Equitrekking Displays the World From Horseback

by Joshywashington Feb 16, 2011

Emmy Award-winning Equitrekking is a travel series that explores the world on horseback

The world looks different from five feet higher. Well-produced and catering to a special niche of traveler, Equitrekking calls to mind how transformative different modes of transportation are on travel experiences. They dramatically affect my perception of a place, and it seems every time my vehicle is an animal, be it camel, sled dog or elephant, I’ve found myself more engaged in the movement and my surroundings rather than on wheels or wings.

Video created by: EquitrekkingTV

Wadi Rum Horseback Riding on Equitrekking

Uruguay Beach & Coastal Horse Riding

Haleakala Crater on Horseback

Equitrekking Behind the Scenes Cabalgata, Costa Rica

Discover Matador

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