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If there is one plant everyone associates with the Netherlands, its.

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..tulips! Right? Well, whether you’re headed to this country for red flowers or green, it’s inarguably one of the most popular destinations in Europe, and one seen best when you have some inside information. While learning all the best cafes, bars, and restaurants in our travel guide to Amsterdam is a good start, learning some of the lesser-traveled spots in this country is equally as important.

Holland’s smaller cities offer much of the same Dutch charm as the capital, and trips to towns like Rotterdam and Groningen are good alternatives to Amsterdam. And if you want to see parts of the city tourists miss, we’ve got you covered there too. Whether you’re coming here to bike, eat, or just smoke your way through the cafes, you’ll find something from Matador Network that’ll help you do it better. Aside from taking tours of the Red Light District.

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Following Netherlands will allow us to provide you customized content based on your interests
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