Drinking and Chicago go hand-in-hand. Never mind the fact that it’s a college city with three major schools right downtown, but it’s also a city of multiple nationalities — many of which hold beer and cocktails near and dear.

We may have our share of ritzy places to get a drink, but we’re also founded on working class ideals, so we know how to enjoy a good dive, too. For a night out on the town (a cheap night), we know better than to get all dressed up and head to rooftops and hotel lounges. We put on jeans and a t-shirt and go to the neighborhoods.

All this to say, there’s no need to get all fancy — dive bars in Chicago are a casual affair. Make sure you try these ones, all highly rated on our new travelstoke app.

1. The Victor Bar

 The Victor BarChicago, United StatesAmazing casual lounge that reminds you of the lower east side of NY!! Great drinks, super bar staff/owners & friends!! Great date night or after work happy hour or late night cocktails!!

2. Happy Village

 Happy VillageChicago, United StatesBooze, ping pong, and the best beer garden in Uke Village. You can’t go wrong.

3. L&L Tavern

 L & L TavernChicago, United StatesA dive in the middle of an almost-posh neighborhood. Get some drinks and the go get tattoos down the street.

4. Map Room

 Map RoomChicago, United StatesThis is my favorite neighborhood bar in Chicago. The BEST bartenders. A HUGE selection of beers. Love this place!

5. Slippery Slope

 Slippery SlopeChicago, United StatesFun dive! Good music! Amazing name! Clearly this dance floor goes off when there are more folks. #divebar #danceparle

6. The Heavy Feather

 The Heavy FeatherChicago, United StatesUpstairs cocktail bar to “Slipery Slope”….these two are a deadly combo. #whiskeybar #whisky #whuuuiskey

7. Schubas Tavern

 Schubas TavernChicago, United StatesFamous Chicago live music venue. Great sounding live room with an intimate vibe, old school bar in front, and great food from the kitchen. Perfect spot to grab some food, catch a show, and have a few drinks. #casual #food #livemusic

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