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Step Inside a Comic Book at This 2D Cafe in Qatar

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by Matador Creators Jan 25, 2023

The hallmark of a memorable cafe is usually good coffee. Second to that are ambiance and aesthetic. In Doha, Qatar, there’s a cafe with such a cool and captivating interior that the coffee doesn’t need to be half as good as it is to keep the customers coming. It’s called Ink Cafe, and it’s designed to look like a black-and-white, two-dimensional, graphic-style space, resembling a cafe that was ripped from the pages of a vintage comic book.

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Ink Cafe isn’t the first 2D cafe in the world. The concept became popular in South Korea around 2017 and is now a trend that’s popped up everywhere from Japan to Russia to Chicago. Doha’s Ink Cafe posted its first video on Instagram in August 2019. It originally opened in the city’s Lusail Marina Food Arena — a drive-through open-air food park with dozens of restaurant outposts that together are as big as a little neighborhood — but according to the cafe’s Instagram account, it’s currently in the process of relocating.

Like its design, Ink Cafe’s menu is creative, featuring a long list of iced and hot coffees, teas, non-caffeinated hot beverages, and even mojitos. Food options range from sweet breakfast items like waffles and french toast to sandwiches and a handful of cakes and cheesecakes for dessert. The cafe also has a few unique packages and gifts available for pre-order, including a loaded breakfast basket, afternoon tea to-go box and tea set, and doughnut bouquet.

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