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Paris Travel
by Carlo Alcos Sep 21, 2009
Sacre Coeur

Photo: Matt Scott

You will go to Paris. And when you do, Matador Destination Expert Matt Scott is your man.

I won’t waste your time talking up Paris. You know it’s cool, hip, and romantic. You know the sites to see.

Or do you?

Sure, you’ve got the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomf engraved into your itinerary, but what about the real Paris?

Matt is a Matador veteran. He’s penned some hugely popular articles such as 10 Volunteer Opportunities for Free Travel and The 10 Most Spectacular Train Journeys in the World.

Besides writing and photography, he also guides tourists around the city of love. So there is no question about it: Matt knows Paris.

More on Matt:

Favorite places I’ve been: Too many to mention but some highlights: India, Nepal, Indonesia, New Zealand, West Coast USA and Alaska – all have stunning scenery.

Matt Scott

I’m fired up on: Food, from all over the world- my breakfast is almost as important to me as what I’m planning to see that day.

Travel style: Just me and my backpack (It’s also nice to have my girlfriend along too) and to really immerse myslef in a culture and place.

Ideal place to watch the sunrise: Waking up where you’ve just watched the sunset.

If you’re shy and aren’t quite ready to ask Matt your questions, he’s also written three Matador guides for Paris, so you can check if the answers are here: Free City Tours in Paris, 48 Hours in Paris, and How to Save Money in Paris.

To contact Matt, visit his profile and send him a message.


In addition to Matt’s guides above, Matador has published numerous articles on visiting and living in Paris. Just type in “Paris” in the Search bar at the top right of the page and browse around.

We’ve also got you covered all over the globe. Make sure to check out previously featured members at our Destination Experts page.

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