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Update: Due to the changing nature of marijuana laws and your comments, we will be adding regular posts about the practice of smoking pot around the world and related international laws. If interested, please view the first in the series: Marijuana Laws in Southeast Asia.


From an American kid hitting a bong while watching Harold and Kumar to a Moroccan enjoying hash with his afternoon tea, people all over the world smoke cannabis.

DESPITE THE POPULARITY OF weed and hash, most governments in the world have deemed it harmful to the individual and society as a whole.

There are only 11 nations in the world where weed and hash have been decriminalized. A handful of countries impose mandatory prison sentences and other harsh punishments for the possession or sale of any form of weed and hash. Another handful look the other way when dealing with cannabis.

Some places that are easy on weed heads can be broken up by region:

Latin America

In Latin America, cannabis is tolerated and/or decriminalized in most countries, with the exception of Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras and Guatemala. Marijuana grows well in Central and South America and is a large part of the economy.

Governments tend to have more to worry about than whether someone is smoking a joint. For travelers, this means that smoking in South America is probably okay, but caution should be used.

Only Peru considers cannabis to be a legal drug, provided you are not in possession of another drug. I get the impression that throughout Latin America, the tolerance doesn’t typically extend to tourists, especially if the police can get a bribe out of it, but you should never travel with pot and risk being searched.

I would highly recommend caution throughout Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and even Costa Rica. Although weed is sold to tourists all the time in quantities up to 1/4 pound, those buyers in turn, are often set up for the policia.

In this particular region, weed may be tolerated, decriminalized or even legal up to small amounts (usually about 20 grams), but as always, keep a low profile.

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Here’s a quick break down:

  • ARGENTINA: Decriminalized for personal use in small amounts and for consumption only in private locations. Public consumption is generally accepted among the young adults and overlooked by police in the suburbs.
  • BOLIVIA: Possession illegal. No move to decriminalize.
  • BRAZIL: Possession illegal.
  • CHILE: Personal use of marijuana in small quantities on a private place is not against the law. More than one person using it at the same place is considered as a group and thus is considered illegal.
  • COLOMBIA: Possession of small quantities of all drugs legal; permitted “personal dose” for marijuana is 20 grams.
  • ECUADOR: Possession illegal. No move to decriminalize.
  • PARAGUAY: Possession illegal. No move to decriminalize.
  • PERU: Possession of up to 8 grams (0.28 oz) of marijuana is legal as long as one isn’t in possession of another drug. However, I’ve read some first hand accounts about the police being fairly strict. Caution is urged.
  • URUGUAY: Possession for personal use not penalized; law does not specify quantity for “personal” amount.
  • VENEZUELA: Possession of up to 20 grams not punished.
  • BELIZE: Illegal, but use by locals is slightly tolerated.
  • GUATEMALA: Highly illegal. Possession by Guatemalans in not normally prosecuted for personal use, but tourists are commonly arrested and jailed for several days before being released.
  • HONDURAS: Illegal, but use by locals is slightly tolerated.
  • PANAMA: Illegal
  • COSTA RICA: Illegal, but tolerated. Watch out for being set up.

Europe is another region where cannabis is generally tolerated, decriminalized or even legal.

We all know about the Netherlands. It is legal to buy and smoke herb in the Netherlands, in amounts up to five grams per person per day. People regularly smoke in public parks and anywhere else they can find a bench and a view.

In the Netherlands, one notices that tourists (especially American tourists) go a little overboard and smoke their way into oblivion. The only caution I would take here is making sure you don’t get duped at the coffee shops or robbed by opportunistic thugs.

  • GERMANY and BELGIUM: decriminalized. This means that possessing a small amount is ok, but puffing in public and selling weed is not.
  • SPAIN and FRANCE: smoking at home and the possession of a few grams will get you searched and checked out at worst.
  • ITALY: possession of more than a gram could result in a search and seizure.
  • GREECE: illegal. Really tough on weed.
  • DENMARK: illegal. Very uncool towards cannabis ever since authorities bulldozed the Christiana district in Copenhagen.
  • MACEDONIA: decriminalized.
  • SERBIA: looks away if it looks at all.
  • SLOVENIA: has no police (just kidding, but it is a relaxed place).
  • BOSNIA: illegal but tolerated.
  • CROATIA: illegal and not tolerated.
  • SCANDINVIAN COUNTRIES: laws are quite strict concerning weed and it is not advisable to get caught smoking

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North Africa

The other region where weed is ok is North Africa. In Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, locals smoke hash, a fine alternative to alcohol and accepted in society. However, this societal norm does not necessarily apply to tourists.

In other words, locals may be puffing, but if the laws still consider what you are doing as illegal, a cop can still make money off you. I recommend smoking with friends only in this region.

  • EGYPT: Illegal, but not strictly enforced, just don’t smoke in public. Also, don’t carry large quantities unless you’d like to see the inside of an Egyptian jail.
  • MOROCCO: Illegal. Not recommended to smoke in public or to carry more than a few grams at a time–whatever you can quickly swallow or throw away. Tourists are usually let off with fines, but technically can be jailed for 4-10 years. Even more if you’re suspected of smuggling.

Having said all that, these are the nations in which cannabis is legal for consumption and where you should be able to smoke in peace:

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  • BELGIUM: Up to 5 grams.
  • CZECH REPUBLIC: Personal use.
  • GERMANY: Up to 5 grams.
  • INDIA: All good.
  • MACEDONIA: Up to 5 grams.
  • NETHERLANDS: Coffee shops and parks, personal use.
  • PAKISTAN: Ummm… All good, but as a tourist I would watch my back and smoke with Pakistani friends in their homes.
  • PERU: Personal use, up to 5 grams.
  • RUSSIA: Personal use, up to 5 grams If you are caught, you will have to pay low fines as possession of small amounts is still illegal
  • VENEZUELA: Personal use, up to 5 grams.
  • AUSTRALIA: Up to 50grams! (Certain states of Australia have decriminalized marijuana possession. In Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland one can be simply ticketed for up to 50 grams. If found in possession with intent to supply, convictions apply)

I use “up to five grams” because I like to err on the side of caution. I have smoked publicly with fishermen in Thailand, tea merchants in Egypt, farmers in SW China and all my homies throughout Europe and the US. I will continue to do so.

People all over the planet understand the need to just relax and do your thing after a long day. Some do it with alcohol, some with tea, some with weed, and some with a book.

Stick to the nations numbered above and if you need to puff elsewhere, be careful.

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  • David_Miller

    what about israel? also i'd add that in the US, Colorado has decriminalized marijuana, and in San Francisco you can pretty much grow it without too many worries, although low profile is always recommended. don't be a monkey puffer.

  • Eva

    Dude, what about Canada? When I travel, "hey, pot is practically legal there, right?" is the first thing people say to me almost as often as I get "English or French?" or "very cold!"

  • shaun

    no shit… colorado… COMPLETELY?? i'm an avid watcher of that kinda news, and i never saw anything. =[ i can deal with the snow… hahahahah! i know Michigan recently made medicinal use legal. thats a bit closer to home. mmmm….

  • tom

    i had NO IDEA about oz. wow.

  • arcu

    What about SE Asia?? pleese

  • Dreadvenom

    And in Jamaica, it is illegal but the police smoke it too so they tend to not care at all. You can find it being sold in fruit and vegetable stands on the side of the road. Police even buy it from the stands while on duty.

  • sascha

    yeah … weed is basically legal in Cali and Canada and Israel as well. Not sure what happened while i was writing it. probably was distracted. its amazing that on the books, all of S. America has weed as illegal, but its treated pretty nonchalantly by everyone except cops. You could actually substitute any other region besides S. America in that last sentence and say the same thing. Legalize it.

  • sascha

    dude: Se Asia is cool but the whole thing about this story is this: it might be cool in Jamaica and Thailand and Egypt etc for people to puff, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU … for tourists and travellers, we are the mark in countries with lax and corrupt police and grey laws on weed. so i hope its clear in this story that althought it may be cool in CO now (didn't know that either and i keep up) and Canada and Belgium and so on, you ALWAYS have to be down low when puffing. governments just aint made it into the 21st century yet …

  • eyeswack

    It has only been decriminalized in denver, not the entire state of colorado. As for SE Asia, not a chance. Yea there is a huge opium trade there and whatnot, but the governments are very strict about drugs. In Thailand, I know there are plenty of foreigners who are in prison for being caught with a single joint. You can find it there, just use caution as you might be set up. Another HUGE misconception is that it is legal in the Netherlands. While they are extremely tolerant of it there, it is technically not legal and you could face legal problems if you are found with large amounts. This is why Coffeeshops only have a certain amount at any given time (but i really wouldn't ever worry about it there).

  • joshywashington

    Maybe if Pfizer and the other BIg Drug Moguls who are poisoning our youth and giving our senior citizens erections topple Mary Jane could resume her rightful place in America as sacrament and a medicine. In Seattle possesion is the lowest priority for courts and cops on the street, a step in the right direction! Great piece…puff,puff , pass…

  • David_Miller

    you're right about Denver, and not Colorado in general. good clarification.

  • Shonan Kuma

    Don't even try Japan.. recent busts here that have made national headlines include a russian sumo who lost his wallet which had a roach in it… police went to his home and busted him. A couple of players on a university rugby team… and the whole team got suspended from the comp. And a couple of students at a university. ie if you get caught here chances are you will end up in the national media.

  • sean

    you've got to take a better look at spain. spain is one of the world leaders in terms of the marijuana movement

  • Igor

    It`s not decriminalized in Macedonia

  • rasprenkle

    i live in santa monica and theres a store i go to to buy weed, seeds, or plants , or hash, or edibles.. its still 20$ a gram 75$ an eigth, but with names like sour diesel and gods gifts, mr/mrs Nice, maui wowie You get the idea, its good quality.. BUT you DO need a valid prescription, and like all the others out here, its about 75.00$ and you can find a doc real easy and be buying weed by lunch time.. So now you Know .. about SothernCalifornia!

  • ntopics

    Pot is very popular. Many people want to have it legalized. Its silly that alcohol is legal, but pot is not. thanks from tony

  • OH SHI..

    you may want to rewrite this to include the other five countries — as a matter of fact, you might want to rewrite that all together. "In Latin America, cannabis is tolerated and/or decriminalized in most countries, with the exception of Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras and Guatemala." out of the 15 countries listed, 9 of them have laws against smoking marijuana. that means that it ISN'T tolerated and/or decriminalized in MOST countries in Latin America.

  • justo

    umm I have no idea where you got the idea being caught with 50g in Australia won't see you sent to court. Queensland has the strictest policy on marajuana, I myself was caught with 1/4oz and charged with dealing(I wasn't), luckily my attorney got it reduced to a $600 fine. Smoking in OZ, don't do it in public poeple are not tolerant.

  • jack

    India is definitely NOT "all good." Weed and hash are widely available (and super cheap!), but if you're a foreigner the cops will not hesitate to shake you down for bribes. They know how much you have to lose, and Indian jails are no joke. There's been a particular backlash in places like Goa that have gotten the reputation that drug use is ignored, and the govt is cracking down. Same goes for Thailand. I've personally seen foreigners randomly stopped and patted down by cops in BKK (on Sukhumvit no less). That doesn't mean that smoking up is a no go in these countries, just do it with friends who know the scene and you'll have an incredible (and safe) time.

  • Bob Garcia

    Just read a report that Pot may stop Alzheimer's. I think eventually the gov. will have to pull its head out of the sand and recognize the medicinal good Grass does.

  • ArghMonkey

    How could you make this list without putting Canada on it? Heard of B.C. bud before? that comes from B.C. … Canada! *L* Plus we have pot cafes that are legal and basically an open atmosphere over weed. Geeze, how can you NOT include Canada?!

  • ow_colorado

    This was a real puff piece. ;)

  • vincecarter

    yugoslavia???? that country hasn't existed for over ten years.

  • Madhatter

    You completely skipped Asia! I don't know about any where else, but I know in China you don't mess with it at all. The punishment for possession/use of marijuana (as with all illegal drugs) is the death penalty. If you're a tourist you could probably weasel your way out with just a deportation but do you really want to risk it?

  • Dawn RunsAmok

    Excellent article. Thanks for helping get the solid word about the wonders, and unfortunately the political dangers, of Cannabis out to the world. I'm disabled with a brain malformation and the Herb helps significantly improve my quality of life every day. Also, don't forget that Alaska grows some of the finest Herb to be found, and we like guests too. *Small amounts are usually tolerated, perhaps fined if you get a Boy Scout Cop. But do not get caught with any serious weight… There is a culture of tolerance here, but remember to have respect for those who don't indulge. Otherwise, Fire up & enjoy the paradise of Alaska!

  • dave

    Decriminalized in Germany?! Only consumption is allowed here. In some states you'll get charged of drug possession for for any quantities (Bavaria) and in some states they ignore up to 30 grams (Hamburg).

  • Luke

    Only Denver has up to an oz decriminalized, but its only legal to carry not smoke. Pueblo and CoSprings cops actually go out of there way to bust you. Especially in Pueblo, there building a 32million dollar police station downtown. Dont smoke in Pueblo unless at a friends casa, Denver is way better. 16th street and the park are great buying locations but swag is extinct these days. Chronic is abundant.

  • Hannibal

    In India, its actually illegal, but available freely. keep a low profile while puffing on a J.

  • rzo_korea

    INDIA! IN INDIA IT IS NOT "all good" In India, it varies by province as to enforcement, local recreation use, and penalties. In many regions police will set-up foreign travelers. In some regions it is very illegal.

  • molson

    It is not legal at all to smoke weed in Canada. However, at least in Ontario, pretty much nothing will happen if you are caught in possession (so long as its not a redicilous amount, and you are not selling, etc). No smoking in public, EXCEPT during the weed march here in Toronto haha. Although I guess Vancouver may as well be legal, but then again, people do crack on the streets there too.

  • kristin

    Massachusetts is also close to decriminalization, it was passed by voters in November and now just has to avoid getting struck down by the legislature. If it makes it through, by January you'll only have a little fine if you're in possession of the 'personal use' amounts in Mass.

  • smokemon415

    My cab driver in Egypt handed me a joint as soon as we hit the road to the pyramids,he also took me to his house after we returned from there .We smoked at least an ounce of weed while his wife and mother in law cooked us dinner.That was the best dinner i had in my life.He also hooked me up with an ounce to take with me to my hotel.I stayed at a hotel in Old Cairo and at night i sat on my balcony puffing away while the cops were patrolling right below me.

  • tim m

    You got a few facts here wrong: 1) Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore as a country. Why is it in your list? 2) The laws concering smoking pot in Germany as different from "Land" (roughly state in English). For instance, in Lower Saxony and North Rhein/Westphalia, the laws and tolerance are almost the same as in the Netherlands (minus the tolerance of the coffee shops, which explains why they all to to the Netherlands to buy their pot). In Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Wũrttemberg for example, the laws are very strict. Bavaria will even put people in prison for posession of even a few grams. 3) It is *not* legal to buy pot in the coffeeshops in the Netherlands. That pot is legal is often a misconception of tourists in the Netherlands. In fact, probably about 95 percent of tourists think it's legal. Pot is not legal in the Netherlands, it is "tolerated". This means you have no rights, if the Police want to ruin your day they can take away your pot. Do keep this in mind when in the Netherlands, people will respect you more for this. Otherwise, very well written and a good guide for tourists. Often tourists are singled out in drug deals. Really, not avoid problems on your holiday, don't be stupid.

  • a german

    wrong! in germany it isn't decriminalized. it's illegal.

  • couchpotato

    It is NOT legal in Australia to possess up to 50 grams. You are talking out of your @r$e there mate. 50g is the cutoff between personal use (still a summary offense) and trafficking quantity. In some states it's a different amount. Get your facts straight before you misinform people.

  • Ryan

    You have your facts wrong about Denmark. Christiania is alive and well.. I was there last night. The government wants to integrate the area into the city so they can profit off the taxes. If the area was bulldozed it would cause a riot so large that it would be on the news around the world. About a month ago the government and police came in and tried to evict people from the second floor of one building, which resulted in a riot with over 200 people. You can still openly buy hash and marijuana on Pusher St in Christiania. It's illegal to possess and sell, but if you get caught with a joint, most likely nothing will happen.

  • Tom

    Yugoslavia AND Serbia? How important is it to know that you can smoke weed in a country that doesn't exist anymore?

  • magli

    A couple things I have to point out here: -> Yugoslavia does not exist anymore. It used to refer to what is now croatia, serbia, montenegro. -> Germany *does not* tolerate weed. It is true that in some of the regions "bundeslaender", the tend to ignore it – like in and around Berlin. However, you don't want to get in Munich. -> In some areas of Italy, getting caught with even a slight hint of weed will result in a large fine, which can be followed up, for residents, with regular piss-tests. Being positive on these will result in you losing your drivers license.

  • john doe

    what about Jamaica?

  • lyra

    spain is great for marijuana……if cops find small dozes for personal use they give it back and wish you niced day.

  • Alex

    Christiania still exists in Denmark. I was there yesterday. No problems getting it there.

  • Mare

    Just a friendly reminder, there is no Yugoslavia, so you cannot go puffing away there… The rest, very informative, thank you!

  • chica

    Ok. Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia? Where is Yugoslavia? What is Yugoslavia, enlighten me!

  • Philip

    Actually, in Belgium, according to the law of 31januari 2005 you can't get prosecuted with amounts up to 3 grams. Unless you are under aged, smoke in public places or near schools or have a history of problematic usage. One thing to remember: some cops (minority) ignore this law and still take you in to the police station and keep you there for "questioning" (which means, you'll sit on a chair for a very long time untill somebody says you can go). You'll see daylight the next couple of hours and won't be prosecuted or fined. Some cops let you go with 5 grams… even a bit more… There are exceptions that can be made for public places such as a rock concert. But that's per case.

  • Joe Plumber

    Nice post :) In the UK it was decriminalised or tolerated for a while but I think they went back on that. Ireland is illegal, if caught with small amounts you might get a fine but not much else.

  • koj

    yugoslavia hasn't existed in i don't know how long. pot is not decriminalized in macedonia, and you can still end up in a lot of trouble for getting caught.

  • mike, uk

    Got to ask, when was this written? Because Yugoslavia broke up at the start of the 90s. Yet there are countries from WITHIN Yugoslavia mentioned? What the hell is going on??!! It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  • Vesty12

    The bit about Denmark is bullshit unfortunately. They didn't bulldoze Christiania nor is Pusher Street really closed. You can go anytime and there will be at least one person selling. I have been at every conceivable time and there is always hash to buy :)

  • jonny

    Weed is most definitely not basically legal in Israel. If you get caught with weed, you can be deported. It is also of shitty quality there and not worth the risk. They do however have hash.

  • asd

    Christiana is still up and well. They only bulldozed a single house away couple of years ago.

  • llamasonic

    Cambodia? Laos? Add any country where you can order pot on your pizza to the "all good" column.

  • legalize420

    I had no idea about Australia either! good for them!

  • kupa

    Yugoslavia does not exist for 5 years now :) other than that…cool article

  • Mr. Bojangles

    So many mistakes in this article. Before you travel to any country, study the laws, especially if you are going to buy or use controlled substances. The author of this article may have a good heart, but readers are in for a surprise if they travel and smoke without proper research.

  • opalim te golim

    i was in netherland man, and its legal, you just cant have more then few grams with you, playing smartass arent we…

  • Ryanne

    i think the author and everyone who reads this will get the point that Yugoslavia is not a country anymore . . . let's move on people . . . great post though! Thanks!

  • o0o
  • Kraweznik

    Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore… not sure what the author of this article is talking about… and when was the last time he looked at the map 15 years ago? lol Countries that used to make yugoslavia: Bosnia nad Herzegovina, Coatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and KOSOVO…. enlightened?

  • David_Miller

    Mr. Bojangles, you are correct sir. We try to fact check these pieces as best we can, and are always willing to stand corrected when it comes to mistakes–as was the egregious error of having Yugoslavia on the list; that has since been taken down. . . but the purpose of these articles is to generate discussion, dialogue, and I appreciate everyone stepping up with their own personal info and experiences. above all, as you say–being a respectful traveler is the most important law to follow .. . any info you get beforehand should be used with caution . . ed.

  • Emmers

    Pot's NOT legal in Canada (except if you have a prescription to smoke or grow), though it is BASICALLY legal in Ontario. As far as i understand the law, you are allowed to have up to 30 grams– any less is just possession which has no charge attached to it, though the police are dicks and often will take it away from you anyway. Over 30 grams is possession with intent of trafficking which could result in jail. You are also not allowed to smoke in public, although you are in your own home. In Toronto especially there are many "hemp cafes" where you can pay a small fee to use their smoking areas. My theory is that they have the "cafe" part zoned for commercial business and the place where everyone can smoke is zoned as a private residence. You'd have to ask them though.

  • anna

    around the world, you say? where is Asia and Oceania?? if youre going to say "around the WORLD" make sure you include the whole world and not just the western world and north africa.

  • mescal

    In Colombia you can buy 1 pound of marijuana for one dolar. I love it, VIVA COLOMBIA!!!!

  • Eva

    The article specifically mentions India, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand and China. The focus is on those areas where pot is more frequently decriminalized or legal, rather than on the countries where your customs card has a huge red DEATH PENALTY FOR DRUGS stamp on it.

  • aManWhoKnows

    seriously – in germany weed is far from tolerated … if you get busted you WILL face a lawsuit no matter what. it SHOULD be dropped when below 5g, but that's not the reality. oktoberfest + weed + cops = serious trouble!

  • spacebuffalo

    And what if the cabbie WAS trying to set you up? You might have been an episode of "Locked Up Abroad."

  • francis mcclean

    legalise it!!! now!!!!!

  • JFG

    An ounce before dinner? Pretty low grade stuff. Here in quebec you could barely smoke a gram… the weed's tooo goooood!!!

  • Ozgurl

    An interesting article. It's interesting to see that Scandinavia which is usually so liberal about almost everything still has not legalized it…especially given that much of Europe seems to have either legalized or decriminalized it. In the U.S., the battle continues especially in California with the DEA attempting to shut down "legal" dispensaries, putting caregivers in jail etc. Just read an interesting story on a site about going into the medical marijuana business and using the profits to fund the arts. It's an interesting story…part of a series and more is coming. Would recommend it highly. It's called "The Golem".. (aka medieval monster meets medical marijuana). It's worth checking out at

  • tom

    That is a little incorrect about Australia. I know in VIctoria that 'drug busses' are setup everywhere trying to catch people smoking and driving. This causes loss of license.

  • berkeley bandit

    I'm not sure about all of canada, but i can say that i have recently visited vancouver and easily found places that seemed like tolerated legitimate businesses selling not only pot but mushrooms and other goodies as well.

  • matt

    You should re-check your information. If you are soo incorrect on the Australian laws, then what else may you be incorrect on? Australia has decriminalised it to the extent you can carry 28 grams for personal without getting a conviction, they still take your shit, but you get a fine and not jail/record. Two plants can be grown without hydroponic help – funny that as one plant can carry MUCH more than 28 grams. Our laws are stupid. You'll get $100 fine for carrying a smoking implement (pipe/bong/weed pouch) and $100 fine for anything less than 5 grams. It goes up from there. If you have your stash and you have little baggies to bag it up in, you'll be going straight to jail as you'll be looked upon as a dealer. How do I know this? I've been smoking in this country for more than 15 years and I have seen/experienced/heard it all.

  • Yaa

    Ok, that Australian fact is completely wrong. In sydney we have sniffer dogs on the train catching people carrying ANY quantity, with jailtime penalties. No idea how you got that 'fact'

  • himalya kumari

    apparently it is 'illegal' in nepal and the penalties are strict if caught ( but you have to be very stupid to be). However is is a naturally growing plant in the region and you if find yourself in or around freak st. in kathmandu then you are set ..pokhara is a little harder to find the stash but for godsakes the people actually wear the pot leaf bandanas and paraphernalia that you see sold in road side shanties…….smoke up! probably in a spliff form. enjoy

  • munganah

    sorry, but i wouldnt be caught dead with 50grams of weed in Queensland(australia). do not pass go do not collect $200.Having said that, South Australia has decriminalised weed but nowhere else in Australia has.

  • Venezuela

    Venezuela 20gr BULLSHIT!!! Get caught with as much as a seed and get ready to bribe or go to jail hell where you'll get beat robbed and/or raped. Be very careful in Venezuela with drugs and police in general who are very corrupt.

  • Punisher

    as he said yugoslavia was a federation of countries from above, but KOSOVO was part of SERBIA in that days.

  • Cheltenhamshire!

    Actually it isn't 'legal' in the Netherlands. They can't fully legalize it because of pressure from the EU and the UN. And America, but they get in everyone's shit anyway. It's legal for you to buy and smoke up to 5g a day, but it's still illegal for the coffee shops to buy it in, and it's illegal to grow it for commercial use. The laws fucked up, you should read up on it.

  • Cheltenhamshire!

    It was never decriminalised over here, It went down to a Class C (the equivalent would be whatever the lowest of an American schedule is) But, I've heard news about them taking it back up again to a B. God damn Gordon Brown. Although police over here can use their discretion, I've walked past policeman smoking a joint, realised they were there and cupped it in my hand out of view, they ,must have seen/smelt it and didn't do anything, but other times i've been busted fas I was skinning up. Never had anything more than a slap on the wrist though.

  • Nate

    Switzerland has pot shops. It's legal to buy and legal to posses but illegal to smoke. Obviously they look the other way unless you're flaunting it. It's also legal to grow as many as 3 plants for personal use but don't smoke it. Yeah ok.

  • Jay

    check out has all the weed travel info anybody could need

  • Jeff

    you missed North America completely! Contrary to popular beliefs, weed is NOT legal in Canada nor is it decriminalized. I must admit, the "WAR" on drugs does not exist in Canada because cops (atleast in Ontario) use common sense and doesn't try to arrest every pot smoker on the street…our jails would be overloaded. After saying that, residents of Canada is very permitting of pot, but legally, cops have the right to confiscate any possessions. All in all, Canada has great weed! come and smoke some Canadian bud

  • sascha

    what didn't make the cut in this story were the several paragraphs that said: "in some countries, weed is legal but cops still bust you. In other countries weed is illegal and cops still smoke it and in ALL countries outside of your home you are a tourist and therefore subject to search and seizure at any time." What we can learn from this article and the thread is that weed laws are a big gray area everywhere where the laws on the books dont match the actions of the government and neither are in sync with the society. I know it is possible to smoke pretty much anywhere with the right people and it is also possible to get busted and thrown in jail pretty much anywhere … you know there are people on this thread saying you'll be beaten and raped, thrown in the clink, fined a million bucks and so on, but the truth is ALL LAWS ON WEED ARE ARBITRARY and have more to do with a cop making some money or throwing an "unwanted" away than actual justice. this is whats up, so put your focus there.

  • matt

    Clubs are a rip off. Half the time, you don't even get the strain that they claim you are buying. In Nor Cal, through Oregon, Washington and BC, you can actually get great weed (Sour D, Trainwreck, Sugarbud) for 40 bucks an eighth. You can also get cards to grow your own. Fuck the clubs and their overpriced bullshit!

  • LegalizeItNow

    The author of the article doesn't have a clue. ALL of the information about Venezuela is WRONG!!! I live in Venezuela and I know for a fact that the police will throw you in jail or extort you for a bribe if you as much as smell of pot, let alone have some herb on you. Traveler BEWARE! The law here was recently changed, and if they catch you with the so called "personal dose" (nobody fucking knows what that is) you will be forced to present in court monthly and attend a rehab program, or else is 3 to 5 years in prison (the hellish third world prison). If they find you with more than the personal dose (or even if the police FILLS YOU UP with more pot than you already had) then the court will apply you the law for DRUG DEALERS, and that's 6 to 10 years without parole. I'm fucking moving to spain, I swear it.

  • Proud Masshole

    Well here's some good news for anyone traveling to Massachusetts next year… As of January 09 possession of less than an ounce will be decriminalized! You can't smoke in public or anything fun like that but you never have to worry about getting caught and having a record.

  • O, small town Canada

    i'm from ontario, Canada and i've never had pot issues. it sure isn't legal but as long as you can find a dealer (its easy) you are pretty much safe. i have been caught by the cops and they told me and my friends to be safe and have a good night and then drove off. Come to Canada eh?

  • Odog

    haha good find. i'm frm canada and cops have caught me wth weed but they told me to be safe, have a good night and then drove off. Haven't been to BC but tried BC bud and its awesome. anywy, i live in georgetown ontario and the population is like 50, 000 but we are still on that site lol. sweet town, come visit if you wanna hook up :)

  • pyro

    I'm from Canada and I've spent a significant amount of time in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Ontario and some out west (BC and Alberta). I can tell you that BC and Ontario are the most open to Herb usage. However, that being said, you have to know the time and place for it. Just about noone is ever going to care no matter what province you're in, but don't walk down a busy street smoking a joint either, as it is uncouth. In Toronto there's actually a place called the cannabis cafe ( check it out -> where you can bring your own herb and smoke it out back with no worries, or even use their in-house vaporizer in the restaurant, as long as you spend at least $5 either in the store or at the restaurant. The comment by berkeley bandit below is wrong, whatever you do dont try to buy or sell any as that will get you in SH$T.

  • Falling Leaves

    Umm… not true. Colorado TRIED to decriminalize marijuana, but the measure failed compleatly In DENVER specifically pot was made legal, but because voters cannot overturn federal bans the measure was only symbolic Trust me, I live in Boulder, Colorado (hippie central) and if you get caught you still get in trouble

  • ליליה

    weed is common among college kids there, but i'd watch out if you're a tourist or arab. if you do choose to smoke weed, make sure to do it in the privacy of a local friend's home.

  • Pancho

    as a resident of denver, CO, i can say with confidence that marijuana is not completely decriminalized, law enforcement will still enforce local or state laws in order prosecute someone in possession. still, in some cases, especially in Boulder, cops will let you off with a warning, but i have still shown up in court because of possession of less than 2 grams

  • Andrew

    Clarify some things about Canada. In B.C. pot is all but legal. There is a political party that seeks to totally decriminalize weed and make it government controlled (while they illegally distribute the 'drug'). Also grow-ops receive a slap-on-the-wrist punishment for busts. Something like $2000 fine for being caught with $20,000 worth of contraband (which is obviously marketed for mass distribution). For the average Joe it means that lighting up in public (in broad daylight no less) results in no strange looks from the locals. source:

  • lexx

    spain is great for marijuana……if cops find small dozes for personal use they give it back and wish you niced day.

  • Gozno

    Smoking in a park over here (Netherlands) can get you a fine (and will, I speak from experience :)), especially in the presence of young children. Also you are allowed to carry up to 5 grams on you.

  • jay

    Actually i think it's a $100 fine for amounts less than an ounce =) or something like that, it seems very reasonable

  • cansativa

    Not so well tolerated in Germany: definitely not something that you don't want to get caught doing, if you want to stay out of jail and pay a stiff fine. Switzerland, on the other hand, is probably a close second to the Netherlands: Often smoked openly, especially at rock concerts, and this November an official vote is being conducted for the people of Switzerland to decide if they want smoking/posession to be tossed out of the penal code alltogether. Switzerland has long ceased to smuggle in cannabis, as the most potent stuff is grown locally indoors.

  • at all costs

    Monkey puffer? That's pretty racist – calling black people monkeys and saying they flaunt smoking weed.



  • miep

    Canada is less concerned with small quantities overall but in BC things are cooler. In Vancouver BC, Seeds are still sold openly in a few places and there at least 3 places on Hasting St that you can go smoke in and chill out. Some charge $5 and they will let you use their vaporizer, very similar to how coffeeshops feel in the Netherlands. But you can not purchase in any of these and they can not tell you where to buy. Make friends and it should not be a problem finding out where to buy a small quantity. The authorities have recently gotten tougher on some places with the 2010 Games coming things may be getting worse here till its over. There is a terrible homeless problem with many on crack, etc. stay away from these types as they might rip you off. Amsterdam Netherlands and Vancouver Canada, the 2 best cities in the world for pot that I have found!

  • Xtian

    Wrong about Argentina. Please correct your information. Current law says you get 1 to 6 years of prison for possession. In small amounts, "for personal use" (what this means is defined by every judge): 1 month to 2 years of prison. This is far far far from the statement in the article saying that is decriminalized for personal use. There is a debate about this issue, as judges in the supreme court are in favor of declaring this law inconstitutional regarding private consumption of small amounts. That means that it COULD be decrimininalized soon, but a Supreme Court ruling, but this is not the CURRENT state of affairs. Marihuana consumption, though, even in the city of Buenos Aires is not a scandal. You can walk around on Fridays at 6 pm and smell the pot coming out of aparments or smell it from someone walking by. Again, this doesnt mean you wont get into trouble, as a cop could stop you and take you to the police station if they decide to.

  • P. Anderson

    Watch yourself, enforcement is insanely uneven. Places like Montreal and Vancouver… the police might scold you if they catch you. Calgary you will likely be charged and judges are often harsh. Talk to locals before assuming the local constabulary will be cool.

  • colecovision

    good to know…

  • dbt

    i was going to correct the record about australia but a couple of people have already. in south australia it is decriminalized but everywhere else it is illegal. in the town of nimbin (nsw) it's oddly tolerated though. australians are pretty relaxed and you won't go to jail if busted with a joint (i've been caught and only asked to put it away) but be careful.

  • Charlie

    You forgot Nepal! Weed has been legal in Nepal for a little over 3000 years of recorded history. They have the really good shit there too, I mean, they're sitting on mountain tops talking to God with the weed they have there!

  • Bjun

    Seems like very few people know about Switzerland – it is legal, have special shops that sell it. But you are not allowed to smoke in public, and if you're a foreigner, they will ask you weather you are planning to cross any borders with it. Of course you can't buy it if you are. Why even ask. Who would say yes.

  • hayley

    do you have to be over 18? I'm a pothead in toronto and i ave taken to smoking up in forests and parks with friends, but i've heard of several cafes downtown that will let you smoke up inside. I'm only 16, and im too shy to go there and ask :P

  • rasprenkle

    Thats because you live closer to HumBoldt County.. Thats where everyone gets there green! its like americas Haven for smokers!! .. and then your talkin about fuel prices in travel which , in turn would be nominal! / Just sayin.. MATT!!! great reply/ find me id like to have a chat!!

  • Joe

    I live in BC. I would like to disagree with pyro and say that it is VERY safe to smoke on a busy street. If you get caught by the cops, the most they will do is steal your weed. I have no fears AT ALL about smoking in public, or even buying in public. Pot isn't legal in Canada, but it almost seems like it.

  • Orly

    I got busted for a hash pipe in Nova Scotia…the cops cleaned out the pipe and came up with 1 lousy gram of resin and I got booked, fingerprinted, had to go to court, was fined $100 + court costs. The cops made me feel like a major felon…it was terrible. Now I have a criminal record. Moreover, it was a really nice pipe and they never gave it back to me…lol

  • Mattress

    Don't forget about Amsterdam now!!

  • Kat

    I'm in Ontario, Canada and I'm pretty sure weed is legal here for medicinal purposes…you can get a license for it :P

  • BoulderStoner

    Boulder is super pot friendly man cops have walked into my house on the hill and seen dozens of bongs and and ounces pot. If you can deal with the petty offense then get your card, dude!

  • Calvin

    In India, its actually illegal, but available freely. keep a low profile while puffing on a J

  • szenen

    interesting to see how it should be with the existing laws, but here is one example why Germany is far away to be same as Belgium : when you go in Maastricht to buy weed and you get caught in Belgium, (it depends a little bit of the policeman) but if you have less then 12,5 grams it is sure that nothing happens and the police can let you go with 3grams. if you get caught in germany 10 miles away from the place the police stopped you in belgium this can happen : a friend of mine got caught with less than 1 gram, he had to go with the police and he got an anal analyse on suspicion for dealing. So whatever the law says if the police do not except what you do they can do whatever they want to humiliate you.

  • hašišar

    wrong about bosnia. its illegal and if you get cought youre pretty much fucked, in personal use doses you still go to court and get a couple hundred bucks fine. wrong about serbia too, its same as in bosnia, even though in both countries it depends how much of an asshole the police officer is, youre really lucky if he turns his head the other way.

  • Danielle

    Nyce article.. Now when are they going to decriminalize/legalize it here? Here's to hoping Obama changes things around here! :-)

  • survivor

    Wow! What an eye-opener THIS has been for a dumb American with the thought to TRAVEL to a more toke-tolerant place, LOL! DEATH PENALTIES for even minor possession, "ANAL ANALYSIS" for suspicion of dealing over possession of 1 gram, police corruption, bribes, tourist set-ups, 3rd world prisons, having to smoke a whole OZ in Egypt to cop a buzz….conflicting info…guess I'll just stay here, keep hiding, making disposable "paraphernalia" and being paranoid.

  • mr.hello

    The Info on germany is wrong. Only the consume is decriminalized, not the posession. But it's hard to smoke shit while you don't posess it. Also it depends on the Region. For Austria I can say it's illegal and you're forced to do a drug test tweo years long regularly.

  • sharpinchitown

    I can't fathom the quality of that stuff if two of you smoked an ounce in a period of a couple hours. Pass thanks. Cool story though!

  • links

    In germoney the consumption of marijuana might be legal (the consumption of heroin is also legal), and they wont press charges against you just because of a few gram, but they get you at your nuts with your drivers licence. Youll loose it, even if you were stonecold sober on the way on foot or something.

  • EPStoner

    I am from Estes Park. Possession in Denver is illegal, but the city and county refuse to prosecute less than an ounce, leaving only the state and the feds to prosecute, which they dont because it is a phenomenal waste of money.

  • IvantheRussian

    i dont know where you get your info from mate. in RUSSIA if you are caught you are in very deep trouble indeed. As a foreigner you get the chance to bribe, if you are lucky. and its no small sum either. we are talking 3K or 4K $ for couple of grams. better not even go there in russia at all-.

  • smokemon415

    I gotta admit it was not the highest quality i smoked in my life ,being from South Africa where some of the best pot originates from and also living in Cali where the best hydro is available.The weed in Cairo was pretty good tho and free ,who would pass on that.when in Rome smoke what the Romans smoke or you go without.

  • Matt

    I don't talk to cops!

  • Chander

    Yup India is def. not all good. travellers from abroad are looked at as people who come to get a smoke "at our expense". The law isn't too safe for Indians either who look like they can pay a good fine. all said but some of the best and the cheapest stuff in the world is here. So just watch out, be safe.

  • jamman

    ya and we were smoking pot all this time!

  • askai

    INDIA NOT GOOD. Know that first, then light up!

  • Chander

    And the thing about India, not true either.

  • n0s

    No it doesnt! It would only be reasonable if NOTHING happened to you if you were cought. Actually, it's only reasonable when you'll never get cought, because nobody is looking, as the cops are focusing on real crime that actually does damage to society.

  • Christo

    Guy what about South Africa, Transkei and Malawi? In South Africa you can virtually buy pot at any gas station and if they don't sell they would most probably be able to tell you where to go to buy.( Unless you look very suspect, you won't get). It is illegal in these countries but very tolerable. I would highly recommend Malawi Gold, very unique packaging, color and buzz. Durban Poison (naturally grown) is available in some coffee shops in Amsterdam.

  • pl-dk

    In the Europe-section you mention Denmark – and later The Scandinavian Countries. To clarify, Scandinavia is a name for the following countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

  • Prestorikan

    Did anyone heard of Malana (kullu)? I am 100 % sure that it grows the finest Herb to be found.

  • bichezwhut

    I live in calgary, alberta, Canada. I've never been caught here, after smoking pot everyday for over a year. Everyone that I know of that has been caught, the cops will just make you squish your weed into the ground, or they will take it. It really depends on the cop you get, around here, but mostly, you're not going to get charged, unless you've got a huge bag and have intent to traffic

  • Codie

    umm i'm an ex smoker that lives in australia and I know for a fact if i was caught with 1 gram let alone 50 i would be in trouble. 1 gram will probably get you a police caution IF it was your first offence. 50 grams in ANY state (except the ACT where it is legal for a person to grow one plant for personal use, but nobody goes to canberra) will get you arrested, charged, fined and possibly jailed. as most people from over seas come to sydney rather than anywhere, i would recommend carrying max of 1 gram if anything, or smoking inside your hotel room or something… I was pulled up in sydney by a drug dog when i was 15 with 0.2g and a piece pipe and i got held in a cell for a night… so for an adult it would be worse. Be careful and don't beleive everything on the internet…

  • pk101010

    hey dude, I live in India an its NOT all okay to smoke pot anywhere an everywhere. we've laws here. and the cops are one big piss off. they hate pot smokers more than rapists. if they catch you they'll jail you an beat you. no other punishment. smoke in the outskirts an the villages probably. but you don want a cop bustin you with weed.

  • Craig

    I noticed North America wasn't on this list. i'm not sure of the laws in Canada, but in Vancouver in the New Amsterdam Cafe, there is a smoke area, and I have seen people smoking small joints on the street near a few police officers with no reprocussions. Also some cities and states in the U.S. have begun decrimininalization of up to and ounce for criminal use. Denver, CO, for example, allows up to an ounce, although it is still illegal statewide, so use caution in public.

  • Laramie

    I'm from Laramie Wyoming and so much weed comes across the border from Colorado that, yeah, it's illegal but you only get in trouble if you're a douche. The most the cops have ever done to me is break my pieces and tell me to smoke outside city limits.

  • TryapTam1ne

    Minneapolis and St Paul have exceptionally tolerant local laws in addition to rather tolerant state laws. I have been cought twice by Minneapolis cops as a student of the University of Minnisota, and on both occasions my visible marijuana was confiscated, I was not subject to a search, and the cop allowed me to contiue with my business. Also, the people in the twin cities are very friendly; locals if asked politly will assist you in procuring it. All in all the Minneapolis/St Paul area is very friendly to pot smokers.

  • 4204201

    new zealand has the highest per capita percent of weed smokers in the world

  • Bas

    I think you're wrong about Macedonia. I was there this summer and I was told it's not legal. Now asking a Macedonian friend of mine about the details.

  • Oy-z

    You dont mention the UK, allow me. In England and Wales (can't speak for Scotland or Northern Ireland as they have their own legal systems), cannabis has been de-classified to Class C, the lowest class. It used to be Class B and there is some talk of re-classifying it back but for the time being it stays at C. This means you are still commiting an offence if found in possession but the worst the Police can do for a small amount (20g or less) is give you a formal warning and sieze it. Any more than that and you are looking at arrest and, depending on quantity and whether you can be found with intnent to supply, a fine, community serivce or a custodial sentance (or any mix of the three!). However, there is some legal debate as to how they can effect these sanctions as the law is ambigious about smoking in "public view". What constitutes "public view" is also a contentious point – if I were tokeing in my living room and you saw me through the window am I in public view? Or, should you be not looking through my window?!

  • pottyMouth

    If the US stopped putting pressure on many of the countries listed here, weed would be de-criminalized in MOST latin countries and many of the others. Since the 70's this country has put pressure on all under our influence to outlaw pot. Things are changing here in the US though….popular vote is coming around.

  • Saidie

    I live in Montreal and I can tell you that while weed smoking isn't legal, you won't get in much trouble here unless you're carrying a lot (I probably wouldn't carry more than a couple of grams at a time). If you get caught smoking, you'll probably be asked to put it out and maybe asked if you have more. I've never heard of anyone getting charged for possession or in any sort of trouble for smoking. Things are stricter in different parts of the country. In MOntreal you can walk down most streets and smoke a joint without too much worry (I'm not advocating this, it is illegal but totally tolerated in most areas by locals. I wouldn't walk down the street and smoke a joint in Toronto, although I'm sure there are some areas where it's ok. The cops there are definitely more uptight than in Montreal, but you can never tell if you'll get a cranky hard ass or a relaxed guy. Vancouver is chill too. Not too sure about other cities, but I imagine that you're pretty much safe in the more Liberal provinces but I'd be more careful in let's say, Calgary, Alberta.

  • SvenMonk

    This might change though, the supreme court has just ruled that state marijuana laws trump federal laws…the decision was made regarding California's medical marijuana laws, so I'm not sure if it extends to straight decriminalization, but it's a positive development.

  • камен

    In Macedonia is not decriminalized and its not possible to have 5 grams in you. This is not a real Article for smoking POT around the world boom!!!

  • hoffo

    What you have about australia is completely wrong i have lived in australia all my life and in queensland for most of it and been caught a few times. I have been to court for less than a gram and charged over $500 for it, and they will charge you for intent to deal with anything over 7 grams. You can even be charged with paraphernalia eg bong, cone, pipe etc which you will be sent to court and be charged up to $100 per item. the only states that it is fully decriminalized is south australia and the ACT which is where you are aloud 5 plants equal to 50 grams in total weight. If the weed is dried and or you have in your possesion scales or baggies they will charge you with intent to deal which can amount to jail time so be very careful.

  • sativadiva

    Hi there- glad to see someone setting the record straight- consumption is tolerated; indoor production is not. Residents may cultivate plants outside, limited to three per person or five per household. Coffeeshops have licenses (no new ones are available, since 1996) and are limited to 500 grams capacity. No one under 18 is permitted entrance due in part to the fact that the brain is not completely finished forming in teens, and the supply to the coffeeshops is done through the "back door." The Dutch government chose to tolerate the lifestyle choice of consuming cannabis, as alcohol is more dangerous (they have the studies) and yet legal.

  • Smiley

    OMG $75 an eigth!!!!!! thats crazy talk man! we never pay more than $40 in BC And we have a delivery service!

  • sam

    I am living in Tunisia right now and it is definitely not socially acceptable to smoke hash. You will go to jail. I don't know who wrote this article, it is very interesting and I enjoyed it, but the author needs to research more.

  • Rui

    Correction: Brazil: Decriminalized, small portions ok, smoking in public ok, carrying medium ammounts and so on, not, selling, not.

  • halfie

    wanted to make a note about south korea, as it wasn't mentioned (probably b/c it isn't a very touristy country anyway). weed is available, but hashish is more common. both are expensive as hell (50$+ a gram). the laws are absolutely ridiculous and the police are dicks about just about everything. how do i know? i just spent 2 months in prison for being deported. if you wanna smoke in asia, stick to vietnam, laos, cambodia, et al. While it's still illegal there, at least it's easy to get, cheap and if you exercise caution and good judgement, you prob won't get hassled. (meaning: don't be a fucktard obvious pothead)

  • Robert Marley

    I just got back from 3 months in Peru. Weed is exceedingly easy to get there, especially in heavily touristy areas, such as Lima. I was offered pot far more often than I even wanted it. Highlight of the trip – sparking a bowl in the Ancient City, one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Epic as all get out.

  • Steven Frechette

    INDIA NOT GOOD. Know that first, then light up!!

  • agf

    its actually called "the hot box cafe" it is in kensington market, downtown toronto. and you have to spend $4.20 you are thinking about another place, its just around the corner though.

  • Ninjagirl

    Monkey puffer doesn't have anything to do with black people it just means being foolish about it…….. don't jump to conclusions about old terms things change man.

  • J-dog

    Very informative… I've actually never smoked the stuff, but I couldn't agree more with the reasons to legalize. But with govts it has NEVER been about "protecting citizens"… rather bleeding them dry, controlling them, and robbing them. It doesn't matter whether it's weed, alcohol, medicinal herbs, pharmaceuticals, land ownership, or the news media it's always the same bullshit if you follow the money-trail. The US is the perfect example. I think if Jefferson and Franklin were alive they'd be in total agreement–and pissed at the situation in general! I'll be looking to enjoy my first "vaporization" real soon! ;-)

  • Lotte Laugesen

    I don't think germany tolerates weed at all. my boyfriend and i had a small amount on us when going from france to germany and got caught by german police and got a fee and they told us it was definately not OK in germany, and if we were caught again we would be in big trouble. And in Munchen we saw the police searching several young people in the the streets and we even got stopped riding our tourist bicycles peacefully around town and my boyfriend got searched again. so i would say you should not smoke in germany, not in the south at least. Berlin and Hamburg are probably not as bad.

  • Erik

    you're right about Denver, and not Colorado in general. good clarification…

  • Carling

    Ok my boyfriend is a police officer in Sydney. This is the actual law ok, you can carry under 30 grams and recieve a "cannabis caution" which is nothing, it goes on file and you can recieve 2 of them before you will be charged, but thats only if you have no other convictions. Thats the rule in NSW and he doesnt know about other states.

  • Craig

    eigths (half quarters) are 25$ in ottawa and 4:20 on parliments front law attracts hundreds each year hassle free

  • delmo ante

    interesting and yet highly inaccurate (and in some says flat-out ignorant) article. guatemala: wrong. it's much, much chiller than that. I challenge you to back up your facts with more than one actual story.

  • Benzodiazepine

    Weed weed weed, although it's illegal in most of the countries but still some cop understands.

  • Naba

    What about Hungary dude? :P ;)

  • Diogo

    Smoking weed or carrying any amount of weed in large brazilian cities will certainly get you in trouble. If you're caught with over 5 grams, you're immediately considered a drug dealer and might get yourself sentenced to 5-20 years in prison. If you're lucky, you'll just have to pay a huge bribe to the cop, but.. I wouldn't risk it.

  • blah

    its true.. in places like vancouver. I smoke walking down the streets all the time, whether cops are around or not. or park benches… we also have the Amsterdam Cafe which is similar to the place talked about in toronto on this thread. But else where its a little more conservative. And large amounts can definitely get you in trouble for possession anywhere. In Edmonton, I was kicked off the bus for having a pipe with resin in it, plus they confiscated my pipe.

  • Moreleth

    Miller is right about decriminalization in Colorado. Possession of < 1oz of mj in Colorado is a petty offense (think parking ticket) with a $100 fine.

  • JeepnDave

    what cracks me up more is that cancer causing cigarettes are legal and pot is not

  • kielee

    Estes Park is beautiful! I used to take rides through there all the time with my mom. Mendecino county, Cali you can grow 6 plants.

  • Sean2222

    …you've got to have your numbers mixed up. if the weed was "pretty good" then you would have passed out before the meal even started.

  • ithacastoner

    dont forget new york! i think that a lot of the northeastern states have now made marijuana decriminalized. in new york theres a 100 dollar fine for under 25 grams. pipes/bongs are different stories though.

  • aldo

    calling BS on guatemala – was just there and it's easy, super high quality and no problem if you're discreet. the area around the lake in particular is known as an "almost-legal" zone.

  • Kris

    Being Polish I guess I should let you know what the scene is like in Poland at the beginning of 2009. For those who don't know, Poland is a big country right in the geographical middle of Europe. The current government calling itself liberal will give a Pole a one year suspended sentence if he/she is caught with pot on them. Further offence will be punished by unconditional imprisonment of up to 2 years. Another suspended sentence is possible though if you are young and have no other criminal records. It is not easy to buy pot or hash and a tourist risks getting cheated – the stuff will be of poor quality or not the right thing at all. It is very unlikely you will be set up for the police as squaling is completely against Polish mentality. The scene was much better before 2005 when the leftist party (SLD) was in power. Small amount for personal use was allowed. Some cops may still divide your lot in two parts, take one and let you go. Dealers are hard to come by anyway.

  • Colorado

    i live in Fort Collins Colorado and if you get caught with weed if your under 18 you get probation and shit and if you are over 18 you just get a fine of like 100 dollars. That is if it is under an ounce. if you are caught with an O or a scale you are fucked

  • Expat Rockstar

    Wow, nothing on Southeast Asia Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia are great places to burn one with some friends

  • M@tT

    I have been smoking for 15 yrs….every day, nearly all day long, except when I don't have any. This seems legit…me and a couple friends have sat down in a period of 2 to 3 hours smoked an ounce of Skud(great indica/sativa mix). We would all roll personal sweets and the passing begins. It is totally possible. I know people who have smoked for longer than me that can't smoke as much and people who have smoked for less time than me that can smoke more. No one here should be bold enough to make a for sure statement against smokemon415! It's ignorant! It entirely depends on ones tolerance and how often they smoke.

  • dani

    Concerning Spain there is a little mistake on your data. Consume within your home premises (or other private premises) is legal. The comsuption on public spaces such as the street or a pub/club can be penalized (usually a fine) if you get caught

  • Sarah

    God I know, where do you guys get your information? It's not legal in Australia at all, although if you smoke in your own backyard, botanic gardens or at music festivals etc no one really cares much. Just don't get caught.

  • matt

    You know what, I take it back, I will talk to you. When I lived in So. Cal (close enough to Santa Monica), I still got specific strains of bud for 40 bucks (sometimes 45) an eighth, so 75 is still a huge fucking rip off. 75% of the weed on the streets here in Oregon is grown in Oregon (at least in my city), I know that for a fact

  • legalize it

    TO: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO ENJOY SMOKING POT REQUEST: Sit down, blaze up, relax and watch for cops! FROM: A fellow enthusiast 1 1 1111111 11111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111111 11111111

  • Happycloud1

    They have found that pot cures cancer it was discovered in Canada, im not interily sure on all the facts, but it has also cured many other alements, intresting fact is they havnt found anything it doesnt cure yet… but only when its turned into a gel, check out the net you can find the video =)

  • Shran

    Well… it isn't a HUGE misconception, but MJ is indeed illegal but tolerated in the Netherlands. One can buy 5 grams max in a "coffeeshop" and grow 5 plants. Be sure the buyer is an adult… If you look younger you might be asked to show some ID. Quite a lot of "allowed coffeeshops" in more conservative cities… have been closed after accidentally selling to minors once or twice. So don't mess things up to keep it nice for the local potheads :-)

  • green guru

    oakland ca. measure z passed by the citizens, makes pot offenses lowest police enforcement priority, and clubs pay taxes to the state. also measure z clubs are open to 18 and over no scrip, but there hard 2 find. there are too many people gettin killed by guns to worry about potheads..

  • Heidi Baggott

    Why were places like Southeast Asia and Mexico left out?

  • john parcher

    why did you leave out places like jamaica

  • chris

    I cannot believe they left out my home town, Durban, South Africa. Home of DP, Durban Poison (Yah I know what you were thinking :) It grows all over the place, is super mellow, and they even sell it in Amsterdam. What can I say, its the only thing my town is known for, well except the beaches, curry and surfing. Aaah, homegrown. I like.

  • chris

    I just read more of the posts above. Jeez man did you get ANY of the facts straight. I would say getting your facts straight would be fairly important given the fact that people may end up in jail for following your wrong advice… I should probably point out that in South Africa its illegal as well, although most cops dont really care, they have bigger fish to fry. Not worth risking it though, some have a massive chip on their shoulder. If you need to, organise from a local you trust, the hostels are full of weed as well. In fact its pretty damn easy to come by, just be careful…..

  • it

    update: cannabis has been decriminalized in Brazil, small quantity is tolerated, though no amount specified in the law. Watch out the police is hardly ever nice to deal with!

  • Jaxtra

    I didn’t even bother reading past the part about weed and has being legal in the Netherlands…it is NOT. Weed and hash are tolerated, not legal.

    Also, as of last fall, Christiania Denmark is still a thriving community of alternate thinkers, Although the “stalls” of old are gone, hash can be had easily along Pusher Street or in many of the cafes like the Moonfisher. A little discretion is called for these days. This has nothing to do with the drugs and everything to do with the value of the land. It mos assuredly has not been “bulldozed” Please get your facts straight prior to publishing them.

    PS, why didn’t you mention the states like California (10 others) where pot has been decriminlaized and in some instances legalized? (look up the pending Ammiano legislation too). OK I’m off to the club for a vapo bag; tyhis gave me a headache.


  • Sergio Bana

    You’re totally wrong about Spain man, and most other countries in Europe. I’m from spain, You can have upto 20 grams of cannabis (marijuana or hash) in public and only get a fine of 300 euros. You can grow weed at home if you want to!!! Virtually anything you do in the privacy of your own home is totally OK. You can walk right into a grow shop and buy seeds legally. As long as it is for personal use you are protected by the constitution. If you know your rights (and most pot heads do back home) you can have the court give you a blood test so that you prove exactly how much you smoke a day verses how much weed you have at home. And the only way they’re going to bust in your house is if they suspect that you’re selling. I know people who got busted with a 1/4 kilo (250 grams) in public and proved it was for personal consumption because of how much pot they had in there blood stream and just paid a fine. In italy, if you get cought with marijuana they just take away your drivers license, but in saudi ariabia they take away your life. But that’s besides the point. Europe rocks. I got another friend who was caught smoking in the middle of his village and the cops yeld at him for not smoking near the sea port where they usually do it away from the general smoke. You guys need to do some research dude!!!

  • Mark The Geezer

    Wow !!!!

    You got your facts wrong about just about every place you mentioned. That’s well dangerous for dudes that like to chuff an’ puff reading your article. I mean you could be sending someone to jail or worse.

    The info in the replies is enlightening and almost enuff to write a book on the subject.

    I’m widely travelled in Central & S. America where I live, and wouldn’t smoke in public anywhere except at raves, parties, concerts and of course football matches.

    The only place I’ve been to where a very large % smoke in public is Jamaica even though possession is illegal.

    Stay wise and wise-up,
    mark the geezer

  • bdunn

    Prague is down to blaze. <3

  • Shadow

    Hey Dude, get your facts right and save your skin as it is never legal In India!! And , people, please do use your prudence as this article is written in 2008 and by now, half of the “OK” countries under the list here maybe having severe laws.So, behave accordinly to the occasion.

  • arcticmonkeys101

    Get your facts correct.”All good” in India?I highly doubt it.If it were they’d be selling it openly not at the back of some stadium..and if you’re caught then lemme remind you buddy the indian police has been known to give out the harshest punishments inside the cellar and no one will wink twice if they torture you and leave you only before making these comments,think again ’cause other potheads might just believe you and ruin there lives..for good

  • arcticmonkeys101


  • Cbiddle

    I’m surprised that you live in Asia and didn’t mention Dali in China. The Bai ethnic minority that inhabit the region cultivate cannabis in the mountains, using it for a variety of things. Women in traditional garb sell it on the street. You might get popped, but nothing a quick and easy bribe won’t take care of.

  • Allie

    um the thing about australia is bullshit, i live in qld you get caught with even 1g of weed and your going to jail. fix your website

  • Hotdog

    Looks like it’s time to go to Australia

  • Mook

    I saw that Latin America made a pretty hefty portion of the list. I have been living in Ecuador for the past nine months, and while the law is very strict about bud, I have never felt a single moment of fear smoking anywhere… at home, on the street, even around my university. I have a lot of friends here who have been to other parts of South America and have experienced the same results, that as long as you’re not too cocky or over-confident about where you smoke, you’ll be fine. I even once had a police officer catch me smoking on my favorite street, and he simply asked me to move a block over because it was out of his patrol area. Worst case scenario is you will have to bribe a cop, a hefty bribe being like twenty bucks.

    As for finding pot in South America, let me debunk the myth here and now that the weed is good, especially that from Colombia. It’s NOT! Some and my gringo friends and I have coined it “Cleat Weed”, because it is as if the fútbol players come off the field after a game, pluck the dead grass out of their cleats, and then baggie it and sell it. It is absolutely horrible. If you absolutely have to find weed in any South American country, the smartest place to start looking would be any metropolitan university, as South America is becoming a much more liberal area and kids here are starting to loosen up a little, whereas most of the generation before us in this continent wouldn’t even be able to identify bud if they were smelling it right out of a clear ZipLoc.

  • Tyler

    I live in SoCal and, while it is definitely not legal, you will probably not get cited unless you are causing trouble, last time I got pulled over for a traffic violation I realized after the fact that my weed and pipe were sitting in plain site, but the cop never even acknowledged the fact. Same story with my last few previous incidents I would watch out if your black though, or hispanic..seriously…kinda f’ed up, Also in Seattle area, Washington I generally smoke in public, often while playing Disc golf, with little worry of police.

  • Cobi

    I originally read this article last year and recently came across it again.
    I must say that it bothers me to no end that Canada was not mentioned. Considering that more Canadians smoke pot than in most countries around the world, and that we have some of the most lax attitudes about its use, it’s kind of silly leaving out good ol’ Canada.
    In some of the bigger cities, you can practically walk down the street smoking a joint, and no one would complain. Also, some of the worlds best weed is cultivated in Canada, so come on and throw the dog a bone!

  • Nenad

    A little European update:

    Serbia is really a place where possession of one joint really cannot get you in a lot of trouble, but steer clear of police anyway.

    Crossing the Serbia – Monteregro border is, and I don`t know how to emphasize this, is
    EXTREMELY dangerous when in possession. Montenegro law does not recognize the difference between possession and distribution intent, and there is a consensus of legislation and enforcing agencies in applying strictest possible measures against “drug-runners”. One gram, even half gram of cannabis is sure to land you on year or more in one of most brutal prisons in the Europe, infamous Spuž prison. Males will be slapped around at best, and seriusly hurt at worst, and females could face rape.

    Don’t do this. Ever.

  • J

    What about asia? completely skipped that part?

  • Marko

    The author is wrong about Macedonia.It’s not dcriminalized.It’s illegal

  • Chems from the Dams

    Foreigners in Morocco don’t need to be afraid if they are in possesion of a gram or so. Everyone in Morocco knows what it is though, so from a moral standing moroccan people in general are against but fore most not as wrong as alcohol. DON’T SMOKE IN PUBLIC in front of women, kids old and more religious people or around a mosque. You’ll end up getting beaten up by a local much faster than getting caught by the police.
    Find a laidback spot close(if your at the beach climb up a hill, you’ll enjoy it even beter) do your thing, no one will bother you (If in tangier by your thing around the exit of the harbour)

  • jaffa

    Mexico, it’s legal to posses. Netherlands, weed is illegal. It’s just tolerated, it’s a grey area in the law.

    • Gabriela

      It is very much illegal in Mexico.

      • JacksonB

        it’s decriminalized hasta la madre

  • SR

    interesting article but there seem to be a few mistakes and lapses.
    i would like to add that in Portugal it is not a crime to possess any type of drugs up to a certain “personal use” amount. nothing worse than getting your stash taken will happen if you get caught smoking in public.

  • leisureforte

    I have always wanted to go to Pakistan to smoke weed!

  • Kana

    hey! you forgot Nepal… it’s “illegal” but nobody cares… the plants grow on the side of the road!!

  • Scott

    we were just in Freetown Christiana in Copenhagen Denmark and it is still alive and kicking in full force.


  • The Good Marijuana Guide

    Excellent overview. I’ve added this to our extensive resources. You may want to check out these 7 countries you really don’t want to get caught with drugs in!

  • shane

    i have spent about 2 years in india smoking really good charis,but beware,it is illegal and you could get up to ten years in prison.people go to india thinking its ok to smoke,but dont make that mistake,theres always the police who would love to catch you and take alot of money from you…in some towns in india you can but bhang which is a weaker form of charis but is has a great effect if eaten or drank in bhang lassie.

  • Anna

    I just wanted to say that you are living the dream.


    The author seems to have completely overlooked Canada.
    Toronto & Vancouver are very liberal now.

  • Ricky420

    California is where the good weed is and hopefully in a few months ill have a few of those bud branches myself!!

  • william

    yea, the author also seemed to over look many parts of NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. cities like Oakland have decriminalized minor amounts of possession and counties like Humbolt allow adults to grow. california is also a part of the medical marijuana program. so as long as you have a VALID medical reason to smoke marijuana, and a recomendation from a licensed physician you can buy, carry and transport up to 8 ounces. By the way, the marijuana in cali is way better then the premature marijuana sold to tourist in amsterdam. visit california, and support our economy by lighting a joint of that cali sticki green

  • Mike

    All drugs are illegal in Colombia and Venezuela and there is no move to legalize them. Colombia is very much of the thinking of the US and bud is illegal here. But, that being said it can be found for very cheap. In Venezuela it is also illegal and Chavez wouldn’t ever allow legalization. Peace from Bogota.

    • Marko

      After Mexico and Argentina maybe there will be a great change in the decriminalization movement in the whole world but firstly in Central and South America.Or so i do hope so;)

  • Ryan

    I would also like to know about Asia and North America. I know that in parts of Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, it can be pretty easy to acquire some ganja with little hassle but it still can get you a big fine if you are not smart about it.

    As for N. America, people’s attitudes are starting to change (finally). Counties around the US are starting to decriminalize small amounts for personal use (I was previously living in Denver, Colorado where up to an oz. was OK for a resident over 21 but still not accepted by state or federal police). Even when I got caught in northern Colorado, all I had to do was pay a $100 fine and m record is clean.

    When it comes to traveling and toking, it’s really just best to excercise caution at all times. Some people will scam you–others might rat you out–others might feel you are offending them or their culture. It’s important to be a responsible representatve of the weed smoking community, especially if we want to see further progress in the tolerance of the plant.

    Thanks for a great article, even if a few people think there are some mistakes. Readers have to understand that these laws are changing often and can vary from city to city withing some countries. Take it easy and enjoy it when you can. Cheers!

  • Ramon

    How about Iceland? Anyone know the deal?

  • guncoon

    Great list for weed smokers! Unfortunately the information about Germany is incorrect: althought smoking is tolerated in Berlin, an most of the other states, Bavaria is another story… You even get punished for small amounts. Don’t even think of smoking in the English Garden as undercover cops look for smokers every day!

  • Moby

    What’s the breakdown for countries in Asia?

  • Sashe

    VERY ILLEGAL in Macedonia. No move to decriminalise.

  • Orlando

    In México city since april 29th 2009 is legal to carry up 5 grs marihuana.

  • Amelie

    Just wanted to comment on Spain. I live in Barcelona, and here consuming is not illegal at all!!! what is forbidden is the trade, buying and selling. SOOOOO, there are grow shops every second corner, and every citizen is allowed to grow up to 3 plants on his sunny balcony. and there are so many people smoking on my street on sundays i only need to take a breath outside to inhale…

  • scott davies

    first off thanks. I love this page. but what about the u.k no mentions of the status of weed atall

  • jazmin

    hey whats up! im from peru. here is sooo stupid… the goverment think that 8 gr. of marihuana is just possesion then is a crime …what a fuck!!!

    but it barranco, for example, the weed is normal and good ^^


    take care guys and if you come to peru one day be with peruvians friends..we know how the police is..


  • potzzz

    Portugal decriminalized all drug use in 2001. Everything from pot to cocaine is legal there now. Since then, drug use has fallen dramatically.

    Forget Amsterdam. They’re starting to crack down on pot there and have been closing down marijuana cafes. It may have to do with the increasing Muslim population, leading to intolerance of marijuana use.

  • Velvet

    your facts about australia are very wrong

  • Tuna

    I live in Izmir, Turkey.
    Here its really easy to find and smoke weed, but you gotta find the wise guy that knows whats going on. You know there is a guy like that in every weed crew. But its simply a crime buying or selling it.

  • charles

    I personally just go and smoke this LEGAL cannabinoid. It is just as good as the best weed I ever tried and it doesn’t make me cough like weed. Check out:

    They should legalize pot, but until then I’ve got this cannabinoid. I don’t miss anything.

  • sascha


    i would like to apologize to veryone for getting a buttload of facts wrong. i have smoked all over the planet and never had any trouble anywhere. I just take simple precautionary measures. this article is wak, but the commetns and posts are amazing and very informative. what i did notice though, is that a lot of the comments contradict each other, which shows a basic general misunderstanding about all of the laws.

    This topic needs a book or its own website.

    so again, sorry for being wak, but thanks for calling me out and thanks even more for dropping knowledge and getting it going

    the Author

  • stevi

    you did miss israel on your site it is more ore less illigal but in realltiy its a bit like spain a lot of people smoke and you dont get bothered a lot.
    in the last year or so it is quite easy to get us quality weed to so get holy shit in jerusalem (ir ha koidesh)
    and dont miss the dead sea (best in winter) light up in the lowest place of this planet.

  • Dee

    Don’t even think about smoking in East Asia, If its sold or smuggled its punishable for upto 15 years and can even lead to execution in places like Thailand, Japan and China.

    in 2009 U.K reclassified it as strictly illigal (class B) and you can be inprisoned for it. Before then, being caught with it would just mean a confiscation. People buy it and sell it all the time and it is smoked in doors.

  • sascha

    smoke mad bud in east asia! yes, it is punishable and yes the penalties in thailand especially can be nasty, but many many heads puff down there. all of this is basically common sense. if you smoke in thailand, do it in your bungalow or underneath a waterfall or in the safe confines of a police protected bar or something. in china, most cops dont know what weed is. but that doenst mean you walk the streets yelling “get high” and exhaling mad weed smoke into the air. be smooth about it for God’s sake.

    for example, todays NYT has a story about a kid who got caught in Dali, China and is now in some big trouble Here is what went down, i was there for this: japanese and chinese kids were slanging hashish in japan and got caught. the japanese authorities went to the chinese because it involved smuggling. they traced the hash to beijing and then to dali, where it was being grown/processed. a few weeks later a joint sino-nippon force slipped down to dali and arrested a bunch of japanese dudes who ran the sun island. bar owners that slang weed out of their bars, that i know, were left unscathed. this kid in the story linked below was a fool with a fake passport, grips of weed and a “drug lab” in dali. anyway, he got caught and turned over to the US for stuff he did with the ELF in the uS.

    so yes, shit can go down. the real key is to not be a bumbling fool when you buy, smoke, grow or sell any funky substance. grow two plants in yer home. buy off people you know and trust. dont sell period, but if you have to, don’t flash it and be a dumbass. laws are meant to be circumvented and broken and questioned and defied at all costs unless they actually benefit humanity — i.e. violent crimes.

    i say spread the word and lift consciousness wherever you are. and be smart about it or dont do it at all.

  • Andy H

    Dope is for losers, there are very few successful people who smoke weed. Yes there are the exceptions like Michael Phelps, but most people who smoke weed never amount to very much. It stops the brain’s synapses from properly communicating with each other but forming a “film” over the synapses which retards communication. This effectively makes you stupid. If you are weed free for two years, this film will disappear and your brain will work normally again. Dope also robs you of your ambition, people sit around and get high, playing Xbox rather than getting ahead in life. There are also those people who get addicted to dope, and it ruins their lives. For others dope is a gateway drug, and they get hooked on heavier drugs. Recent studies have also linked dope to cancer.

    Hey if your happy with your dope use, ignore me. However if your 45 and your wondering why you have no assets, why your wife left you, and why you haven’t seen a promotion in 10 years, you may want to rethink your dope use.

    For those who are happy smoking pot, I would be very careful in Central and South American countries. There governments are very corrupt, and the bribe to pay off the police maybe higher than you think. You do not want to see the inside of their jails.

    In Arab countries I would also be very careful. Also marijuana use in these countries predates Islam. Islam forbids drug use, it is haram (not cool/kosher). You could find yourself in a heap of trouble if you get caught with dope in the Islamic world. Personally I would just for go smoking/carrying pot in these countries.

    Also don’t get caught bringing in dope into any of these countries, even America, you are very likely to be suspected of drug trafficking, no matter how small a quantity you have. At the least you will be banned from re-entering the country. If it is an EU country, you could be banned from entering any EU country, and you will have a Interpol file, even if they don’t charge you. In the U.S. you will be banned from visiting the U.S. ever gain, and you will have an FBI file. My advice is to buy in the countries you visit, it is best if you know people locally who you can buy from. If not try and ask your tour guide discreetly.

  • Fabio

    Hey.. I just loved the info that I got here….
    if you want to have some info from Brazil or if you wanna check the Cannabis Culture i can help you out here ….
    So Peace out .. take care..
    And good buds…

  • Mark

    I have a perscrition and am traveling to Costa Rica in march. Can I legally bring it into the country? How about if I made cookies? Can dogs smell the thc is them?

  • Colorado Medical LLC

    As we all know SB109 passed on Tuesday setting regulations for younger patients and doctors. Thursday in the state capital our senate committee will take public comment so please get out and exercise your free speech if you can on Thursday.

  • jayza

    You forgot Hungary (same rules as CZ).

    Also, Lebanon; it’s illegal but very very available.

  • ashish

    yeah ur rite about india
    im n indian and i smoke pot all d time

  • Trix

    You’ve acknowledged that half (or more) of the information here is bullshit, so why don’t either fix it up or cross out the facts you have wrong?

    Nothing wrong with giving your impression of how relaxed a place may be, but if you’re talking about laws that could get you thrown into jail, you should be more precise. 50g in Australia? What rubbish.

    Please fix up the main post so that people who don’t bother reading comments don’t get in trouble.

  • muleonmushrooms

    the author did a half ass job at best. Portugal is the most pot friendly country on earth and he didn’t even say anything about it. check out these links.,8599,1893946,00.html

  • Christine

    Czech Republic update: they have governmentally funded cannabis fields in the country, no one cares if you smoke in the park – rural or otherwise – even Letna Park in Prague. Generally they’re pretty lax about it

  • Xtian

    I’m from Denmark, and Christiana have not been bulldozed! I don’t know where you get your facts from, but clearly you have to make a recheck. Just saying.

  • mow

    hey is it really illegal in ecuador ? how strict are they abt it ? im going for 2 months and i better be able to get some there

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  • Mark

    I came to this page looking for data on Mexican laws and the comsumption of weed for personal use only. Here’s the deal. I will going on a cruise ship. I am not sure if we will get off our standard trip, Cozumel, Progresso, Costa del Playa. I want to be able to relax to the max as I check out Mexico. There is so much confusion about everywhere. The cruise could also wind up to be a Caribbean style thing. The islands, maybe Jamaica, St Thomas, St Croix, Bahamas & places like that. Sure would like to know the scoop on these places, like the laws, where not to go, how to casually score a stick and enjoy the visit. Maybe a short do not list, One blogger probably got it as right as anyone. Not matter the situation or laws don’t bring attention to yourself seems to be the rule. Try to get out of peoples faces and at the same time not get so remote that you become a target because the locals dayum sure know your a tourist. Even though they make their living off you, there will be those in any country trying to profit in many forms.

  • Dope Smoker

    Spain is actually a bit more chilled than France.

    In Spain there are very strong privacy laws, you are allowed 3 plants within your property. Nothing the cops can do even if they see the plants. Quite something.

  • Sunshine 101

    Wrap your weed in saran wrap with black pepper between the layers…
    fools dawgs every time

  • Silvia

    Hi Sascha… Thank you very mucho for the information.

    I m going to visit Chine this summer , and i would like to smoke pot during my travel… But i am afraid with the Chinese laws
    What do oy u think about ??
    thank ou very much!

  • TimesReporter

    DO NOT BE MISTAKEN,Its illegal in whole of India.Often in a year we see police cracking down on dealers on TV new channel.Never saw or heard any growers ever being caught tho.
    im smoking since 6 months.
    ive been chased by local police with my stoner friends from a certain after-eveing hotspot of stoners(which incidentally is 2-3 mins from the local police staion :P)
    ive learnt to enjoy my stuff n not bother ppl an im all happy :D but i still go visit tht place 2-3 times a year n enjoi my smoke :D
    its still a social stigma on smoking weed,but younger generation is way into it.but alchoholism is way more prevalent.2-3 out of 10 ppl i kno smoke marijuana while almost all 10 drinks now n then.n bout 8 are confirmed cig smokers.

  • Mark

    Weed is very much illegal in Colombia. You will spend half a day in prison minimum just for a joint. Its so cheap though that you can buy enough to smoke for 6 months for $20 or so. Just buy it once and never take it out of your home and you’ll be fine!

  • JustWrong

    This whole article is just WRONG.

    In every single possible way.

  • Oh my god…

    Christiania still exists. It was not bulldozed. This article is seven types of WRONG.

  • jimmy loos

    It’s 3 grams max in belgium

  • kevin, lee & fifi

    We like to smoke the weed every day, and until the day I die, I wish to be on top of it. Thank you very much for the information, it was really helpful and most interesting. And my friends are still high. They are smoking hash as they read this actually. King size only, not the green. LOL. Wishing you all good health. Regards…….

  • Evgeny

    Actually 6 grams in Russia. But due to corruption police may forge your amounts. As well you can just bribe them. Things are complicated.

  • Josh

    I wish we could all smoke pot. Here in the US the demand for drugs is extremely high yet its illegal. Especially in Arizona where I live, there isn’t a cop here who will let you off, even if you have a tiny hit of weed, they will bend you over on all fours. Bribery will just get you another charge. They will pin anything on you that they can here.

    I still smoke however, in fact I’m taking a fat rip of chronic right now! Don’t let the police stop you people, just be careful. Do it inside of your home, control the smell, don’t drive around with weed. If you do put it out of sight where it can’t be smelled. Don’t smoke in public. The problem with weed is the people who don’t do it. Problems from pot are generated by the people who don’t use and don’t have a clue what their talking about when it comes to weed.

    • Kennard

      I don’t smoke weed because I don,t depend on it to cope with life. Lets be honest if you can, how many times can you really say weed help you solve a problem. It may have put you in a state of mind not to even care.The problem, you still had to face when you got up from your so called high.Now I never said I didn’t get low before. Thats why I know it’s all bullshit. The reasons I hear why people do weed. God made it, God made snakes, scorpions,Poison Ivy,Poison Oak. I don’t see pepole smoking them. When you bring God on the seen find out what He made things for. Why He said what he said before you start quoting scriptures. You may find out that. He didn’t make it or say it for your reasons.

      • Paul

        Then I wouldn’t smoke it if I were you. But who are you to judge another for behavior that does not concern you? What should it matter to you if someone else wants to smoke pot? That’s what is called “minding your own business.”

        • parry

          thank you Paul!

      • dude21

        if you dont like the article hit the back button and go live your ordinary cookie cutter life.

        • john

          you recommended that kennard (?) just hit the back button if he didn’t like what he was reading. Well then, why did Y9U not follow your own advise if you didn’t like what HE was saying? Kind of hypocritcal, don’t you think?? But then pot does kind of f* with your logic doesnt it?

          • Paul

            “Logic” spoken like a true ignorant prohibitionist. Why would he hit the back button? He’s already on the page that interests him. The other guy wasn’t interested in getting information about smoking pot. He was trolling, trying to pick a fight. And if you don’t like it, my friend, why don’t you hit the road too?

      • Lana

        Pot isn’t as bad for your brain (long term) as alcohol is. Just saying…

      • Eric

        Dude, you are obviously the world’s biggest square. What do you care why people smoke pot? If someone wants to have a beer after a long day at work, then who are any of us to stop that person from enjoying one? Same thing with a spliff or a bowl. Who really gives a flying fuck why someone else is using ANYTHING!? Live and let live and stop pushing YOUR beliefs on others. If someone wants to have a joint, then LET THEM! They don’t need to give you a reason, the same way a beer drinker doesn’t have to give you one. Now go get laid before you overdose on your small minded mentality, you fucking SQUARE!

        • Anne

          Well for starters, is the name calling necessary? If you paid attention to anything the afroementioned said, he was no critizcing or passing judgements, or name calling anyone who was a smoker (like you so viciously did) I believe your attack on the non-weed smoker, was just a ploy to make you feel better about something you clearly do not. Psychologists today, call this an act of projecting. Where you put one’s own feelings onto someone else. If you are so entirely proud of what you do, there shouldn’t be a need to attack others who disagree.

          In fact, he was just making an observation. Why do people need to use weed, or any type of perhilina if you want to take it there, to deal with life? Why must we as human beings find the easy way out to feel better? Why are we as human beings, dependent on something that in a sense is corrupt and a waste of time and energy. It depeletes your energy. And it depeletes your finicial resources. And if you are an avid weed smoker, depletes your perspective on what a quality life is- because you are dependent on a substance rather than your own being.

          I used to smoke weed often, and now cannot even stand the smell of it near me anymore. I question why there is such a huge following on something that is perceived to be good. What is so good about being high, besides achieving the obvious- being high. It’s useless, really. And in the US should continued to be banned. People are going to make there choices of course, and if you have to choose between any type of evil- some would choose weed. For a long period of time, the use of it is determential to your mental and physical health. No denying that.

          It’s important for us to realize that we are self-sufficient, amazing creatures, and weed smoking definitely hinders that growth. Often, too many people are too high to realize this. Which, is fine. Shame on you for choosing to be stuck in ignorance however.

          • Paul

            Well, Anne, you don’t like to smoke pot. That is an adult choice as are many things in life such as partaking in tobacco or alcohol, which I don’t really care for personally. But you must have noticed that this forum is aimed at people who enjoy using marijuana and are interested in finding places which can accommodate their lifestyle. Because you don’t like it personally should not prompt negative sentiment toward those who do. You use the term “we” like so many of the Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” type in an effort to control the desires of others. Why should you be so concerned with behavior that does not affect you personally? That you don’t like it is no reason for other people who do to be fined or jailed. Prohibitionist sentiment is an infringement on personal liberty and the ideas you present reflect that thinking. And as far as your comments regarding the ill-effects of pot on mental/physical health are concerned, yes there is quite a lot of doubt about that. “Ignorance”? Sorry, but your ignorance is quite telling. If you want to “just say no” that is your business. But we pot smokers say “yes” and that is our business, not yours. So go check out the latest Anne Coulter website and leave this page for us pot-smoking advocates.

  • Lois

    I know someone who currently resides in Mannheim, Germany who was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale. I’d like to know what could happen to hi.

  • Sara

    If you think it’s wrong then why are you even on this website? I hate people coming in and writing shit when it doesn’t even make sense as to why they are on this kind of a website. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • http://web AreUSure

    Are u sure that is legal in macedonia? i live here.. and it’s decriminalised i guess but.. u still get a 500 eu fine or smthn(no such thing as 5 grams allowed, not even a joint)…. not that we stop smoking though… ;) peace

  • week

    I have gotten so many interested, insightful and provoking thoughts after a smoke! No wonder that governments are shunning it, nobody wants you to be smarter and see them through. Please note that this is not a guarantee of your experience. I have had heart attacks and fainted also! One word – measure. Know your own well, never trespass. Greed is evil. Any type of greed, even for emotions or thoughts. There’s a limit to a human body and the brain.

  • Sherry

    I read on another website that India is just decriminalized. Not the same as “all good”.

  • Morentz

    What are the laws on growing in Serbia?

    • Paul

      My son and I were in Belgrade for two months last year and I got really frustrated trying to score some herb. Folks are a little suspicious which is understandable given Serbia’s recent history. I heard about a strain called Vutra and pot advocates there have a website which has a copy of the law regarding “narcotics” (marijuana fits their definition) production and possession. Strictly speaking, you could get into a shitload of legal trouble if you grow herb in Serbia. Some Serbian friends say it’s no problem to grow it, while another Serb told me about a friend of his who got three years after getting caught with four joints. Do hear tell most pot is imported from neighboring countries.

    • Paul

      The website to check out the law is

  • Dee

    HAHAAAHAAA, the last time i checked, belgium was in Europe you ass! In fact thats where the Hague is, which is where the European Union High Court is…. DUH

    • sparky

      its in the netherlands actually. it is where the dutch govt is based. EU is brussells

  • ryan

    i think you may find tht the hague is in fact in holland not belgium as stated !!! :P

  • marcos

    The person who said that ” the people who don’t smoke and have never smoked weed is the problem” has hit it on the head. I was attuneded as a rakie master and that has made my life difficult and messed up my head more than any drug has. I now have to use weed to counteract the high amount of vibrational rakie energy I take through my head and body. Weed slows this down kills all low feelings of depression and I think or it as a medicine. I get bad vibrations and negative energy from many groups in society that are most probably regular alcohol heads and I still think the law should make alcohol controlled or illegal and weed legal. Its the society that we are brought up in as kids that can cause a problem with problems such as weed psychosis and i think that doctors don’t understand even 10% of what they should now to help such people and after all most haven’t ever smoked weed so what posistion from there personal views have they to comment from. Holland has it better where it is tollerated and I believe there are much less social and mental health problems from this contaversry over there. marc Woolridge

    • Cannabassidor Miki

      It’s believe spelled ‘Reiki’ and it sounds like you suffer from depression because of other factors, not reiki. I also smoke to combat anxiety and depression but am most certainly not a reiki master. It’s just the world that gets us down, not new age healing practices. If it’s reiki getting you down stop practicing it.

      BTW as much as I respect your belief in the system, using ‘reiki’ in an argument for legalisation hinders our cause. We want to normalise it’s use instead of perpetuating the stereotype that it belongs on the fringe of society with hippies and reiki masters.

  • canada pothead

    beer and smokes are alrigth but they kill 100000s every year weed probly kills like 2 people a year over a bad deal not for somkin it fuck the people who say its bad i will somk to day i die pothead for life

    • Phil

      Actually not a single death has EVER been attributed directly to cannabis. I’m writing a Sociology dissertation on possible U.K legalisation atm, so I’ve done my research.

      • Digmeme

        The previous poster said that at least two people die from bad deals i.e getting shot up. That’s just another reason to legalize!

  • jj

    whats the situation in asia? namely south korea.?

  • Phil

    How can u write ‘India all good’??!! An Indian friend of mine is in a Rajasthani jail for 10 yrs for possession of three tolas of charas. Not sure he would agree with you. Cannabis is illegal in India, and the penalties are harsh if you do not have the money/influence to buy your way out. You claim to have smoked all over the world but your knowledge sugests otherwise!

    • Digmeme

      I’ve seen people smoking chillums along the side of the road. It grows wild everywhere. You can buy it in a market or from a rickshaw or taxi driver anywhere. I think your friend was in a Muslim part of India and he isn’t telling you the full story. Weed is all good in India.

  • wayno

    this guy has so much info wrong that itmakes me think he wants us to get caught. hmm

  • Jim

    Ya, that guy that said all that shit about why he doesn’t smoke pot and how God is
    not for it…He’s a bitch and with a name like Kennard I’m not surprised he would say something like that ha ha ha! POT RULES!

    • Earnie

      So right Bro.Bless you my son!

  • Musgot

    Interested in coffeeshops in The Netherlands?

    Check out:

    Have fun :)

  • josh

    its kinda annoying all the fools out there that dont no shit about pot but they will sit there and say how bad it is and that its a bad drug well sorry people powl your head out of your all and look at the point pot has not killed people like alchol has weed hasent killed people like meth and DRUG have done weed is a was for people to relax im missing my leg my the knee down from cancer im legal are you still going to sit there and look at me diffrent you fucking snobs come on people look at every thing stop being so naro minded its fucking stupied smoke some weed relax

    • Kate Sedgwick

      But apparently does nothing for one’s ability to spell.

      • Stonedmonkeyboy

        have you thought perhaps that the person your having a go at for spelling may be dyslexic ?

  • Norml Australia

    Sorry guys but cannabis is illegal in Australia all together. Police on the other hand may ignore small amounts of personal use though definitely illegal.

    • P Bricks

      Remember, decriminalised isn’t legalised. It just means no conviction or court time, just a fine similar to a parking ticket (it’s against the law to park illegally but you don’t go to jail for it). It’s decriminalised in SA, NT, WA, ACT. In VIC your first two possession offenses are a mandatory caution (up to 50 grams). It’s similar in QLD and NSW, too. Some states make you do an hour or so of drug education in lieu of paying a fine, too. Essentially, being caught in Australia won’t get you a conviction, and in some states (ie VIC) it won’t even get you a fine.

      Full legalisation is needed but we do have very relaxed laws here.

  • Dougy

    people need to get their head out of their arses,wake up and smell the truth about marijuana! Bloody idiots who write in on sites like this one slagging this herb off have not got a clue about it atall! People generally should know the facts about it by know and hopefully in the near future it will be legalised in one way or another! Well done to all the people for speking the truth!

  • Alex (World Traveler and Possible Worlds Traveler)

    Now first of all, if you have never ingested Cannibis, just park yer head back into yer rectum and don’t even bother me or anyone else who has, we don’t want to smell the stupidity wafting out of yer mindless mouths on this subject.

    That would apply to any other type of subject for which you either have no personal experience or else no RELEVANT experience from which to extrapolate. Your ingestion of alcohol or cigarettes (about 8% shitty assed tobacco and 92% you know not what) does not count as relevant experience. Your stupified incapacity to distinguish Cannibis from meth also need not apply. Your head up yer rectum religious views may also be checked at the door. In fact, just go away altogether.

    Now to all my brothers and sisters who comprehend the epistemological requirements for discussing this subject of the plant Cannibis Sativa and Cannibis Indica, and for those who especially have some relevant experiences to combing with a reasonable amount of intelligence with which to examine that experience fruitfully, I salute you for being a better class of human being than your antagonists, at least on this very crucial aspect of the human condition in this very significant phase of human history. Keep tokin’.

    To the author of this article: Thank you for contribution. I hope we can smoke together some time. Get in touch with me should an opportunity arise. I’m in Asia about a stone’s throw away from many places where this could happen. I’m also interested in North Africa and South America.

    Well, toke on, yet as with everything else brothers and sisters, toke responsibly.

    • Sascha


      Yeah i wrote this article and sorry for all of the wrong info, good thing all of you comment to let the real deal out. Puffing in shanghai right now,listening to the black keys sun is shining … All is good

  • ismoke weed

    to the guy who started out by saying i dont smoke weed but…lots of hate shit about … U JUST HATE WHAT U WISH U WERE hater!!!

  • Maximus

    hopin on burnin’ bud in germany next year, but I’m going to do more research due to the apparent inaccuracy of the article.

    Wouldn’t legalization of marijuana just make things easier for everyone?

  • Jeff

    You list India as being tolerant, but that is NOT true. One should exercise extreme caution as the lowest amount of weed can land you in medieval jails with a 10 year minimum sentence. The popular tourist hangout Goa is especially strict on enforcing.

    • Kate Sedgwick

      Yes, please view the page on Southeast Asia linked at the top of the page to see more accurate information.

  • Guatemala City Cannabis Club

    You´re article for Guatemala is not accurate, in reality the laws pertaining to marijuana are disregarded, only applied if you´re a criminal not a consumer.

    The Guatemala City Cannabis Club is the first medical marijuana dispensary in Central America. We carry a full line of the highest medical grade marijuana genetics.

    If you live in Guatemala or Central America, or plan on visiting, you can contact us for patient service. the site is
    you´ll find the contact details there such as email and telephone number.

    Happy 420

    • Paul

      Thanks, bro. I was wondering about “America’s Backyard.” Change is slow but it’s a-comin’!

  • Guatemala City Cannabis Club

    Guatemala City Cannabis Club
    Guatemala´s first medical marijuana dispensary

    tel (502) 5376-5049

  • marcy

    I am the person that commented on rakie and how the herb has helped me in many ways ….I would like to appologise to all herb smokers when i may have made the medicine on top and wish all who smoke safety and enjoyment….marc

  • Mr. BLue

    In redgards to the US illegalizing weed, its being hypocritical of our own nation. Our founding fathers owned cannabis fields, ben franklin and a majority of other great thinkers used green, yet we punish and take away from the common man who only so wishes to see a different way of looking at things through the smoking of marijuana. all you pricks who are on this page to begin with that are bashing green, go get educated and stop f***ing with people and their choices/

  • jake

    Im Danish and:

    # DENMARK: illegal. Very uncool towards cannabis ever since authorities bulldozed the Christiana district in Copenhagen.

    Completely wrong. Though it is illegal, it is widely accepted, and you only have to pay a fine if you are caught with it. Furthermore, christiania hasn’t been “bulldozed” lol weed is still being sold freely out of stalls in there and a lot of smokers in Copenhagen get their supply from Christiania and smoke it there

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  • Nigel

    Weed is not legal in India.

  • fitz

    i wish i were dead they gave me government drugs long acting…how ome they couldnt just give me weed

  • Pero

    Are you sure that cannabis is decriminalized in Macedonia?!? I think your source is wrong … decriminalized

  • Aleister Crowley

    What about middle eastern countrys?

  • Sandar

    The problem in most countries, especially here in Canada, is that many don’t care if it’s legal or not, we just want legislation to stop people from forcing it down other’s throats.

    One would be fined or arrested if they poored alchol down another’s throat, and yet they are people smoking pot with their kids in the home or room. That’s the biggest problem here.
    Those smoking it for legal reason are not being informed they are breaking the law if they let it go to others lungs, and those smoking it illegally usually don’t care.

    Apartment buildings in Canada are getting increasing complaints about not only pot smoke coming into their apartments around windows, vents and halls, but the police refuse to do anything about it. There was a letter to the editor in Ontario recently about people being forced to smell it at bus stops now, as more and more people smoke it everywhere with no regard for the people, childen and elderly who have to enhale it.

    According to a recent survey, 98% of people who said they called police in Ontario about marijuana smoking neighbours effecting their health, got no help. Police actually tell people to open a window or door – not realizing this means neighbours can’t open doors or windows and that pot comes in around any cracks.
    This is most likely a prejudice toward different classes situation, as in Canada 70% of marijuana smokers are on welfare (nice to see where our taxed are going!)

    Legalized or not, we need to start arresting people who are forcing others to ihale drugs against their will.

    • Paul

      Dear Sandar,
      I suppose it’s a matter of perspective as to who is forcing something down another’s throat. Prohibition has not only caused the unjust incarceration of people doing no harm to anyone else and costs the taxpayers you claim to champion enormous sums of money to enforce, but it’s also counter-productive. The world has had draconian cannabis prohibition policy for over 100 years. Has that stopped people from smoking pot? You say we should start arresting them but that is exactly what has done all along. Maybe we should execute pot smokers who are “forcing” you to smell it. You must be aware that people have to breathe exhaust from gasoline-powered engines every day. While carbon monoxide poisoning is a proven killer and causes thousands of deaths every year, marijuana smoke has never killed anyone in 5,000 years of usage. So should we start arresting truck drivers and those who ride motorcycles? What do you think would happen if you called the cops about someone forcing you to breathe their car engine exhaust? I mean, after all, that’s harming your kids’ health, isn’t it? And how many automobile drivers are on welfare? So good to see our tax funds being used properly.

      • P Bricks

        I’d also like to know where he gets his statistics from… I hear 96.8% of people believe that 43.9% of statistics are made up on the spot.

    • Russ H

      If you state “facts,” you need to quote your sources to be seen as credible.

  • hahaha,jump,laugh,fun

    I wish it completely legal in the US, sure it’s bad for you but i dont care, im 15, granted it would be weird to see seven year olds high, but thats called parents, anyway, it should be a choice on rather or not u want 2 smoke weed, just dont presure others into it and mind your own business, just like my parents, i asked to smoke, and if you’re worried about health, then dont do it, the more restrictions we have in life the less freedom.

    peace from summit county, CO.

  • Steve Levine

    Even in this youthful, modern, and relatively enlightened forum, puritanism continues to raise its empty head. As Shaw said about the British, an American feels virtuous when he is merely uncomfortable. We have a strange dichotomy going on: As the richest country in the world, with (the War on Drugs and the Patriot Act notwithstanding) a belief in institutions that remain relatively free, many Americans feel they have a right to kick back and enjoy themselves. Still, others prefer to remember the Puritans and feel guilty about pursuing pleasure for its own sake. If it feels good it must be harmful; after all, no gain with the pain, eat egg white omelets, and above all, don’t consume (gasp) illegal drugs when you could be working overtime to buy a new car. And don’t forget to force this gloomy ideal on your neighbor. I’d be willing to join this crusade for virtue and metabolic purity, but, of course I’m too amotivated.

    • Guest

      Hey, Steve. You seem like a pretentious, overbearing twat. Nobody is impressed by your unnecessary use of archaic words.

  • London Doctor

    I am a doctor in London, England.

    I have patients who are using Cannabis to control symptoms for their MS. I don’t have MS so I can’t tell you what words such as “sparks shooting down my neck” or “stabbed in the eye” mean in terms of pain.

    But I do know that by not judging my patient it allows us both to share a connecting moment where life wasn’t so difficult.

    What’s funny is that this story has nothing to do with cannabis it’s about not judging and connecting.

    Peaceful Health xx

  • Larry

    The Government of the U.S is pretty stupid. If they had any intelligence, they would legalize marijuana and then collect the tax money for selling it. I wonder just how many government officials do smoke in private. And yes, it does do a lot of good. I am very hyper and used to have a hard time concentrating on my work, but pot calmed me down and made my work more progressive. And my work was not easy, I used to work in a manufacturing plant as an electronics technician. I started out repairing manufacturing equipment and when they found out how smart I was so they gave me my own shop to repair the printed circuit boards the other techs just swapped out to fix fix a machine. And then they moved me to there electronic calibration lab where I calibrated the electronic meters and other electronic testing devices. So I speak from experience. When I left the company I had my own private shop with a door that locked (very unusual for a place like this) and at one end of the shop, I did my calibrations and on the other end I did my repair work So I know all about the effect of pot, Did it for 30 years and will keep doing it as long as I can find it

  • Brian

    I like your article but so much wrong information that could get people serious jail time . You were mad to smoke openly in Thailand ,Cambodia is the best place for smoking in Asia that i know of these days .


    I don’t do drugs but really I don’t care whether some one lights one up in front of me. This is not how government and followers are set up always. If some countrys realize, like India clearly has, the government could get a damn good profit off “drugs” in general. Now the U.S. government, “IF” it was legalized would just raise prices like they do on even pharmaceutical drugs. EX. If I walk accross the border to Mexico to by legal drugs for the U.S. they would be 10x cheaper than here. Like it was said in many comments why should you care if somebody smokes are you worried about them because their using a “bad” drug (I don’t think it’s bad I just like to emphasize things)? When somebody says “OHH! You should stop smoking!” Say “Thank you for caring about my health but this doesn’t affect it though.” They say “Really?” or “What are you talking about its horrible.” Say its the paper thats bad for you (I learned that while learning how to roll a joint from my friends).

    • ConanTheBarber

      Governments legalizing and taxing alcohol and tabacco products are hypocrites if not also legalizing cannabis as in my POV its less dangerous. thousands of people die daily because of alcohol and cigarettes, yet its perfectly ok. No one has died because of THC in their bodies.

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  • Roy

    “India: All good. Bullshit! Balls it’s legal in India, it’s a sin to carry stuff there, the cops get in to your nerves. Hope some day they legalize it and that some day should come soon!

    • Sfdgsgsdfgsdfg

      In india you can do wathever you want. Hell i even passed my joint to a police officer in New Delhi last summer.
      Sometimes they want a little bribe but thats ok.

      • Solitude

        u might be from an influential background …..but here in Mumbai , it’s not all good…all the police are corrupt and drunk…they will threaten u to giving a bribe by making a bogus case on you….best way is to pay up and be respectful wen u talk to those bastards….i been caught number of times but not for weed cause i was always been able to get rid of it wen they check , but still had to pay up cause they come up with some bullshit reasons…..but my love for green will never change , where ever i might be.

        • tizii

          heyyy do u know where i can find pot in mumbai?

    • Pranjal

      All good and peace in India..MJ lives in Kasol, Manali !

  • Larry

    I’ve been smoking pot for 40 years. I know what it can do for you. If it were legalized in the US they could tax it and make more money that they could spend on much needed things. They claim it leads to other drugs but can’t or don’t want to prove it. I will continue to smoke it as long as I can get it

  • Q

    Christiania isnt bulldozzed.. its still there…

    Greatings from Denmark..

  • Rohan

    Clearly, you are a very dedicated writer.
    You were having the product while writing about it
    I salute you man

  • 2011example

    “Australia: Up to 50 grams!” – only if you want to spend a few years in prison!. Australia has harsh cannabis laws if you are caught with a large enough amount (15 grams in NSW, 30 grams in Queensland for example). As decriminalisation comes under federal law in Australia there is NO DECRIMINALISATION IN AUSTRALIA! some states (South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia) will fine you instead of taking you to court, however in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, the most common tourist destinations, half an ounce should get you in a bunch of trouble and Australian Police are unlikely to accept a bribe (too expensive).

    Smoking cannabis in public is not tolerated by the average Australian, thus paranoia ensues. However, Australian’s are pretty laid back so as long as they don’t SEE a bong or joint – she’ll be right.

    • P Bricks

      You’re wrong on a couple of things. Firstly there is no federal law prohibiting marijuana use in Australia. The only federal law is against importing the drug. Decriminalization on the other hand is not legalization, hence the 50 grams. In SA, WA, NT, ACT it is decriminalized so only a fine – not a criminal conviction applies. In Victoria up to 50 grams attracts a mandatory caution (not a fine or even a visit to the magistrate). This applies to your first two offenses and only if you aren’t selling it. NSW are also likely to legalize in the next few years due to the tireless work of the Hemp Embassy, Hemp Party and Sex Party. It’s the Greens official stance that pot should be legal, too. Our laws really are quite relaxed.

  • Kristof

    Dear Sascha. You have a typical Polish surname so I am surprised you do not mention Poland which is right in the middle of Europe in case you didn’ know (forgive this little spiteful remark). It is worth mentioning that pot is loved and smoked in Poland and a new law has just been passed by which marihuana has been depenalized. You can possess “a small amount” and will be registered if caught, but you will not be prosecuted. You may also be referred for compulsory treatment as they still think cannabis is a narcotic. Probably because no doctor in Poland has enough knowledge or courage to admit it is not.

  • C Payne33

    wtf i need to know about egypt… the real scoop! me and the wife are going to cairo and luxor for some LONG AWAITED history hikes… the site makes it sound like its all good but i keep hearing otherwise somebody help a brother out PLZ!!!! and for the tree hugging dipshittts who keep bashing bud smokers please stop coming on OUR SITES and posting your stupid comments about  how you smelled weed once and the cops didnt send the hit squad, move to chicago im sure you will find it quiet accomadating and furthermore …please suck a fat one and go back to your pita sites we dont leave stupid comments on your site so stay off ours! ne way back to my point please help some1

  • Capt. Jin, PhD

    Argentina really should be on that list at the end there. At least any argentine city outside of Buenos Aires. They’ve got a real laid-back culture, nobody’s going to judge you for a toke or two in the park.

  • Szmindorf

    yep, Christiania is fine and dandy, been there couple months ago, had fun, greetings from Poland to Denmark…

  • Cris

    Loved your sentence: “People all over the planet understand the need to just relax and do your thing after a long day. Some do it with alcohol, some with tea, some with weed, and some with a book.”
    Here’s a good link on this subject by wikipedia:

    By the way, you missed Portugal. Here if the police catches you smoking or possessing marijuana they will apprehend it and you can be penalized with fines and/or sometimes they make you go talk with a psycologist but it’s not a crime (no court or jail time) unless you’re caught with large amounts or cultivating plants (even if it’s just one plant for personal use).

  • utah

    how can you not have canada on here, bc and alberta has the quality of cali and amsterdam and its half the price!! never go to jail, if u get busted with a grow op ull just end up on house arrest in the same house u were growing in. 

  • jenniferp1234

    Buying or
    selling marijuana in Thailand is very risky. Many visitors to Thailand don’t
    know the marijuana laws or think that Thai police don’t come down hard on marijuana
    offenses. In Thailand marijuana
    is considered a category 5 narcotic, along with the Kratom plant and
    hallucinogenic mushrooms. You can get up to five years in prison and/or fined
    up to one hundred thousand baht for carrying up to ten kilograms of marijuana.
    The death penalty isn’t given for marijuana violations according to Thai
    narcotics laws. The death penalty is reserved for category one drugs like
    heroin, methamphetamines and amphetamines. Thailand is fun and can be wild and
    crazy; but no, you cannot legally buy or sell marijuana on the streets and yes,
    you will likely end up ruining your trip if you do by getting arresting,
    pleading with your embassy to intervene, and eventually looking for a Thailand

    • atkin8

      The Police in Thailand can be corrupt and look for fines or a bribe. Like when they stop you for traffic offenses its the cop looking for money.

  • Okxau

    Portugal – weed (liamba) up to 25g
                          hash – 5g
                          oil – 2.5g

    don’t grow outdoor! one is able to possess and consume (at home or outdoors), but it’s illegal to buysell and grow

    (every drug – heroin, cocaine, lsd, xtc, etc – is decriminalized in Portugal)

  • Hsuan

    No uk? Illegal but shit son, I fucking spark up in the park no one gives 2 shit XD

  • Rkillian

    What about Asia? India? Australia?

  • doug R

    alcohol: legal.  cannabis:  illegal.  why do we not live in a logical world?  why are we not free?  stop the arrests, jailing, imprisonment, and absurd criminal records for a plant.

    • fuck u gurashie

      i like cannibals too!!!!

    • Jhibbert2010

      wb pedos and thet shit if they stop what u said then all the kids will b at risk

    • tzi

      Dude governments cant make profits if they restricted this shit … that s the only source of money ..

      • tzi


  • Arfat

    Man here in pakistan its legal in most of the areas..all people smoke without hesitation:p cops can be bribed upto $5 US dollars incase if u smoked carelessly on the streets:p but ive never been caught.. i love to smoke in the parks here with frnds:) though the parks are not clean here but yes we can smoke:p

  • Arfat

    Id like to knw abt Australia.. im going to sydney for college.. i think its safe to smoke in ur home there? ive got lot of frnds there anyway:p still curious.. any sydney stoner?

  • Dylan T

    how dose the UK look at cannabis  

  • Lolol

    fucking remove the thing about Christiania having been bulldozed i fucking went there everyday and toked up with a coffee when i lived there. How can anybody trust any of the shit you write if that is wrong? get it together

  • Russ H

    The information you provide about the Netherlands is inaccurate and could get some people in trouble.  First of all, marijuana IS ILLEGAL in the Netherlands.  That is a fact.  However, authorities tolerate use and possession of small amounts – in acceptable places.  

    Despite your article, it is NOT okay to smoke openly in public places not specifically designated for cannabis use.  In fact, if you’re a tourist and you’re blatantly smoking on a park bench somewhere, you could be fined or at least harassed by the police.  Smoking should only occur in coffee shops and bars that tolerate it – and not everywhere does.  

    I can speak with authority on the subject because I lived in Amsterdam for some time.  Unfortunately, I noticed your article has a number of other pieces of information that are incorrect or outdated.  Please keep in mind that just because you smoked successfully in all the places you did doesn’t mean that you should be advising others without having the facts.  

    People are idiots dude, giving them this information is pretty irresponsible, in my opinion.  It’s great to educate people about marijuana and encourage its use, but when you present false information you’re only prohibiting marijuana from becoming more accepted.  

    Russ Hudson

    • GwG

      Liar!! are u a dutch that hates american toursits or a broke american that is mad they cant afford to go?? go on you tube dumbass

      • Gurashie

        GwG, you like you are the reason people think marijuana makes you stupid. 

        • Gurashie

          People like you*

          • no

            **people like you ^^

        • fuck u gurashie

          you’re a fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

      • GoldenHaze

        I’m afraid it’s true what Russ H says.  You may be able to find a quiet spot in a park where you can enjoy a smoke in Amsterdam, but generally this is considered disrespectful.  The Cafes are there to provide a safe environment, away from those who choose not to smoke.  It’s a great city, just respect their (few) rules.  And GwG, you do sound like the type of brain dead stoner that gives us all a bad reputation.

      • Hotspaghetti

         Russ is right.  Look up the policies on wikipedia.

    • Stopreading

      I hve no Idea about amsterdam, but in the rest of holland it’s legal tosmoke aslong as there is no “Blowverbod” “Smokingban”

    • fuck u russ h

      suck my balls bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Russell Hudson

        Yes, hide behind your computer screen, imbecile.  If you were in front of me, I can assure you that you’d not be running your putrid suck-hole.  At least, not for long.         

        And just to set the record straight, I am actually living in Diemen, Netherlands now, and I lived in Amsterdam 12 years ago.  The rules are the same now as they were then, excepting that most processed drugs that were TOLERATED then are now not tolerated at all, mostly referring to mushrooms and other psychotropic/hallucinogenic fungi.  

        On the case of marijuana, it IS NOT LEGAL IN THE NETHERLANDS!  I challenge anyone here to refute that.  It is TOLERATED here, but you can be arrested for it in certain cases, and if you flaunt it in public places you could get a stiff fine, or even be arrested if you act like an idiot like some of you uneducated morons responding to this post.

        There are also limits about what and how much is tolerated and where you can use it.  However, at the end of the day, pot is NOT legalized here.  

        So here’s my offer:  if you refute my claim and can prove that you are right, I will pay you $100 USD.  

        My name is Russell Hudson, I am the owner of Content for Conversions,  I live at Roggekamp 91 Diemen, Netherlands, less than 2 minutes by bicycle to Amsterdam.  I am registered here and have a VERY strong understanding of the laws.  

        To all of you people who research credible information, don’t take my word on it; find out for yourself.  

        To those looking for fast advice, if you come to Amsterdam, smoke only in coffeeshops or private locations.  Don’t smoke marijuana that you bought in one coffeeshop in another.  If you smoke in public places, do it discreetly.    

        Additionally, there are MANY alcohol and weed restricted zones not only in Amsterdam, but all over the country.  Don’t smoke there, don’t smoke near a school, and don’t make my fellow Americans look like retards by posting ridiculous crap  like the idiots in this post.  

        Which one of you morons is going to try for that $100?  This post is public and I’ve given all my relevant information.  Upon submission of proof that my factual claims are indeed false, I will IMMEDIATELY pay $100 to the person who provides the contrary information, and post the transaction ID number in this thread as proof that I have held true to my wager.  

        Fucking ridiculous.   

        IT’S NOT LEGAL – IT IS TOLERATED.  Big difference.  

    • Leah-rose

      Intelligent people like you should be doing more to encourage a more relaxed approach to Marijuana. The new laws coming into play in Amsterdam in January 2013 is a perfect example of a corrupt government, something needs to be done before every country jumps on the  ’war on drugs’ band-wagon. And in your defence, GWG you are clearly an intolerant keyboard warrior, Russ used a diplomatic argument (that means he’s not bias in the conversation) and as he said; people like you are the reason that all Stoners get looked down on, so STFU and go educate yourself. 
      Leah, baked. 

      • Russell Barnstein


        The legislation you reference has already *supposedly* been put into effect in southern parts of the country, where only Dutch citizens with a “coffeeshop” card are able to enter, purchase weed and smoke in a traditional coffeeshop.  However, I doubt that enforcement is going to be taken seriously.  In localities where the people are actually concerned about it, bans have already been in effect for some time, so it doesn’t really matter anyway.    

        In January 2013, as you mentioned, the new regulations are supposed to go into effect in the rest of the country, including Amsterdam.  

        Is this an issue of corrupt government?  I’m not sure.  What I do know is that many Dutch citizens are thoroughly disgusted by the millions of people that come here for drug tourism purposes.  The vast majority of drug tourists do not understand – or care – about customs and regulations here, and in general they act like drunken frat boys.  If you lived here, you’d get pretty fed up with them too.  

        Of course, not all people coming here are like that.  Many are totally chill and exceedingly respectful.  But many are not, and the idea is that by requiring Dutch citizenship and a card in order to smoke pot, drug tourism will essentially be eliminated.  

        Now, if THAT is what you meant by government corruption, then yes, you are correct.  The American and French (and other) governments have put enormous pressure on The Netherlands to outlaw pot because they want a “unilateral war on drugs.”  Call it coercion, corruption, disgusting pigs, whatever you want.  

        The fact of the matter is – and mark my words on this – the changes will never be implemented in Amsterdam.  While there might be some “good shopping” (I loathe to think so) to be done here, without the pot factor most people wouldn’t find a reason to come here.  

        And THAT is the type of attitude of the typical drug tourist, evident here in a number of comments.  It’s a shame, because while these people obviously support marijuana use, the way they go about doing it is the reason most citizens don’t want them around.  

        Ignorance ruins everything for everyone.  

    • atkin8

      The law is used for possession of small amounts if you are making trouble or flaunting it in public. Only logical.

  • Meg

    It might be tolerated in Northern Germany, but where I live (in Bavaria), having anything to do with weed is definitely a big criminal offense 

  • Levap370

    marijuana czech republic

  • SativaBrain

    Many countries are not right!

    In example:

    Germany: Illigal, police take any amount of cannabis, medical use allowed but very hard to get, punishment as the amount of cannabis, berlin police is not as strict as south germany.

  • Cjjjjkjkjjjk

    A logical world???…have you lost your mind????!!!!……. ;-)

  • soma

    u r wrong about Macedonia, it’s not decriminalized, up to 5  gr. possesion 500 euro fine, and above 5 gr from 3  months jail and above depend on the weith, i am from there so belive me it’s harsh

  • Elocopollo

    Correction concerning Denmark

    It is technically illegal (punishable by a fine) in that country but Christenia has not been taken down. Buying and smoking there is not a issue at all. One can obtain various sweets,  a variety of hash and many types of bud. You can also smoke in the open there provided there isn’t a “raid” in progress ( a raid is usually nothing more than 20 officers or so on the scene who stand around for a bit and then leave). One might want to take caution when leaving Christenia if police are on the outer parameter but usually other patrons are quick to warn passers by that the “politi” are in the area.

  • Fadda

    some info is wrong. or outdated idk

  • Guest

    RUSSIA: Personal use, up to 5 grams If you are caught, you will have to pay low fines as possession of small amounts is still illegal
    This is hugely inaccurate. Yes there are plenty of people who smoke in Russia but it is highly illegal and depending where you are the fines you pay could be not as low as one woud like. Also the Czech Republic isn’t just personal use but there is a limit on the amount. The big difference there is that you would never be stopped and searched on the street in CZ, also the country is far more layed back so you would actually have to be searching for trouble and being pretty obnoxious to find it.

  • Mikehunter

    Are teh police in the UK alowed to charge you for smoking 1 joint in your own home? This has happened to someone I know and they found nothing else URGENT ADVICE
    Police over using his powers?

  • jamal

    its far from decriminalized in germany- read up on it.

    very sketchy

  • Dijana_di

    Sorry dude, but smoking or carrying pot or hash in Macedonia is illegal and might get you a fine or a night in jail. I can’t say that it’s not done, but people who do it often hide away from their families and the society in general.
    Furthermore, there’s a special police that looks over for young people at night that might poses marijuana or weed and if they found some on you they can cause you real trouble, legally or illegally…

    But, one can find a way to smoke in Macedonia.

  • Revoran

    I’m from Australia and you should know that cannabis is NOT legal here at all (cannabis for use as a drug anyway).

    Some states have decriminalised, meaning you will get ticketed and/or a FINE (could be several hundred dollars) for having small amounts. But posessing a large amount is illegal, and selling it is illegal – both of these might get you sent to gaol. The amount you can have to be under the “personal use” limit DIFFERS DEPENDING ON THE STATE. In one state it is

    In addition, in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and NSW the ticketing is optional after the first offence. This means that the police can charge you with criminal cannabis possession if they so choose.

    If you are a farmer and have a license, you can grow industrial hemp as a crop, and hemp products like rope and clothing are legal to buy.

    Here is up-to-date information on Australia’s cannabis laws:

    As you can see there is a maximum number of cautions allowed before they must charge you with a criminal offence.

    That being said, people rarely go to jail for small time possession, if at all.

  • swarly

    Christiania (in Copenhagen) is not bulldozed and while the Danish government does occasionally stop people on the train near it, there are no police around it and plenty of stands to buy hash and bud.

  • Summer R.

    I think Weed should be legal , it helps people with cancer and brings jow and laughter to some people . It really doesnt mess with your mind , they should give it to kids over the age of 18 or 18 if they have ADD’ADHD to calm them down , it relaxs you . but alcohol is legal and it causes many many many deaths . But i dont know of any death due to smoking weed. Do you ?


    Hey im on a business trip in Monterrey Mexico … so hard to find bud down here.. anyone that can help me out? tips? contacts?  thanx! ill check this post later on..

  • LEGALIZE Ganja

    Regarding info about legal status of weed in Macedonia is kinda untrue :)
    Because due to the pollitics changes in Macedonia the pollice is more strict about smoking weed and sell it. If they find you some bud on you you going to the station for sure for a night to find out where it came from ,for tourists( which are not that much around in macedonia) it may be a lil bit easyer to pass by wit just a fine. If pollice find a seed on you and they dont want you they can easyly say that is attempt for growing and distribution so watch that place if you stumble upon :) peace my smokers

  • Guest

    I just wanted to say there are some incorrect facts about  Denmark. I currentky live in christiania and it has not been bulldozed. It is true about police trying to shut down all of the weed selling nut gave up because there was no way that they could do it. And possession is legal if your only carrying under 9.99 grams above that there is a no tolerance. But smoking it with your friends is ok, just don’t do it in public.

  • K9_kyz

    Marijuana should be illegal throughout the world. The punishments for people with out a serious medical condition should be much harsher, Marijuana ruins your life, you become lazy, un able to concentrate, its worse than smoking, but hey, If you dont care about your health or your life then go ahead and be a low life stoner!!!

    • smh

      Steve Jobs Created Apple while he’s high.

    • Ryan Eldredge

      stupid, biased, extremely non objective comment. Worse than smoking(cigarettes?) ? smoking what dumbass? Smoking weed hasn’t killed a single person, ever. Haha you could use a hit, take the stick of your ass and let go of philosophy that has fueled the extremely unsuccessful war on drugs you fuckin lame-o

  • Ryan Eldredge

    It’s ok to smoke in Uruguay, anywhere! frowned upon by some but I never had one problem, used to smoke weed on the streets in front of the cops, no one really gives a shit. However, the weed is overpriced for the quality. Absolute shit, usually mainly black and comes in a big shitty brick from Paraguay.

  • Tristan_devoid

    I live in Queensland, Australia and I have to say weed is pretty strictly iligal. You would be in very big trouble for having up to 50grams. I don’t know where you got your information from but I’m a big pot smoker and lots of people are in QLD but it’s really not tolerated by police. You can get a mouth swab from police if pulled over or just random roadside testing and a lot of jobs require drug testing. Drug testing is very very big in the mining industry as well and that is a huge part of the QLD economy.

  • Bryson_210

    I live in Denmark and Christiania is not at all bulldozed. You can simply walk in and choose what kind you want (there is lots of different weed and hash), buy it, and walk out. It’s like a mini Amsterdam but its called the green light district.

  • PeterG

    mexico… upto 5 grams of marijuana and half a gram cocaine is legal to possess

  • Eloy

    wtf u on about mate been livin in Malaga,Spain for 5 yrs now it is absolutly normal to see people smoking on the streets, of course u need to be careful with the police. i got caught quite a lot and sometimes with more than 5 grams and all they did is smell the weed and fuked off sayin fuk all because they smoke pot. i used to buy mobydick from a policeman that takes it from dealers and it is legal to grow not more than 2 plants. i dont actually have any mates that dont smoke weed on a daily use.

  • Jevoux

    I´d like to make a comment about Brazil. Here, selling and buying is illegal. You can posses with you a small amount BUT a police officer might harass you anyway if you are a tourist.
    If I were to give tips for travellers smoking here I´d say, keepping your stash safe and don´t go out with more than you plan to smoke is a must. With that in mind, try to walk around with some local currency to solve any possible problems with the law. The amount required for the bribe is directly related to how much weed you have so tip number one is what will keep you and your hard earned money safe.Other than that, just the usual. Use the cover of the night, smoking in public at day time is a bad idea since tourists already jumps to the eye here. Rain is your best friend, hit the road and enjoy the sights when the skies allow.

  • Swazi-X


  • your mom

    I both live in Denmark, And Morocco.
    In Copenhagen Denmark there is this place called Christiania.
    You think it  is bulldozed, but no. There are stands with pushers
    selling Marijuana on the table. The street is called Pusherstreet.
    And they sell weed openly. In Denmark it will get legal in a few years.
    Scandinavian countries are strict? Well, if you smoke your own weed
    in public you will get a small fine, thats it. If you are stopped by a police officer
    on the road, admitting you have been smoking weed. He will check if you
    can drive properly. If you can, he will just let you go!

    In Morroco it is also tolerated. They make the best hash in the world, and it gets imported to europe everyday. I’ve seen many places where they grow on fields openly.
    Have you ever been in these countries smoking?
    I have, I recommend trying it, it will not get you locked up.

  • Mcdermottroy54

    legalise cannabis world wide, i mean come on it grows in the damn ground and it’s only our governments that say its “illegal” why don’t they remove their head just a little (i mean they would probably need an operation to get it all the way out)you must admit if  they did legalise marjuana then the tax they would get from it would probably help decrease the defecit and they would probably be able to source it easy enough prom countries that are due us(UK) not to mention the fact the crime rate would most probably drop as the people that struggle for the funds would be able to get hold of it easier and the new smokers ie drunks and others would be sat in thier houses to stined to go anywhere

  • SPmQQse

    in belize…point zero one, .01,  of a gram of weed , can get you 3 months in prison…!

  • Dieter_bohlern

    GERMANY is definitely NOT decriminalized!!! If you get caught by the cops even small amounts like 0.5g will get you arrested. 

  • Dank

    It is popularly believed, that the possession of small amounts hash or marihuana was ruled legal by the German Federal Constitutional Court
    in 1994, which is not true. It was only ruled, that new scientific
    evidence relating to the danger of cannabis has to be observed. At the
    time of the judgment there was, according to the court, no sufficient
    scientific evidence proving that cannabis is harmless.[37] The possession is illegal.


  • Ratana-tina

    DENMARK: illegal. Very uncool towards cannabis ever since authorities bulldozed the Christiana district in Copenhagen.
    WTF? Christiana is still running.. ;) and made an Deal with the government - so please do’ check up this link
    (; and next time also your facts..

    - Denmark

  • EVDE


  • The Great Dane

    I disagree with your verdict on Denmark. The vast majority of the youth has or does smoke pot and I have only ever heard of the police busting dealers or people who were carrying very large amounts and were being reckless about it. In regards to Christania, the Christianites (the locals) just bought the area from the government and the police raids on the place has more or less ceased in the lat couple of years. 
    In addition to all this more and more politicians are speaking out in favor of an even  more relaxed attitude towards weed and some are even talking about legalization. I’m not sure about Norway or Sweden, but in Denmark you can puff on.

  • Elel Cababat


  • Anonymous

    Weed is not legal in Canada unless you have the doctor give it you like in California. People who claim weed or prostitution are legal in Canada are misleading people. In the letter of the law prostitution is not illegal, but cops arrest, charge and imprison people for it all the time. And to a foreigner it makes no sense to see hundreds of ads for escorts, but its like download on the internet, yes few are prosecuted, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be if you’re caught, and every now and then you hear on the news pimp/prostitute ring busted.

  • James Chaney

    I must say its Gods medicine its a natural thing that God gave us to help curve our ailments I LOVE it and wish it were legal for even rec use I can honestly vouche to this considering I was in Iraq for 18 months while there I was injured and now I like to use marijuana becouse I also have an auto ammune disease in which I can not take pain stress or sleep meds so I use marijuana and it REALLY helps so I support full heartedly.

  • Chris Emmerson

    Hey guys, was just reading through this site for advise on Peru (seems all good), but I saw that the Australian entry states that QLD, VIC and TAS have soft laws. I’m not certain, but weed is only decriminalised in SA and NSW, not the other states. I live in VIC and there you get one warning for possessing a small amount (if you’re lucky) and anything after that you get penalised/charged. I’m fairly certain you can’t have up to fifty grams in the other states without getting in some serious shit. I’m traveling now but I’m sure I could find some links at some point.

  • Конопчо Ганџов

    I don’t know where did you get the information that cannabis is decriminalized in Macedonia. Its far from that. The situation got worse with our right wing government starting a wide campaign against drugs. Two days ago they arrested some Belgian tourists for a joint! Police here often intimidates and interrogates even if they find only smoking paper. Not the mention that possessing seeds is equally criminal as possessing marijuana. The law here regarding soft drugs is at least 50 years old and the police still acts as if there a national threat imposed by marijuana.

  • Nuno Sapinho

    It is also descriminalized in Portugal ;) And it is very, very tolerated :D

  • Allan McKenna

    Russell Hudson has some problems. Apart from being extremely rude and aggressive – easy in print Russell, I could teach you some manners face to face – you’re also being, arguably, counter-productive. Simple psychology Russell. if you’re loud and rude (‘loud’ in print in this case) people tend not to hear what you’re saying – which may of course be good advice. They just perceive the abuse. But then again they’re morons anyway aren’t they Russell. You sound as if you could certainly use a splif or two – if only to chill out, man, as we used to say when I was a hippy the first time round. (Yeah that’s right Russell, I’m ancient. And I still fancy my chances with a loudmouth like you. You remind me a bit of Jeremy Kyle – and that’s a filthy name to call anyone.)

  • Julia Barsukova

    I must say not true about Russia… If caught even with small amount you might go to jail up to 4-7 years…you are lucky if caught by a corrupt cop. Regarding Australia also not true…only in 1 state it used to be decriminalised…not anymore… Where all this info coming from…

  • Diego Fermín

    Not true about Venezuela neither. Here in my country all the cops are corrupts, so, if they caught you even with a small joint they ‘re going to ask you for a lot of money or you’re going to jail, that’s the true.

  • Albert A. Shammah

    Christiania is not bulldozed I was there the other day. Amazing place if you’re normal, no idiots allowed its one of there rules

  • Albert A. Shammah

    Christiania is not bulldozed I was there the other day. Amazing place if you’re normal, no idiots allowed its one of there rules

  • tzi

    hi .. i am goin to india soon, I need to get pot in mumbai and delhi .. can u help plz ?

  • atkin8

    There is no mention of the Philippines. I am puzzled with the law there that states even small amounts of weed can get you 12 years .How come only 88 foreigners are in jail since 2004.What are the real jail terms and fines .

  • U.D.A.R.

    Serbia – illegal and you can get 6 months to several years in prison. Smoke with someone in a private home for your safety. very likely to get searched if you look like a stoner, Raids are not uncommon in bars and outside of clubs, especially during the weekend.

  • taticosion

    need weed in brazil? bring 15 seeds from your country to me I’ll give you a gram of weed SAGE in rio de janeiro … only in setember

  • Nay

    my idol! :)

  • Simon

    if you want to come to australia and smoke, id recommend the town of nimbin in northern nsw, everywhere else its pretty hard to find weed, although ive had luck in cairns and townsville. I am australian and there is no way you can get away with carrying 50gr, if you are caught with any weed cops will most likely book you, dont smoke in public.

  • Francis

    El Salvador is not on the Latin America list. whats going on with El Salvador?

    • Jason Parker

      yeah, wtf it still exists last time I checked

  • Juan

    Mumbai, India: Smoke in private places preferably. Cops will certainly f*** around with you the moment they get the smell of weed from your hand. I’ve been caught plenty of times but it’s easy to get let off. With a sob story, no possession and being nice to them – bribe them with 50 INR. If their in a bad mood 100 INR usually does the trick (Knowing Marathi language can let you off for free). I’ve rarely seen tourist smoke up in open areas but in my opinion if your caught just be nice say a lot of sorry’s and pay 100INR minimum after 5 minutes of them f****** your head. When they say come to the police station DO NOT GO ( You’ll just be bribing more people or probably have to pay a fine of 3000- 5000 INR)

  • clarkdevlin84

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  • sandra


  • Me

    Smoke openly with fishermen in Thailand? You’re crazy! The cops will ignore the fishermen and arrest you. For the USA, it’s so tolerated, it may as well be legal for small amounts, as long as you’re discrete and keep it indoors.

  • Sara c

    I noticed you didn’t mention Nepal. Although I believe it is illegal, everybody smokes and you can smoke in public. I bought weed from a dealer standing next to a cop and the cop did absolutely nothing, he was taking bribes from the dealer actually. They’re really relaxed there, and they definitely don’t prosecute tourists. I would be careful with how much you buy, otherwise it’s an awesome place to smoke.

    • Sara c

      This is specifically within the Thamel neighborhood of Kathmandu. Anywhere else could get you in trouble and I would talk to a local before you try smoking anywhere else in the country.

  • kushvendor

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