The Canadian Rockies have become my playground since I moved to Canada in 2014. After spending countless hours exploring this area, I have discovered that the best times to take in its magnificent landscape is during the sunrise and sunset hours. The light during these times really bring the scenery to life and there is usually nobody but you to admire it. Here are the 10 best places to catch sunset and sunrise in the Canadian Rockies.


Sunrise - Moraine Lake

Situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks in Banff National Park, Moraine Lake is a 14-kilometer drive from the town of Lake Louise. It is one of Canada’s classic lakes – it was featured on the country’s twenty-dollar bill between 1969 and 1979. At the northerly end of the lake is a large rock pile, which is the perfect place to take in the sunrise.


Sunset - Mount Norquay

Mount Norquay overlooks the town of Banff in the Bow Valley. Many people visit this mountain for the ski resort, which is open from December to April; however, my advice is to pull over en route to the resort to walk and take in the view of the valley and the setting sun.


Sunrise - Wedge Pond

This little-known lake is located just off Highway 40 on the Kananaskis Trail. A good view of the mountains in the sunrise can be found at the southeast side of the lake.


Sunset - Kananaskis Lakes

The Kananaskis Upper and Lower lakes are located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. There are numerous hikes around both of the lakes. From the Upper Lake you can get a good view of the sun setting over the lower lake.


Sunrise - Two Jack

Two Jack Lake is easily accessible from the Minnewanka Lake loop road just outside of the town of Banff. During the daytime, this lake is ideal for kayaking or paddle boarding; and in the morning, just a few steps from the carpark is a good place to watch the sun light up Rundle Mountain which reflects in the water.


Sunset - Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka is located about 5 kilometer northeast of Banff Town. The lake is 21km long and is a great place for walking or boating during the day. Take a seat on the pebbled shore at the west end of the lake to watch the sunset.


Sunrise - Beauvais Lake

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is in southern Alberta, just south of Beaver Mines. With camping available here, it is easy to catch a beautiful start of the day. Stand at the east end of Beauvais Lake so you can watch the sun rise over the lake.


Sunset - Vermillion Lakes

The Vermillion Lakes are located just outside of the town of Banff at the foot of Mount Norquay. This is a good place for seeing wildlife, especially during the early mornings and late evenings when elk, moose, and even wolves may be spotted drinking at the water’s edge. During the sunset, glow-illuminated Rundle Mountain reflects in the waters.


Sunrise - Bow Lake

Bow Lake is located in the Icefield Parkway about 40 kilometers north of Lake Louise. You can watch the sunrise light up Crowfoot Mountain from the shore near the Num-Ti-Ja Lodge.


Sunset - Assiniboine Provincial Park

Assiniboine Provincial Park is a UNESCO Heritage Site in British Colombia. The park is a popular place for hiking -- though this is a wilderness area, so preparation is needed before embarking on the long hike to Mount Assiniboine Lodge in the heart of the park.

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