Piotr Wancerz

Piotr is a Cracow, Poland based photo & video-grapher. He specializes in timelapse, hyperlapse an stop-motion shots. Traveling the world for over a decade, he is always trying to capture the most memorable places in time and space. For the last few years also putting them into short video stories like: PERU&BOLIVIA a stop-motion journey, GEORGIA hyper-travel, VIETNAM timelapsed or [upcoming] #NYC. Traveling is something that he can never get enough. You can call it an addiction. Finding alternative ways to show it is just a side effect. To see the world means to live a life.

Island of Dharma: Intense beauty and culture across Sri Lanka

HyperEurope: A European roadtrip in 2 minutes

Most inspiring NYC timelapse ever

The ultimate timelapse video: Experience 4 seasons in 2 minutes

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