Roadtrip in 3D. Screenshot from video by James Trosh

Will 3-D Make Travel Videos More Awesome?

California Travel
by eric warren Dec 12, 2011

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Bust out your 3-D glasses for this roadtrip.

IF YOU THOUGHT 3-D was only good for showing off science fiction worlds, take a look at this timelapse.

Roadtrip in 3-D. Screenshot from video by James Trosh

Of course, you’ll need some of the old-school 3-D glasses to make it work. The new type you boosted from the theater aren’t going to cut it. Once I finally found some approved eyewear, I did notice the cars moved around me a little more realistically.

As I virtually cruised through the California countryside, I caught myself imagining watching a 3-D video of dune-bashing in Dubai or ripping ski-turns through a tight tree line. I’d probably crap myself watching a 3-D view of driving through the traffic of Ho Chi Minh City.

While this video eases a person into the 3-D travel video experience, I can’t wait to see where this technology takes me next.

Video created by James Trosh.

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