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Stroopwafels Are the Quintessential Dutch Treat You Need to Try

Netherlands Food + Drink
by Morgane Croissant Jan 9, 2023

The Netherlands are know for many things around the world: Tulips, weed, the Rijksmuseum, but they certainly are not famous for their food. Yet they should. After all, the Dutch have plenty of unique and delicious culinary specialties you’d be remiss not to try, including stroopwafels, a yummy treat that should satisfy your sweet tooth.

@foodwtf Trying a freshly made #stroopwaffle is a must when in #Holland 🤤 This thin waffle cookie is made with two layers of sweet baked dough and held together by a caramel filling 🎥 IG: @baileyzeats #foodie #foodtok #amsterdamfoodie #hollandfoodguide #travelholland ♬ Strut – Kyle Walker

The term stroopwafel translates as “syrup waffle”, but it’s not at all like the rectangular, bready waffle you know and love. A stroopwafel is a cookie that consists of a large and round wafer filled with a sweet, syrupy mixture.

If you buy a stroopwafel from a street vendor in the Netherlands, you’ll see the whole cookie-making process with your own eyes: A ball of dough being pressed into one round wafers, the wafer being cut in two layers, and the addition of the warm filling in between them. Some vendors may even offer toppings like chocolate, caramel, cookie pieces, or candies for your stroopwafel.

Stroopwafels made on the streets are warm and enjoyably soft, so the wafer is never crispy. If you buy a package of stroopwafels from a shop, the wafer may be a little harder, but it’ll still be chewy, not crunchy. To warm up and soften a stroopwafel, the best thing to do is to lay it on top of a cup full of warm tea or coffee — the steam will work its magic.

If you can’t make it the Netherlands, know that United Airlines offers stroopwafels as an in-flight snack since 2015.

And if you’re not into sweet treats, try out another Dutch specialty: salty liquorice. A candy you’ve probably never had before.

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