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THE KUGRAK IS ONE DRAMATIC VALLEY among thousands. The river is an upper tributary to the Noatak, and runs through the mountains of the Western Brooks Range of Alaska, in Gates of the Arctic National Park. Objectively speaking, the Kugrak warrants no more attention than any of the hundreds of glacially carved valleys that surround it. And yet, for me, it does.

About The Author

David Shaw

David Shaw is a professional writer, photographer, Arctic Wild wilderness guide, and wildlife biologist from Fairbanks, Alaska. He thinks the world’s wild places and creatures are too awesome not to protect. Visit his website at

  • Scott Hartman

    Beautifully rendered… in words and photos.

  • Lisa M. Romero

    Wow, what a sight for sore eyes! Cuties :)

  • Abhijit Gupta


Sleeping to the sound of breaking waves and the dingo's howl.
It's one of few places on Earth where you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere.
Trying to describe what Dead Vlei looks like in words is no easy task.
I find a surreal comfort in the rattling and screeching of the subway.
For each kilogram of hardened yellow sulfur, a miner receives 900 rupiah.
Photography that makes me want to pack some camping gear and get lost.
Katmai National Park is known for two things: the volcanic landscape…and bears.
This man asked if I'd mind waiting while he went and changed into his nicest shirt.
I will always be drawn to the cold, vacant, and unpredictable places.