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This Climbing Wall Is the Tallest in the World - and You Can Sleep on It

by Morgane Croissant Dec 16, 2022

Climbing is not a sport for the faint-hearted, but climbing this particular wall is for the daredevils only. Excalibur, as the wall is known, is a freestanding outdoor climbing wall located in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands — and it’s the tallest of its kind in the world.

At just over 121 feet high, including 36 feet of overhang, this freestanding outdoor climbing wall is meant for experienced, independent climbers who are accompanied by someone of similar skills. Excalibur is part of Bjoeks, a climbing gym that caters to all levels, so you can practise your skills inside on the easier walls and then upgrade to Excalibur when you’re ready (give it a few months, or years.) Bjoeks offers courses, including a basic course in belaying and climbing for the novice climbers who wish to climb on their own in the future.

Bjoeks is open every day from 9 AM to 11 PM, giving climbers ample time to enjoy the record-breaking climbing wall, but it is also very accommodating for those who come from far away and want to test their abilities on the tallest freestanding outdoor climbing wall for more than one day. It lets climbers pitch their tent under Excalibur for the night for free. Even better, climbers can hang from Excalibur in their portaledge for one of the strangest vertical camping experience out there.

While Excalibur is the tallest freestanding climbing wall in the world, it has some rivals. The CopenHill power plant, in Copenhagen, Denmark, has fitted one of its exterior walls with a freakish, 279-foot-tall outdoor climbing wall, the tallest of its kind (not freestanding).

The Shanghai New World City Shopping mall in China has the world record for the tallest indoor artificial climbing wall at 168 feet high. It took the record away from Abu Dhabi’s The Summyt which measures 138 feet in height.

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