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Hortense Morris has one word for 90 year old sister-in-law Alma Del Valle: Sissy. For her 99th birthday, Hortense wanted to celebrate by challenging her physical limits. She, along with four generations of her family, kayaked the Fort George River. Alma watched from the shoreline.

Speaking with Kayak Amelia, Morris’s grandson explained his grandmother had expressed a desire to try kayaking in 2010.

George explained, “She said that if she was still feeling good next year, she wanted to go kayaking.”

After completing an hour of kayaking, she posed for photos with her paddle. Someone called out, “Grandma, you look like you know what you’re doing.”

Hortense responded:

“I do know what I’m doing, I’m standing here looking like an idiot.”

As for next year, her 100th birthday, she wants to do something special.

“I’ve never been skydiving,” she said.



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Lindi Horton

Hailing from Austin, Lindi Horton is an intern at Matador Sports. Check out more of her writing on her website.

  • Juleme

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • The Laughing American

    Seriously inspiring.

    I love that quote.
    This lady sounds like an all around badass.

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