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Chicago skyline reflected off the Bean / Photo by jswieringa. Feature photo by Pete Carr.

Some of the best instances in which humanity attempts to reach for the heavens.

Something about the outline of a city against its clear, crisp sky stops us in our tracks and commands our attention.

City skylines stand as testaments to human engineering and architectural advancements. Its shape reveals our history, our culture, our beliefs, our beauty to the infinite universe. How can we not stop and stare?

Below are staggeringly beautiful images where city meets sky all across the globe.

Miami, Florida, USA / Photo by vgm8383.

Bangkok, Thailand / Photo by Andrew Hux.

Vancouver, British Columbia / Photo by kennymatic.

Republic Plaza, Singapore / Photo by Singapor3.

Sydney, Australia / Photy by Maik Radke.

Shanghai, China / Photo by Molas.

London, England / Photo by vemma.

Perth, Australia / Photo by Ole Reidar Johansen.

Cologne, Germany / Photo by JaBB.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Photo from7_70.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Photo from The Wandering Angel.

Hong Kong / Photo by wenzday01.

Tokyo, Japan / Photo by tenaciousme.

Cairo, Egypt / Photo by Aldas Kirvaitis.

Moscow, Russia/ Photo by Alexander Andreev.

New York, New York, USA / Photo by Wilhelm J. Anderson.

Warsaw, Poland / Photo by Qba from Poland.

San Francisco, California, USA / Photo by Selena N. B. H..

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  • Kevin

    Absolutely agreed (though I can't thumbs up you because I don't feel like registering for their site). New York City's skyline is likely the most famous in the world, and certainly the most famous in America.

  • AAr

    what about Denver, Atlanta and Budapest? Also i'm not sure london, venice and colgone should be on this list. yes they have great architecture but it's not great 'skyline architecture" per se

  • Englebert Humperdink

    I'd rather see pictures of the new Nissan Skyline.

  • doesn’t matter

    they're missing Chicago and ISTANBUL! duh!

  • IDB

    I think that severeal shots do in fact look awesome (Hong Kong and Miami).

  • 5chmuck

    Scroll up u see Dimes photos of NY true skline atnight. I'm english, dont like london, think its unfriendly, dirty, hideously over priced, poor transport links, an dangerous if u wander not far from the city centre. All Lononers reading this, guess where in the UK i come from ?

  • B

    yeah I know it is gaudy and tacky but what about the Vegas strip?? Some of the most unique buildings in the world… yeah hotels, but still.

  • lauren

    no philadelphia?

  • Yes/No

    Perhaps the title "The World’s Most Spectacular Skylines" was a bit presumptuous. Maybe something like, "A different look at the skylines we know so well…."

  • Jamal

    Well it's hard to make something shitty look like gold. So yeah, that's why the New York skyline looks like it does.

  • Jamal

    It's hard to make something shitty look like gold. That's why the New York skyline looks like it does. Sorry your city looks even worse than detroit, and detroit sucks.

  • Deeznutz

    No mountains in the Vancouver skyline? WTF? Thats like taking a picture of the lights shining on the mona lisa instead of the painting. Booo-urns.

  • Bill G.

    Where's the picture of Seattle?

  • Mustaches Wild

    Good idea, mediocre execution. Weak-sauce picture of NYC.

  • Humbert

    Shouldn't these pictures actually be of the skyline of these cities?

  • michaela lola

    Wow! nearly everyone that commented on this post are such…jerks. Sorry, but c'mon isn't that what a blog is about, to put a different perspective out there. Its someone's personal opinion and if you don't agree, that's cool but some commentators are such haters. Personally, I liked the writing and theres no need for harsh comments. WTF is wrong with you guys? "How mesmerizing it is to gaze upon the contours of our structures as they stretch toward the clouds above. Each building rises higher than the next and stands as testament to human engineering and architectural advancements. Its shape reveals our history, our culture, our beliefs, our beauty to the infinite universe. How can we not stop and stare?" –> That's an interesting point and her wording was beautiful. I think most of the commentators missed the point of the whole thing and I'm ashamed that I read the same site as people who would use words like "faggot" or gain a wee bit of self-esteem by harshly and violently dragging someone down.

  • Usuck

    Also, being from Chicago, I give that one an F-. I've taken better shots of the bean and of the skyline in general.

  • Mike k

    The Seattle skiyline is many times better than most of those pictures.

  • Jeff

    Vancouver has nothing on Toronto and Detroit has a bleak skyline at the best of times

  • detarame

    There are amazing shots up there, but some of your choices are simply baffling.

  • dimes
  • Van guy

    Same goes for Vancouver.

  • Jay

    Call me crazy, but Pittsburgh deserves to be on that list over a few of those. Say what you want about the city, but it's beautiful to look at from the top of Mt. Washington at night.

  • Henry
  • M

    Umm…Dubai? I mean, really.

  • Kimo

    awe crap, i thought i was gonna look at some sweet cars

  • Mchan

    Totally agree, Pittsburgh needed to be on that list. Just check out some of the photos on this site:

  • Brian

    Toronto, with its iconic CN Tower and Skydome blow several of these out of the water. Calgary's not looking too shabby these days either, especially if you get the mountains in the background (eg ” target=”_blank”>…

  • Brian
  • charles yarbrough

    Thanks that was cool

  • J

    the first few are just gorgeous. the rest… not so much. hell, some of them aren't even skylines.

  • skylineJudge

    hong kong > everything else

  • R

    What about Seattle? It's better then half those.

  • Girl from the North

    That Venice shot sucks. There are no skyscrapers there — would you even consider that a skyline? Also, I notice the absence of Minneapolis on this list — it's way better than half of the cities you've got up there!

  • annom

    Wow, harsh replies. Some of them are excellent, I agree others could have been better.

  • Bob

    I don't know about everyone else, but Las Vegas has an amazing looking skyline.

  • Ryan

    Chicago is the very first picture.

  • Sean Kneeland

    Love most of the pictures. The Austria and San Fran ones don't really grab me, but the others are pretty!

  • Blake Brannon

    I agree, that is not the NY skyline I remember.

  • Cal

    I like it thanks

  • PhPhreddy

    Two great skylines left out: Frankfurt and Calgary.

  • Eva

    Wow, it's amazing how many of these comments boil down to "why didn't you use the most obvious, well-known angle?!" [Insert inexplicable levels of rage and expletives.] Take a deep breath, folks. In through the nose, out through the mouth… Sure, I've seen better shots of some of these places – but most of these pics are stunning, and many of them are a little different than the usual ones I've seen a million times – which is a plus, I think. Worst photos you've ever seen? Really? If that's true, you need to get out more. There are whole worlds of incompetence out there that you've never experienced – you have no idea what you're missing. Once again, everybody: breathe…. breathe…. breathe….

  • anon

    photos look nice but theyre were some that lacked skylines and focused too much on just one building.

  • all the commentators

    I actually thought some of the pics were cool. What's the big deal anyway? Why is everyone going nuts and being such assholes? Seriously, I don't get the basis for such an undeserved violent reaction. If the person was writing about how women should show their tits or that we should kill kittens, yeah, I might say not so nice things too..but seriously, what's everybody's problem?

  • Free Xbox 360

    Great pics. I'll have to go to these places.

  • SPunkNutz


  • N/A

    I kinda liked some of these pics!

  • Richard

    Nice to see Perth in there! Great picture!

  • liv
  • Simon

    Perth…not South Perth. and is that just a big puddle? Although it is nice to see Perth there, it doesn't get much attention as the worlds most isolated city.

  • David paul Ohmer

    Hello, Thanks for using my San Francisco photo on your website. I very much appreciate it. I really liked the other photos of Perth, London and Miami as well. Sincerely, Dave P. Ohmer

  • alan

    really spectacular captures…but whare's the polluted sky of bejing?

  • logos

    i translate your wonderful article into chinese in

  • Paul

    Thanks for bringing some spectacular cities to our attention.

  • laradunston

    Gosh, what an 'interesting' thread… whoever would have thought that a blog on 'skylines' (although a couple in there aren't really skylines at all) would inspire such 'passion'. Dubai (the Deira skyline from the Bur Dubai side) and Abu Dhabi (taken from the giant flagpole) should definitely be there. Along with Istanbul for sure. And that picture is of Perth, not South Perth (could be taken from South Perth I think). Great idea for a post!

  • Sophie

    Good idea! And that photo of Dubai – Wow!

  • Suzanne Kapusta

    I enjoyed them very much, thank you!

  • Maria U

    I liked most of the pictures but my question is, on the tab that I clicked to get into this article, there was a picture of Toronto, Canada, but it seems to not be in the list at all. Almost seems like false advertising.

  • Anne

    Love the Shanghai shot!

  • A

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Allie

    WHERE IS PITTSBURGH!!! The ‘burgh is one of the most beautiful skylines!! Three rivers, Mt Washington and dozens+ of bridges!

  • Colin

    I also came looking for the Toronto Skyline.

  • Dave

    No Rio de Janeiro?? Get real! You can’t have 90% of the cities listed and not have Rio.

  • Asia Tour Package Deals

    I love the Dubai Skyline picture!

  • Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri Photography

    These are some great pictures. I always wanted to something like this of Leeds. Will take something like this soon. Great pictures. :)

  • Michelle Yao

    Spectacular Building!

  • Maria Jafri

    I am offended by how old your photo of Shanghais skyline it. this photo has to be from 2003 there has been numbers of buildings added to the skyline! it now looks like

Where would J-Gatz party if he were around today, and not, uh...fictional?
The 30-foot-long structures are clad in corrugated fiberglass and divided into distinct...
Record-breakers, news-makers, and otherwise unusual libraries.
The bamboo-clad abstraction of a farmhouse is a modern addition to the rural landscape.
Philip Bloom films Dubai's desert and ocean-front cityscapes for this timelapse.
Lighthouses are monuments to our long-lived relationship to the oceans.
“Something about that idea of wild nature adapted to the structure moved me,” he says.
"Sometimes you need to lift your head very high to see the sky."
Some buildings and features are so well known they have become icons of place.