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12 Signs Your Husband Is Mexican

Mexico Couples
by Alice Latham Oct 20, 2014
1. You’re expected to have kids as soon as you get married.

From the day after you get married, you will be asked on a weekly basis by every single member of his family, “When are you having kids?”

2. Your husband’s family is enormous.

At your wedding, over 70% of the guests were from your husband’s family. This also means that your weekends are filled up with family reunions for baptisms, birthdays, weddings, and graduations.

3. You never get called by your name.

Mexicans are all about nicknames, especially with loved ones. Your husband never calls you by your name, but instead calls you amor, corazón, or vieja. This is also true with his family, who now call you sobrina, nuera, or prima. And his friends have undoubtedly come up with a nickname for you, too.

4. Your other half is not afraid of PDAs.

Mexicans are known for kissing in public and holding hands, and your husband still does this now you’re married.

5. You understand what it truly means to go to a Mexican party.

When you go drinking with your husband’s friends, the party doesn’t stop till at least 6 am. Then comes the hangover breakfast, and maybe even more drinking!

6. You have discovered the joys of real Mexican food.

Your husband has introduced you to real Mexican food, not burritos and fajitas, but tacos, chalupas, molotes and much, much more!

7. You’ve learnt to speak like a real Mexican.

You not only speak Mexican Spanish but you have the slang down to a tee. You now say “¿Qué pedo?” for “What’s up?” and use words such as chingar, cabrón, and caga perfectly.

8. You’ve realized that Mexicans have a hard time saying “No.”

So you now use words such as ahorita, gracias, and to avoid it.

9. Your mother-in-law is the most important person in the family.

No doubt about it. To have his mother’s approval is the first step toward a more harmonious and peaceful marriage. Not only this, but the mother generally organizes the social schedule and has the real power in the family.

10. You’ve achieved the highest form of respect in Mexico: You love spicy food.

You never used to be such a fan of spicy food, but now you can’t live without it. Your tongue can now handle as much spiciness as Mexicans can, and that gets you a lot of respect.

11. You’ve come to the conclusion that Mexicans are experts at being late.

So as to avoid falling victim to ‘Mexican time’, you have to make appointments at least 30 minutes earlier than the time you really want to meet up.

12. You know that in Mexico there’s nothing more important than family.

Family, then food, are the most important part of a Mexican’s life. Your social life is now based around it. Every Sunday is family day. You always have some sort of meal with your in-laws or a family reunion. It might feel intimidating at first, but there’s nothing more wonderful than the community feel of a big Mexican family.

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