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Powered by Matador and supported in part by the National Geographic Society, the Glimpse Correspondents Program provides talented writers and photographers with one-on-one training, editorial support, and a $600 stipend to produce two feature-length stories and/or photo essays for publication on Glimpse and Matador Network.

The program runs twice per year. The application deadline for the Spring 2012 Glimpse Correspondents Program is December 20, 2011.

Glimpse Correspondents work closely with editors to develop a carefully crafted portfolio of published work. Throughout the editorial process, correspondents receive critical feedback on their writing and photography and learn how to develop ideas from initial queries and drafts into compelling, publishable long form pieces.

The Correspondents Program offers the opportunity to get into the thick of the editorial process: to see how stories are developed and crafted; to engage in dialogue about writing, editing, and storytelling; and to consider one’s work from fresh, critical perspectives.

Previous correspondents have published stories about expat activism in South Korea, wearing the veil in Indonesia, and becoming a club star in Poland.

We encourage applications from any writer or photographer over eighteen years old who will be working, volunteering or studying outside of their home country for at least 10 weeks from January to June. In addition to talent, the selection criteria also include the applicant’s commitment to the editorial process, passion for storytelling, and ability to define their interests and potential projects.

To learn more about the program, visit the Glimpse Correspondents Program web site. Application details can be found here.



About The Author

Keph Senett

Keph Senett is a Canadian writer who's currently in transit. She’s a blogger who writes about travel, soccer/football, human rights, LGBT and gender issues, world politics, community, culture and her own folly.

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