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How to Explore Bali's Beaches and Jungles on an ATV

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by Matador Creators Mar 14, 2023

A trip to Bali is pretty adventurous in itself, with jungles, beaches, temples, and nightlife to explore. There’s one way to really up the adventure ante, however, and that’s by taking an ATV trip through the island.

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Bali is renowned for its stunning scenery, and taking an ATV tour ensures that you can see a little piece of everything. From majestic mountain peaks to dreamy green rice paddies, there are plenty of breathtaking sights to see along the way. Plus, you can customize your ATV tour route so you can be sure that you’ll get a true taste of the local culture as well as some unforgettable views, and depending on your skill level as well. From mild off-roading experiences that are suitable for all ages, to more demanding tours featuring challenging terrain and hair-raising drops, there’s something for every type of ATV’er.

Bali offers plenty of diverse terrain for ATV riders to explore. The most popular place for ATV rides is Ubud, located in the heart of the island. Ubud offers stunning natural beauty and plenty of winding trails that are perfect for off-roading. ATV tours usually last around three hours and take riders through some of Bali’s most beautiful landscapes. Most tours include stops at stunning viewpoints where visitors can take photos and soak in the gorgeous scenery. The tours also offer an opportunity to explore small villages and interact with locals, giving riders a chance to see another side of life in Bali that they would otherwise miss out on. If you’re feeling especially brave, some companies even offer nighttime rides that provide amazing views of the stars against the dark sky.

No matter how experienced of a rider you are, safety should always come first. Before signing up for your tour, double check that your guide is certified and experienced with leading groups safely on an ATV tour. If you’re uneasy about driving yourself, many companies offer guides who will drive your vehicle while letting passengers enjoy the ride as passengers instead. And if you have young children or elderly travelers in your group, it may be best to opt out of riding an ATV altogether as it can be physically demanding and require quick decision-making to navigate safely.

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