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Photo and feature photo of Pražský Hrad: tinou bao

PRAGUE is one of Europe’s party hotspots, especially for young travelers. If you stick to the well trodden tourist path, you are guaranteed to miss out on the true Prague party experience and find yourself with an empty wallet.

The Castle: Pražský Hrad

During the empty winter months, one of Prague’s best kept secret drinking spots is the grounds of the castle, Pražský Hrad. Grab some el cheapo supermarket pivo (beer) or absinthe, and some warm clothing, and head up with some friends to enjoy the beautiful views and spectacular St. Vitus Cathedral.

Laws concerning public consumption of alcohol have recently changed so be prepared to be moved on if caught. Accounts of locals indicate these laws are not being strictly enforced and this spectacular spot is worth the risk.

119 08 Praha 1

The Café-Pub Atmosphere

Where else in the centre of Prague can you find a busy pub with a great vibe where you can get a pivo (beer) for less than US $1? Atmosphere is cheap and cheerful and is about a two second walk to Five Story Club (featured below). It gets busy though so if you want a table get there early.

Smetanovo nábřeží 14, Praha 1

Sportsbar Zlatá Hvězda‎

The sports bars in Prague are generally pretty dodgy, expensive, and cater to drunken English stag-night participants. If you’re looking for a hit of masculinity or just need to catch an important game from back home, Sportsbar Zlatá Hvězda‎ is one of the cheapest and coolest sports bars around and located right in the middle of Prague just near Wencelas Square.

It can get pretty crazy. The last time I went there, my friend walked out of the bar with the toilet door and nobody noticed. In the off hours when there is no important game on, the funky underground wine basement is a great place to enjoy a reasonably priced wine or beer.

Ve Smečkách 12, Praha 1


Located among to the student dorms for the University of Economics (VSE), this little gem of a restaurant-bar offers delicious meals and drinks on the cheap. It’s a great place to watch sports, play pool, and drink yourself silly with students from all over the world.

It’s also close to Exit Chmelnice, one of the locations for the famous VSE Nation2Nation parties (see below).

Koněvova 14/202, 130 00 Praha 3

The Globe Bookstore and Café

The Globe is a funky hang out that is very popular with the expat crowd. It is a tad expensive but serves delicious food, including a great dessert menu. It has a great laid-back atmosphere and most days, live bands and a half price cocktail happy hour from 5-7pm.

Pštrossova 6, 110 00 Praha 1

Nation2Nation Parties

Legend amongst international students, the Nation2Nation parties are the hottest student parties in Prague. Run by VSE on most Tuesday nights during the semester, these parties are always at great locations.

They are a dependable source for great drink deals and are filled with young travelers, international and Czech students that keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. To get in as a non-VSE student, just get there early and pay a little extra at the door.

Lucerna Music Bar

Lucerna Palace Website

Just down the road from Wencelas Square and located in the Lucerna shopping complex, Lucerna Music Bar is a local favourite which hosts Czech bands during the week, and turns into an awesomely cheesy 80s and 90s themed nightclub on the weekend. Popular with locals and travelers alike, this bar is THE best place to go to on a Friday or Saturday night for some old school dancing.

Vodičkova 36, 110 00 Praha 1

Club Mecca

Located outside of the city centre in a old abandoned fabric hall, but the time and effort getting to this club is worth it. Club Mecca is usually where all the famous DJs play when in town, and as such drinks and cover are pretty expensive.
Drink beforehand to save some cash. Come here to enjoy the chance to dress up in your best party gear and rock out with a mix of VIP Czechs and foreigners.

U průhonu 3, 170 00 Praha 7

Karlovy Lázně– aka ‘Five Story Club’

Photo: Tavalla

Loud and obnoxious, kitschy and touristy, any avid party-goer in Prague has to see the the infamous Five Story Club at least once. There is a cover charge and the drinks are expensive, but the place makes up for it with 5 different levels of music and outrageous décor including a light-up 70’s themed dance floor.

Stop by during the week for a lighter cover and less of a crowd. If you want the full experience you’ll have to come on the weekend when the lines are long, the door price is jacked up, and all five floors are teeming with loud, drunken tourists. Amazing.

Smetanovo nábřeží 198, 110 00 Praha 1

The Sausage Stand

There is nothing better than a pivo and a sausage from one of the famous Sausage Stands in Wencelas square on the way home from a big night out. The best one is on the corner of Vodičkova and Václavské Náměstí – halfway up Wencelas square, where the trams cross.

You’ll have to be quick, though. These famous stands with their tasty sausages are facing extinction thanks to an unpopular and controversial decision by Prague City Hall last year to phase them out.

Make sure you grab a taste of history before it is too late!

If you are too late, duck into a convenience store instead and grab an even cheaper pivo and a crocodile roll. The ‘croc’ are Czech owned and famous throughout eastern Europe and are an almost-as-good substitute for the sausages. The best flavor? Golf.

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About The Author

Amy Jonson

Obsessed with travel but new to the writing game, Amy is fresh out of university and about to head off on another travel adventure, this time to Africa.

  • Audrey

    And in nice weather, don’t forget the beer gardens! Letna has great views over the Vlatava river and Old Town, while Riegrovy Sady in Vinohrady has a funky vibe and lots of foosball tables if you get bored with task of drinking freshly pulled beer at a picnic table. Our favorite place was Kafarna in the behind Vinohradska Vodarna – lots of dogs running loose and every kind of person (from punks to suits to young mothers) coming by for a beer at the end of the day. This is one of the reasons it took us so long to leave Prague :)

  • Tim Patterson

    I like how you ended this fine article at a sausage stand.

  • Carlo

    Hate to be a “responsible adult” (yech)…but it should be pointed out to be extra careful when drinking (especially copious amounts) in foreign countries. You’re not at home, so it’s probably a good idea to scale it back a bit and make sure you stick with people you trust. Britt Lapthorne, an Aussie backpacker, was found dead not that long ago in Croatia, after a night of drinking…she was last seen with some locals.

    Anyhoo…be good everyone! :)

    And yes, the post-partying sausage is a must. Great tips Amy!

  • Emma

    ahh I went to the five story club with a few swedish travellers and wanted to leave after ten minutes. the “kitsch” wears off quickly, its mostly tacky young teens (I saw a girl that looked no older than 13 get escorted out by her mother) and people looking to grope. luckily, we decided to leave and head up to the castle, where we watched the sun rise with a couple pivos. ended up being one of the most magical nights of my life!

  • bc

    One of my favorite bars in central Prague was Club Friends (gay/gay friendly) . Met many great people there. 

  • Ahfavro

    You forgot “The Pub” on  Veleslavinova street, off Kaprova in the old town, near the Vltava. it’s easily one of the best pubs in Cz! There are beer taps at the table, fairly good prices (for Prague), good food and a predominantly local crowd. 

    There’s another pub with beer taps called “The Beerhouse” on st. Wenceslas square, but its twice the price as “The Pub” and mostly caters to tourists.

    Karlovy Lazeny is an awesome club but its far from being cheap.

  • PK

    Apart from the fact that Juve is the worst pub in the area (take it from a local, i live a 4 minutes walk from there), there’s never been a pool table as far as I can remember – past 10 years.

  • David

    well, I lived in Prague for a number of years, and found most bars pretty expensive compared with out of the centre. When I say expensive I mean over a quid for a half litre. Also, you don`t “pay as you go“, rather pay when you leave, so remember to take it easy. Some bars and restaurants will rip tourists off by adding drinks you didn`t have so keep a check on what you drink. DO NOT over tip! The waiters in Prague earn a pretty good salary, just round up the bill and add 10 crowns, if you start throwing money around, waiters and locals will despise you.
    STAY AWAY from the sausages, they are disgusting, and the meat content is lower than Mac D.
    STAY AWAY from Brit and ex pat pubs, they are overpriced and full of tossers.
    Do not expect Chinese restaurants to be like English ones, they aren`t.
    Be careful of street prostitutes esp in Wenceslas Sq at night, also be careful when ordering a taxi, they are more expensive off the street, so phone one, use public transport much cheaper, make sure you have a valid ticket, heavy fines if caught without one, about 30 quid.
    Transport runs through the night via trams.
    If you have a sweet tooth, try the “cukrana`s“, good cakes and ice cream.
    Stay away from designer clothes shops they are expensive, can get MUCH cheaper in other parts of Europe.
    Andel has a lot of druggies and beggars.

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