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A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Edibles in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cannabis
by Charley Sep 20, 2021

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops have been a minefield of confusion for tourists in the past. The menu can be overwhelming, especially when you’re inexperienced and nervous. It can be tempting to pick any pre-rolled off the menu and hope for a good time. However, this isn’t the only way to become acquainted. Edibles are the perfect option for those who want to have their cake and eat it too.

Originally, the only cannabis edibles available were dry space cakes wrapped in depressing cellophane. It was old school, and the dosage was questionable. In recent years, however cannabis entrepreneurs have innovated and elevated cannabis consumption in Amsterdam through artisanal desserts and pastries.

Where to buy cannabis edibles in Amsterdam

While cannabis bans have recently been proposed in Amsterdam in an effort to combat overtourism, among other things, sales are still up and running. Finding the right edible starts with finding the right brand and coffeeshop.

First things first: You get what you pay for in regard to edibles. One of the most notable brands is called Spacetry, which is produced by Amsterdam Genetics.

The coffeeshop Tweede Kamer in the Burgwallen Nieuwe Zijde neighborhood and ​​Boerejongens, which has locations just outside of the city center, have Spacetry products on the menu. These premium products get you high, but are also decadent desserts. Keep an eye out for the red velvet cake, which strikes the right balance between sweet and savory with monchou cream cheese frosting for a perfect, decadent combination.

If you’re a chocolate lover, the cherry chocolate cake bomb is for you. It’s an explosion of rich chocolate mousse hidden inside a chocolate cake. Accompanied by a sweet cherry marmalade, it leaves your taste buds and your mind tingling.

Those looking for something more simple can opt for the Spacetry traveler cake, which is made with Madagascar vanilla and crunchy cocoa. It’s finished off with a 24-karat gold leaf on top. It’s a delicacy for both the eyes and palate.

Why get a dessert that delivers on both cannabis and flavor? Well, you shouldn’t have to tolerate a poorly made dessert sticking to the roof of your mouth while waiting for your high.

How long does it take for the edibles to kick in?

If you’re familiar with smoking cannabis, you’ll find a big difference when taking edibles. There are a few basic things to know before eating edibles for the first time.

Edibles are about the journey, and you have to take it slow because it takes your body longer to absorb the THC when it’s eaten. You might be ready for a good time but resist the temptation to inhale the entire dessert. It’s common for the instructions to say to only eat half, but you might want to consider starting with a quarter. The time from ingestion to the high can take between thirty minutes to two hours.

Remember, if you’re unsure about something, ask the budtender. They’re more than happy, and qualified, to help you make the right choice and walk you through the types of high.

The risks of mixing alcohol and edibles

At the risk of sounding like a buzzkill, it’s not recommended to wash your edible down with your favorite alcoholic beverage. Getting high and drunk at the same time, sometimes called getting crossfaded, can lead to disastrous consequences. While the impact of mixing the two isn’t studied as much as what happens in your body when you take each individually, alcohol and weed together can make you nauseous or give the spins.

Instead, stay hydrated (and combat cotton mouth) with water. If you prefer something sweeter, soda or a milkshake can be a flavor explosion when high. Just make sure to follow it up with something more hydrating.

What if I eat too much?

Don’t panic. Even the most experienced weed connoisseur has been caught off-guard by an edible. If you find yourself experiencing an extreme high, start by talking yourself down. Remind yourself that you can’t overdose on cannabis along and, eventually, you will feel normal again.

Then, find a safe space where you can wait it out, even if it means returning to where you’re staying. Switch on your favorite TV series or take a nap. Eventually, you’ll ride it out and you’ll start to come round again.

Overall, edibles are a great option for those who want an extended experience. Just remember to start small and take it slow to ensure your trip to Amsterdam reaches an all-time high.

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