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Long Ke Wan Is One of the Best Kept Secret Beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Beaches and Islands
by Matador Creators Dec 28, 2022

If you visit Hong Kong, you’re probably immersed in bustling city lights – traffic, skyscrapers, and street food. A day trip out of the city to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world might be just what you need. Long Ke Wan, part of Sai Kung East Country Park, is close to Hong Kong, easily accessible, and features one of the most beautiful vistas in this region.

Long Ke Wan is a quiet, secluded bay (similar to Thailand’s Maya Bay) surrounded by pine tree forests. It features a crescent shaped white sand beach, and unobstructed views of the South China Sea. Long Ke Wan is less clogged with tourist groups than other beaches in this region, perhaps because it requires more planning to get there. This remote location also offers hiking trails – but be sure to bring your own supplies because there are no restaurants or accommodations here.

How to get to Long Ke Wan

In order to get to Long Ke Wan, you need to make your way to Sai Kung, a fishing village on the Sai Kung Peninsula. Sai Kung is a 25 minute car ride, or an hour long bus ride, from Hong Kong. If you’re taking the bus, you will disembark at Diamond Hill station in Sai Kung.

Once you get to Sai Kung, you’ll likely see stands and kiosks on the promenade, selling speed boat tickets that will drop you off directly on the beach at Long Ke Wan. This is probably the easiest, fastest, and most scenic way to get to the beach. Once you get there, you’ll need to buy a speedboat ticket back to Sai Kung from the vendor set up on the beach – who also happens to be one of the few people to sell water and other beverages in the area.

However, if you prefer a long hike, with equally stunning views, you might consider taking a taxi to the High Island Reservoir. From there, it’s a 25-30 minute hike down to the beach.

What to do at Long Ke Wan

Because there are no public facilities (except for open air toilets and basic campsites) at Long Ke Wan, this beach is perfect for a day trip, after which you return home to a more populated area with restaurants and hotels. It’s the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, enjoy the scenery, and swim in the calm waters of the bay.

Make sure to pack snacks, water, and towels for your journey. If you’re staying nearby for the weekend, consider exploring the rest of the beaches within Sai Kung East Country Park. Use the Maclehose Trail Section 2 to hike through a string of beaches that includes the more popular (and more crowded) Tung Wun and Tai Wun beaches.

If you are in the mood to explore, be sure to check out the hexagonal rock formations along the coastline, which were formed by ancient volcanic activity. Guided tours are also available of the High Island Reservoir, which is a short hike uphill from Long Ke Wan beach.

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