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Here are 34 places around the world to strap on your GoPro, do some underwater exploring, and come back with amazingly clear imagery.

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About The Author

Hal Amen

Hal Amen is a managing editor at Matador. His personal travel blog is WayWorded.

  • Carlo Alcos

    It’s so freakin hot in Nelson BC right now I’d gladly take any of these. Or maybe I’ll just go jump in Kootenay Lake. Gorgeous selection of shots!

  • Mary Louise Oswald D’Acierno

    I’ll have to visit some of these…..:)

  • Meuriel Adams


  • Kathy Amen

    What gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to get out the snorkeling gear and hit the road.

    It is amazing that all the pictures with boats look like optical illusions…or landspeeders.

  • Ilana Whitmarsh

    Freaking sublime…taking the rest of ‘everyday life’ off with me, anyone?

    • Aurora Yarcia

      will you invite me as a friend and it’s free ,I’ll go, anytime.

  • Alfredo Arevalo Sigala

    You have to visit Los Roques in Venezuela, I’m shire it will make your list…

  • Dan Rubin

    Silfra, Iceland warrants inclusion.

    • Hal Amen

      hit us w/ a photo link, dan

    • Dan Rubin

      Sorry for the delay, here’s a shot:

      The other shots are great too (not to sound like a complete tool from my first comment)! Silfra is neat though – visibility between 150-300 meters. Water is from a glacier that gets filtered through lava fields. It lies between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates!

  • Gabriella Sannino

    Gorgeous pictures Hal… but I must say I’m surprised you didn’t include the Amalfi coast (south of Naples, Italy) Gorgeous water. I won’t take it personally these spots are breathtaking ;).

  • Carles Ventura

    Great places to be at least once in your life! In Menorca, Macarelleta is one of the nicer beaches but if you go to the north of the island you’ll find a lot of lost beaches that you can only reach by walking at least 20 minutes.

  • Amber Roth DeGrace

    These are all stunning shots. Now I want to take a trip to Paradise… immediately.

    • Andrea Mummert

      Wow. It’s crazy how the pictures with boats in them look like they are levitating!

    • Amber Roth DeGrace

      I know! I need to experience that.

  • Serena Fedeli

    I would say cala san vincenc in Mallorca, as soon as I find a pick I’ll post it. it was like swimming in a swimming pool but in the sea…weird and amazing!

  • Giulia Latini

    Isola del Giglio, Tuscan Coast, Italy.

    2 )Isola Cavallo, Sardegna.

    • Hal Amen

      nice additions, giulia

    • Giulia Latini

      Thanks!! I’ve been to a number of the places you listed and, I’m just a little sad that a Lot More People will know about them too now…. but that’s ok, there’s usually more than enough to go around, so far.

  • Shsta Dené

    Emerald Lake in Yukon, Canada is gorgeous. It also looks similar to your mystery #29 photo.

    • Hal Amen

      hey, could be

  • Rudina Duro

    Stunning pictures, but I think you should include in the list (if you find good quality ones) pictures from Palma de Mallorca ( Sa Calobra, Es trenc, S’Amarador etc). I hope you don’t mind that I added this article on

    • Hal Amen

      certainly don’t mind. and share pics if you’ve got em!

  • Valerie Caulin

    Go Palawan! Best choice!

  • Ivan Ellis Nanney IV
  • Ivan Ellis Nanney IV

    Here is a beautiful little nook in Cala Deia, Palma Mallorca. You can use my photo.

  • Abhijit Gupta

    I loved the photos Hal! But on a slightly controversial note, don’t more than half of these photos qualify as the much maligned travel photography porn? :P

    • Hal Amen

      absolutely. starting w/ the title.

      there’s a time and place for everything…what matters is to be aware of what you’re looking at. glad you are, and appreciate the call out.

  • Connie Borja

    Wao grat info

  • Raji Pattni

    Some amazing photography nice to dream about for now

    • Geeta Kalyanji

      Too awesome, wish I could literally dive into them pics!

  • Allen MacCannell

    I don’t recognize that as Konigsee in Germany. A friend of mine drowned there because the water was a lot deeper and the cliffs into it a lot steeper. Worse, I had recommended that place as a must-see. =(

    • Hal Amen

      thanks for the comment, allen. really sorry about your friend.

  • Calvin Lau

    Amazing. Stunning beautiful!

  • Lindsey Thompson

    Number 3 is where I want to be!

    • Igriega Soto

      Lindsey you are more than Welcome to Panama…. if you want to contact us
      In this month are excellent to come

      • Gaby77

        Is this in Panama?

  • Charles Bets

    Redang Island, Malaysia. Not only is the water so clear you can see 100 yards while diving, but the sand is such a fine white powder, it’s like walking on clouds.

  • Stefano Maffei

    S A R D I N I A (ITALY).

    • cristina

      filamente, un altro che capisce

  • Jane Ahoy

    Does that they are clear also meens that they are clean?

  • Alvaro Enrique Ching
  • Kuna Yala Adventures

    If you wanto to know, the dog island at San Blas in Panama, contac us: its beautiful and diferrent place…

  • Bahamas Rep

    so i didnt see the Bahamas mentioned at all just asking

  • mo

    exuma bahamas !!

  • SabinaSH

    No Indonesian amazing beaches?

  • Danae

    How about the Soca river in Slovenia? Check it out!

  • Mystery

    I’m pretty sure the last one is Tahiti, Bora Bora – Because the of the clear water, and the stingrays. Also I have seen the same picture from a different angle and it was under Bora Bora (:

  • Heyhey

    We walk to the springs every time we go up and see my grandparents – The Hamurana Springs, New Zealand. It is so fresh all the houses around it drink from the crystal clear spring.

  • kevin

    Check out Nacimiento de Urederra in Navarra, Spain.

  • Ellen

    #29 is Arnensee:a lake in Canton of Berne, Switzerland. The lake in the municipality of Gsteig is used as a reservoir by Romande Energie. The dam was built in 1942. Its volume is 10.5 mio m³ and surface area 0.456 km².

  • syamsul

    You should take a look on Redang Island, Malaysia

  • samantha

    the last picture i think is in sri lanka

  • Andi Armia Pratiwi

    have you hear about Indonesia ? 1000′s island where so many clearer water than your clearest water in the world. most of them you listed are quite touristic and I dont think that it’s should be in this list. I’ve been some place you listed, but I am pretty sure that they are not as clearest as you think. You might exploring more spots than decide them. and you’ll finally just mention all spots are in Indonesia



  • Denise

    Last Picture is the Black Sea in Amasra, Turkey

    • Jerry C Mancuso

      Picture #35 above is Moorea island near Tahiti in the French Polynesian islands.

  • Monica

    how about White Bay, Jost Van Dyke or The Baths at Virgin Gorda

  • LittleHouseByTheFerry

    I’d also add Treasure Cay beach in the Bahamas – one of the world’s best beaches.

  • Guillaumi

    Great job, there’s a confusion between Calanque d’En Vau et Calanque de Sormiou pictures, the two images must be switched though

  • Skye

    The one from Germany is actually flathead lake in Montana I think

    • vishalheble

      I agree with you…its not konigsee but konigsee should also be one of them….its gorgeous!!!!

  • bob

    Beaches around Esperance, West Australia?

  • bob

    Wharton beach, Esperance.

  • trixie

    #35 is Stingray Lagoon in Moorea, Tahiti.

    Someone suggested Bora Bora, but there is no mountain range in BB like that. And it is definitely not the Black Sea in Turkey. Just look at the architectural style of the buildings on shore. There are no Polynesian bungalows in Turkey, that’s for sure.

  • Eric

    Nothing from Florida ??? C’mon

  • vishalheble

    I feel lungernsee,switzerland should also be included…

  • none
  • Diego



    Can’t believe The Exuma’s Out Islands of the Bahamas is not mentioned. Miles and miles if gin clear water and pure white sandbar ribbons. IT’S WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!

  • cristina


  • cristina


  • Aurora Tours Abude Schäfer

    Very interesting. Considering the clearness of the water, many Islets and swhite Sand Beahes of the Phil. will qualify to be included here. View
    It’s More Fun in Eastern Samar Facebook. The Islets of Binabasalan , Dio Island, etc. can be visited. for yyour confirmation,. Or you can view the Slideshow of Auraphil at Aurora Tours Abude Schaefer Facebook.

  • Laura

    Thank you! Although my life is fulfilling, I still dream of my clear, blue water.

  • Bea


  • Sabrina

    I think #29 is Flathead Lake in Montana.

  • Dave Cortés

    Yucatán, México, This ones are called Cenotes, best places to go swimming and with the clearest water in the world!!

    • James Holderegger

      They are incredible to swim in. The water was so clear i thought I was looking up at a mirror of myself and I hit a boulder with my head.

  • Maricon Dumagat

    Enchanted River, Hunatuan Surigao del sur Philippines

  • jett plocios

    Pink Beach, San Vicente, Northern Samar, Philippines.

  • Exuma Water Sports..

    Exuma, Bahamas. “No. 1″.

  • Angunnguaq Berthelsen

    You forgot Greenland. So clear but cold :) Nice to dive at summertimes.

    • Angunnguaq Berthelsen

      Forgot some photos :)

  • Zilda Ferreira Fressa

    What about Fernando de Noronha, Brasil?

  • M Lynn Soult

    This is Flathead Lake in Montana, USA

  • James Holderegger


  • Claudia Delgado

    you are missing COZUMEL, MEXICO!

  • mishpelle

    I’ve read that this picture is from Flathead Lake in Montana, U.S.A…?

    • mishpelle

      I am referring to the mystery picture that was guessed to be taken in Germany. Sorry about that.

  • Robert Bambang

    #35 is Crystalline Lake Water turkey

  • Steve T

    The beautiful Harlem River, NYC…

    • Gaby77


  • Wise

    The dude obviously doesn’t have a clue what a beach with clear waters looks like…

  • Scott Stallard

    This is the real Bermuda water, please take that shot from off St.Georges off, we consider that a bad day!

  • Christine Williams

    Definitely got to add Little Corn Island, Nicaragua to the list!

  • Tim

    Lake Hawea, South Island, New Zealand. Photo by Tim Nilsson (Vilram @ instagram)

  • Scott Stallard

    This is Bermuda on a Monday, so much clearer than a Tuesday!

  • Tony

    Maybe no one wants to actually go to that continent. This was a list of places to visit before you die, not places to visit to die.

  • Felipe

    29 I think it’s flathead in Montana

  • Lucian

    You should add Long Beach in Koh Rong Island in Cambodia to the list. Crystal clear, shallow waters and a fabulous white sand.

  • Gaby77

    Playa Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico

  • Gaby77

    Isla Icacos, Puerto Rico

  • AirTicketOnSale SG

    Thank you for this informative post! I’ve been to the one in Palawan, Philippines and I can attest to the clear water there! There are lots of other places like that in the country so I suggest you do check out the others!!!!

  • clemence

    FYI you can not swim in Pupu Springs, NZ. They are a sacred place and we want to keep them clean & clear. Hope your post won’t encourage people to do stupid things.

  • Lisa

    Number 29 is the Arnesee in Switzerland, not the Königssee. ;)

  • Brianna

    The last one looks like Mo’orea, French Polynesia

  • Dianne

    La Baignoire de Josphine, Martinique !

  • Dianne

    La Baignoire de Josépine, Martinique !

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