WHEN YOU THINK OF CANADA, you might be visualizing mountains, forests, vast expanses of wilderness. But this isn’t even remotely close to the full picture — Canada is also home to some of the most diverse, active, and visually stunning metropolises in the world.

Over the course of ten days, our film team visited the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver to shoot this incredible hyperlapse video of Canada’s great cities. We started in Vancouver, which sits right over the US border from Seattle in beautiful British Columbia. We explored the city’s renowned diversity, its beautiful waterways, and the restaurant and bar scene of the City of Glass.

From there we moved to Calgary, the buzzing heart of Alberta, and captured its stunning architecture, public art, and vibrant nightlife. After that, it was off to Toronto, Canada’s largest urban center, with a visit to the iconic CN Tower, a tour of the city’s epic street art scene, and some time out to admire the views from its great parks. Finally, we finished in Montreal, the Québécois metropolis, where we looked at the city from above from the top of Mount Royal, and from below, from it’s riverside Old Port.

It’s remarkable how different each of the cities was from the next, but no matter where our team went, they were greeted by proud residents who wanted to show off their Canadian home with a smile. The amount of footage we captured of this vibrant urban landscape is incredible, but there’s only so much you can fit into a three-minute hyperlapse. Go explore the True North for yourself and see what we missed.