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This Quirky Cafe Filled With Antiques Is the Best Place for Breakfast in Istanbul

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by Matador Creators Jan 13, 2023

This eccentric little shop called Cukurcuma Antiques & Cafe in Istanbul is covered floor to ceiling in all sorts of intriguing ephemera from across history. Escape from the crowded streets of Istanbul to step back in time at this shop, all while enjoying Turkish breakfast and a cup of coffee.

@foodwtf This cafe in #Istanbul is an #antiqueshop and #restaurant all in one!📍Çukurcuma Antiques & Cafe in Istanbul #Türkiye #turkeytravel #foodie #foodietravel #uniquecafes ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Though Cukurcuma is technically a breakfast cafe, where there are tables set up on the sidewalk and on a small terrace, this place isn’t like any restaurant you’ve seen before. Once you step inside, you’ll feel enchanted by the vintage homewares that decorate the walls.

However, you should get a hint of what this place specializes in from the name: Çukurcuma is also the name of Istanbul’s antiques district, where visitors will find around 150 antique shops and stalls selling all the bits and bobs you can imagine to decorate your home, from statues to suitcases to paintings to tables and chairs and kitchen supplies.

There are mirrors, shelves of pottery, elaborate lamps, a bird cage, a gramophone, even a harp and a fountain with live goldfish. Inside, the space is cozy and inviting, outfitted in ornate carpets and vintage lounge chairs. The walls are decorated with Grecian-style columns and oil paintings.

The ambience is perhaps the most attractive aspect of Cukurcuma Antiques & Cafe. The high backed cushioned chairs are an inviting place to sit with friends and rest your feet after a day of walking and exploring the many sight seeing spots around Istanbul, while sipping a refreshing cup of tea. The cozy shop is designed to look like a close friend’s living room, so you can always feel at home.

When you’re done exploring the antiques scattered all over the shop, sit down for a meal. One table is even situated near the fountain, so the goldfish can be your dining companion. The cafe offers breakfast sandwiches, egg dishes, coffee, mezze platters, Turkish tea served on delicate ornamented trays, and other snacks to keep you fueled up for the rest of your exploration of Istanbul.

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