I CAN’T KEEP A DIARY. It’s as simple as that…it’s just not happening for me. For the last 10 years, I’ve tried and failed miserably to keep notes on my excursions: the exotic meals, the chance encounters with odd nomads on the road. Luckily, for those same 10 years I’ve been lugging around cameras with me, so what I lack in the written word I’ve tried to make up for with the visual image.

That’s exactly what this video is — there’s no direct story or plot line. It’s a moving diary, a series of images I captured traveling through the beautiful and remote country of Namibia. Ross Borden (Matador Network Co-Founder) was behind the wheel, I was behind the lens, and for two weeks we traveled down desolate, dusty roads on an epic road trip that neither of us will soon forget. We were in-country for the ATTA’s 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit, invited to attend as part of the “storytelling team.”

In the video above are the sights and sounds we encountered while making our way through Namibia. I hope you enjoy this country’s beauty as much as we did.