Most Inspiring NYC Timelapse Ever

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by Piotr Wancerz Oct 24, 2014

About a year ago I was invited by the creators of to make a video that shows New York City in a creative way — as one of the most-photographed and documented cities in the world this was no easy task!

So I bought a ticket and started wondering what I should to do to make my edit stand out. I really didn’t want to make another NYC timelapse of traffic and sunsets. I wanted to use a subject in the edit to act like a guide showing off the best spots in Manhattan. So, I called my friend Roza — she’s a Polish painter who was staying in New York at that time — and she became my model for a few days.

We spent a week shooting. The first two days were spent doing some research and looking for the most inspiring locations in the city. The next five days we spent shooting and used #NYC Hashtag as a kind of glue that pulled together almost 100 scenes.

I made the edit using HDR technique which means that for every frame I had to get three pictures – each one with different exposure. This creates a nice effect in post production after I put all of them together. It meant that for every second of video instead of standard 25 I needed 75 pictures.

I worked on this edit for another month and at the end of October 2013 it was ready, we are excited with the final result and hope you enjoy!

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