming national default and the collapse of the currency and the national banking system– is your gain. Expect to find out-of-this-world deals in Iceland until the country gets back on its feet.

2. Turkey

Straddling Europe and the Middle East, this country was the melting pot of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. It has mountains, forests, museums, lovely cities, world-class cuisine and luxurious hotel accommodations.

3. Lima, Peru

The weather is almost permanently overcast during the winter, but you’ll be hard pressed to find better restaurants. Think you’ve had ceviche? You haven’t had ceviche until you’ve been to Lima.

4. Krakow, Poland

Want a European fairy tale vacation without the high cost? Krakow survived World War II and the Soviet era mostly intact. Like Polish food? Visit some of the best restaurants in the former Eastern bloc.

5. Singapore

If you like glitzy nightlife vacations with a warm and moist climate, Singapore is an excellent destination. The food is an eclectic mix of Southeast Asian, Japanese and Chinese.

6. Mexico

The dollar still goes a long way in Mexico. Want to get local expert advice on where to go? Check out Matador’s Mexico page.

7. British Columbia, Canada

As long as you get out of Vancouver as quickly as possible, you can have an amazing time camping, biking or skiing in British Columbia. The forests are among the most beautiful in the world.

8. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest still has the flavor of old Byzantium. Stroll along the cobbled streets with your new spouse and admire the old architecture. Then bed down in a fantastic but inexpensive hotel.

9. Estonia

Estonia is one of the best kept secrets of Eastern Europe. This country has enjoyed considerable economic success in the past decade or two, but it has yet to be entirely discovered by the tourist hordes. The west coast on the Baltic Sea is particularly good to go.

10. Greece

As long as you get past the relatively annoying flight or boat ride out of Athens, the wonders of the Greek islands start opening up.

11. Alice Springs, Australia

Are you an adventure-couple? Heading out to the Australian outback might be right up your alley. Visit Ayers Rock and explore the surrounding deserts. Watch out for wild dogs, horses, and scorpions.

12. Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the safest and most beautiful countries in East Africa. Brave the monsoon rains and go on safari, or consider hiking around Mt. Kilimanjaro.

13. Dominican Republic

Island vacation? Blue waters? Friendly locals? All for cheap? Yes, the Dominican Republic is for you, particularly if you’re looking for all-inclusive Caribbean holidays.

14. Arizona, United States

Heading on your honeymoon during the winter? Escape the cold in sunny and naturally beautiful Arizona.

15. European Tour

It’s not a particular country, but with the Euro tanking, flitting around Europe has become a fantastic honeymoon option once again. Travel by discount plane, like Ryanair, or by train.

16. Egypt

Egypt has beaches, warm weather, and some of the most stunning historical sites from the ancient world that you will find anywhere. There are no other countries like Egypt, and perhaps no other has been as radically altered through the ages by the sweep of the past.

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Are you married? Where did you go for your honeymoon? Share your favorite destination in the comments below!

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