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Why Every Food Lover Needs to Visit Foodhallen, Amsterdam

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by Matador Creators Mar 1, 2023

If you’re one of those people who travels just to try good food from every corner of the globe, then you need to shoot Foodhallen’s Amsterdam location to the top of your bucket list. While there are plenty of food halls in North America, the fare tends to get repetitive (tacos, pizza, and ramen are about as creative as it gets). However, Foodhallen Amsterdam is one of the most mulit-cultural, diverse, and interesting food halls in the world – and this doesn’t include all the legal edibles in Amsterdam that are popular in their own right.

Foodhallen Amsterdam is located in De Hallen, a shopping complex of multiple buildings and restaurants that was once a tram depot. Serving among the best food in Amsterdam, this 21 stall food hall features cuisines from Spain, China, Mexico, Vietnam, and India, among many others in a whole variety of styles. There are pizzas, noodles, barbecue; a stall focused entirely on hummus and another on oysters and local seafood. For dessert, there are cases brimming with French pastries.

Hungry guests can order at one of the many walk-up counters, then find a seat at one of the communal tables in the public seating area. There’s also a bar set up in the middle of the action for those who want to grab a beer or cocktail to pair with their lunch – however the food court is also family-friendly.

The best places to eat in Foodhallen Amsterdam

Mer du Nord: This seafood bar is known for serving delectable soft shell crab on a bun. The stall also sells platters of briney, local oysters. Snacks include crispy fried calamari, and chunks of fried fish.

Maza: Focused on Mediterranean delicacies, Maza specializes in freshly made garlic hummus. The stall also serves falafel burgers, and a mezze plate that comes with three flavors of hummus, Lebanese bread, and couscous salad. Most of the options at Maza are fully halal.

Shirkan: One of the few places where you can find street food from Mumbai (or Indian food of any kind) in the Netherlands, Shirkan stands out. Kebabs and naan bread wraps are especially popular, including the chicken tikka wrap. There is also a vegetarian vegetable curry option on the menu.

Vietview: This Vietnamese street food stall specializes in goi cuon – rice paper rolls – and banh mi sandwiches. Fillings include shrimp, caramelized pork belly, and rib-eye steak. There is a tofu option for vegetarians. For a snack, try the prawn chips.

Bulls and Dogs: Serving a variety of sausages on German pretzel buns, including lamb, beef, pork, and halal chicken, Bulls and Dogs offers a stylish take on the hot dog. There are also vegetarian burgers and vegan hot dogs on the menu. Sides include cheesy mushrooms, loaded fries, and garlic bread.

How to get to Foodhallen, Amsterdam?

Visitors can get to Foodhallen Amsterdam by public transportation or car. From Amsterdam Central Station, hop on Tram 17 and get off at Katestraat – it’s a short walk from there. There is also a paid parking lot at De Hallen.

When is Foodhallen open?

Foodhallen is open everyday of the year except for Christmas day. The opening hours are from 12:00 in the afternoon until midnight on the weekdays. On the weekends, the food hall is open until 1:00 am.

What are the prices like at Foodhallen?

Although you might expect street food to be inexpensive, the restaurants at Foodhallen aren’t cheap. However the prices are on par with what you’ll find in the rest of Amsterdam, which is considered one of the more expensive destinations in Europe. And remember, this is not the same as snacks sold from vendors on the street – it’s a more elevated, thoughtful style of street food.

Can I find halal food at Foodhallen?

One option for halal food in Foodhallen is Maza, which serves Mediterranean snacks. The stall sells mezze plates, falafel burgers, and chickpea salads. Maza’s speciality is fresh-made hummus. The chicken sausage at Bulls and Dogs is also halal.

Can I find vegan and gluten free options at Foodhallen?

In addition to Maza, other vegan and gluten-free options at Foodhallen Amsterdam include the white bean falafel served at Pita. Padrón also offers vegan and vegetarian snacks in the form of fried vegetables.

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