Juliane Huang

With a laptop in one arm and a travel bag in the other, Juliane is rarely at home, though always online. Catch up with her on her blog.

What’s the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Facing off against reverse culture shock

San Francisco’s street food culture

The cenotes of Riviera Maya, Mexico

Interview with Paul Sanchez-Navarro Russell, Director of CEA

London to open its first no-drive-in drive-in theater

Honduras By The Numbers

Google to leave China?

10 Australian summer music festivals

Bacteria: A new gasoline alternative

Fighting deforestation in Copenhagen

Three Cheers For Sweatshops?

100 people arrested, over two tons of elephant ivory seized

Higher taxes for country living: A British proposal

Laugh yourself silly with Remi Gaillard

Will more people take the stairs if we make it more fun?

Jonsi (Sigur Ros) and Alex make a cookbook

Japan to Harvest Energy from the Sun Via Solar Space Station

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