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It’s been over a year and a half since Matador contributing editor Sarah Park curated the wildly popular gallery Amazing libraries around the world. Time for a sequel.

Travelers Stoked on this Gallery

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About The Author

Sarah Park

Sarah Park is currently spending her quarter-life crisis in the beautiful Eastern Sierra. She spends her days snowboarding, hiking and not at all slipping into a soul-devouring existential dilemma. Don't worry, she's kidding... kinda.

  • Kate Newman

    Love this mix! The State Library in Melbourne is another favorite…beautiful domed reading room.

    • Kate Newman

      amanda, this made me think of you! hope you’re well. :)

  • Daria Blackwell

    Like and share if you still love the smell of and awe of ancient and new books instead of the twinkle of kindle. My favorite “personal” libraries were at NYU – the restricted stacks in the rotunda library of the Heights and the main library in Washington Square, although it’s geometric floor invited too many to jump. But I have to say, I was in absolute awe at Trinity. I LOVE BOOKS.

    • Dan AsdAcc

      I agree, Daria. The library in TCD was outstanding.

  • Mario Arana

    “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
    - Jorge Luis Borges, “Poema de los Dones”.

  • Kristy Cole Holliday

    I LOVE libraries! I took a photo of the McAllen, TX public library last year, and through the wonders of the internet, the photo found its way into this gallery of unique public libraries. Now I’m thinking I should add “libraries” to my list when visiting new places… (ps- the McAllen photo is number 13).

    • Jody Houser Salazar

      How neat that your pic is on there! And who knew that McAllen’s library was something special, I want to check it out. I love books and libraries, too and would think I had died and gone to heaven if I was in that one in Dublin!!

    • Jennifer Apple

      Cool! And I’m LOLing at the fact that they credited Kristy Cho!

    • Maria Newcom

      What beautiful buildings. That has to be a hard choice .

  • Anne Fortin

    15 bibliothèques les plus hallucinantes..

  • Kathy Amen

    Such great pix and fun factoids! I love the Escher-look the Stuttgart library has. And the picture book library is really gorgeous, but, speaking as a professional, that’s not the most efficient way to store your books. :-)

  • Aya Wahb

    مصررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررررر لازم هى الاصل طبعا :)

  • Ivy Manalansan C

    So gorgeous! I can live in these places forever! <3

  • Grama Keshava Ananthram

    Great Places for Libraries;Designed by Greater Minds;Assingned by Greatest Visionaries ,applauded by All Great Lovers of Books! These Grand Places must be preserved for the posterity at All Costs !

  • Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri

    It would be awesome to add a picture of Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds. It is one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen. Not just because of the architecture but one of the most biggest libraries I have seen till date. :)

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Also recommended: Livraria Lello in Oporto, Portugal. Preview:

  • Shelly Hill

    We have a beautiful library in the heart of Downtown Seattle.

  • Wissen und Fun – Fußball Fakten
  • Isabella Niesten
  • Ragazza Milano XincontriAdulti

    Great Article. Thank you.

  • Kevin McGillick

    This is so cool. Honorable mentions should be Given to The British Library and The Cardiff Central Library.

  • Margarita

    Very interesting note!

  • James Pitter

    Great pictures. Interesting to note how culturally sympathetic some of the libraries are to their geographical location.

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