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Get the Crispiest Peking Duck in NYC at This Iconic Northern Chinese Restaurant

New York City
by Matador Creators Dec 12, 2023

If you’re looking for quality peking duck, don’t worry, you don’t have to go all the way to China. In the heart of Queens, New York, Juqi is a Chinese restaurant that has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike for good reason. Known for its authentic Northern Chinese cuisine, Juqi offers a wide range of dishes that are as diverse as they are delicious — particularly the peking duck.

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Peking Duck is a famous dish from Beijing, China, that has been prepared since the Imperial era. The duck used for this dish is specially bred and then roasted in a closed or hung oven until it achieves a glossy, reddish-brown color. The preparation process is elaborate and time-consuming, often taking up to three days. It includes inflating the duck to separate the skin from the fat, hanging it to dry, glazing it with a layer of syrup, and roasting it until it reaches perfection.

Indeed, the duck is one of the highlights of the menu. This traditional dish is prepared with an impressive amount of skill and care, resulting in a flavorful delicacy. The duck is roasted to perfection, with a crispy skin that crackles with each bite. The meat itself is tender and richly flavored, served with thin pancakes, scallions, and hoisin sauce for a rich blend of tastes and textures.

But the Peking Duck is just the beginning. Juqi’s menu also features a variety of other standout dishes, such as their hand-pulled noodles, cumin lamb, and dumplings. Each dish showcases the bold flavors and techniques characteristic of Northern Chinese cuisine.

Juqi is conveniently located in Flushing, a neighborhood in Queens known for its vibrant food scene. Whether you’re a local or just visiting the city, a trip to Juqi is well worth it — not just for the Chinese food, but for the rich cultural diversity of the neighborhood, and all the other excellent food options right at your fingertips.

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