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For some of the caves listed below, you’ll need some pretty gnarly climbing / spelunking equipment and a support crew.

For others, all you’ll need is a pair of sneakers and a few dollars.

In any case, after checking out these pics you may want to read up on how to become a good caver.

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Morgan deBoer

Morgan deBoer is a writer spending two years in Japan. She is a staff writer for Matador and blogs at Hello Morgan. Follow her @morgandeboer.

  • Jenny Williams

    Stunning! Some of these are definitely going on my travel list.

  • Annabel Diaz Parella

    Un llistat de visites desitjables!

  • The Tanned Traveler

    Amazing photos. I’m lucky to say I visited two of the above caves. The cenote in Mexico is along the route to Chichen Itza, and gets packed with visitors trying to cool off from the Mexico heat. But it’s worth it!

  • Chana Conley

    I want to visit and explore the majority of these. Something to put on the bucket list for retirement.

  • Raquel Arrabal

    You’ve forgotten the cave with the biggest natural column in the world, with amazing stalactites and stalagmites, and more than 25,000 years old, “The Nerja Cave”, Malaga (Spain).

  • Amy Martinson-Photography

    These are some of the most amazing shots of caves. I have a few others to add…Colorado :)

  • Martin Dos

    Wow Wow Wow

  • William Haddad

    a wonderful world I would live a thousand years to get to know every corner of the earth to talk to all people in their native language to prove all qualities of foods and seasonings to walk barefoot across the land feel the cold glaciers heat of deserts dancing with my brother African look of the planet up there and say….. this planet is my home and here I have billions of friends and brothers……… by William Haddad. Brazil

  • William Haddad

    um mundo maravilhoso gostaria de viver mil anos para poder conhecer todos os quadrantes the terra conversar com todas as pessoas em sua língua natal de provar todas qualidades de comidas e temperos de andar descalço por toda a terra de sentir o frio das geleiras o calor dos desertos de dançar com meus irmão africanos de olhar o planeta lá de cima e dizer…..este planeta é meu lar e aqui eu tenho bilhões de amigos e irmãos………por William Haddad. Brasil

  • Someone near naica

    The crystal cave in Naica is inside a mining facility and access is restricted, because the delicate conditions of humidity and temperature the crystal need for them to survive since they’re made of gypsum which needs water as a component to be in crystal form. You CAN get access to the mine but you need a permit by the mining company since the mine is still being developed, and once you get there (by an elevator no climbing or rappelling), you get to see the crystal cave through big glass windows.

  • Allyanne41

    You should add the glow worm caves in NZ! They are amazing

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