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13 Differences Between a Normal Friend and an Italian Friend

by Martín Alejandro Islas Jun 16, 2014

At a normal friend’s home, you’d feel ashamed to ask for food.
At an Italian friend’s home you’d feel ashamed to reject it, and I’m not talking about snacks. I’m talking about pasta fatta in casa in abundance.


A normal friend eats a varied diet.
An Italian friend eats pasta and / or pizza every day.


A normal friend has mood swings independent of who he’s with.
An Italian friend will always be in a good mood when he’s with you, just because he’s spending time with a friend. And if for some reason he feels sad, he will say, “I was sad, but now that I saw you, I’m starting to feel better.”


A normal friend knows a few of your secrets and keeps them safe.
An Italian friend knows a few of your secrets and, like a mother at a family dinner, drops them in front of everyone.


A normal friend says “hi” or “hey!” or “what’s up?”
An Italian friend gives you a hug, makes a joke, gives you a new nickname, and tries to simultaneously make you laugh and piss you off.


With a normal friend, it’s easy to sense the difference between family and friends.
With Italian friends that distinction doesn’t exist.


A normal friend, while traveling, usually chooses the cheapest ingredients at the market.
An Italian friend is the “flashiest” person there when it comes to food.


When you lend something to a normal friend, you may never get it back.
When you lend something to an Italian friend, you can be sure you’ll see it again, always.


A normal friend becomes your friend over a period of time.
With an Italian friend, it’s “love at first sight.”


With a normal friend, when you go out for a drink or dinner, you pay half the bill.
With an Italian friend, it’s always a race to see who can take care of the bill first.


Normal friends generally respect driving laws.
An Italian friend runs the San Marino Grand Prix on every street in the world and handles all cars as if they were Ferraris.


With a normal friend, you may fall out of contact over the years, especially if you live a long distance away.
An Italian friend will never let that happen.


A normal friend might be a friend for a while…
An Italian friend is for life. 

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