Honduras By The Numbers

Honduras Narrative
by Juliane Huang Jan 25, 2010
Matador Contributing Editor Juliane Huang gives us a by the numbers overview of medical volunteering in Honduras.

Panoramic view of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. All photos: Global Medical Brigades

Hours on the plane, round-trip, including delays: 16

People seen and treated for medical concerns: 1,000

Medicines brought by volunteers.

US dollar value of medications dispensed: 5,000

Hours spent packing and organizing medications: 10

People seen and treated for dental concerns: 200

Times physically winced while watching tooth extractions: 5

Number of volunteers: 38

Doctors on site: 2


Paramedics on site: 2

Dentists on site: 1

Orphanages visited: 2

Highly competitive soccer games started between volunteers and kids at the orphanages: 1

Age range of kids: 1.5 to 16

Reminders to avoid drinking or brushing teeth with tap water: 3

Times panicked because water got in eyes and mouth during shower: 1

Plantains, pre-slicing and deep frying. Mmmm.

Anti-parasite pills taken after touching down in Miami: 1

Anti-malarial pills taken before, during, and after trip: 16

Bags of plantain chips consumed: 5

Bottles of Chilean wine enjoyed: 8

Pounds lost: 0

Candid conversations with roommates about bowel movements: 14

Cold showers taken: 7

Group photo before going home.

Fantasies about having hot water: 7

Taking first hot shower after getting home: priceless

Hot lady cop escorts: 1

Political graffiti spotted: 4

Collective photos taken: 459

Bags of coffee bought: 3

Total mosquito bites on me: 0!

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