20 Things Romanians Say When They're Pissed

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by Iuliana Marchian Aug 19, 2015

1. “Maybe I’ll smash your haircut.” (Poate ţi-o iei în freză)

If you keep annoying me, I might smash your face. But if you want to argue with me, your haircut is going to be strongly affected.

2. “Does your father have other stupid children?” (Mai are tac-tu copii proşti?)

Maybe you should look around and see who you really are.

3. “Go and walk the bear.” (Hai, plimbă ursu)

Hump it, swag. Go away, as far as you can.

4. “You put your nose where your boiling pot is.” (Îţi bagi nasul unde nu-ţi fierbe oala)

You poke your nose everywhere, and it’s not your business what I’m doing. Take care of your own things, be concerned with your own self.

5. “Are you hot with teeth in your mouth?” (Ţi-e cald cu dinţii-n gură?)

You’ve been challenged to an argument. Perhaps you need to imagine how you would feel with no teeth, after you’ve been punched in the mouth, by me.

6. “You’re jabbing your fingernail into your neck.” (Să-ţi bagi unghia în gât)

You’re so nervous over nothing that you’re hurting yourself. Stop it.

7. “Your mom should kiss you when you’re cold.” (Pupă-te-ar mă-ta rece)

I would rather see you dead than talk to you right now.

8. “You’re like the fly in the milk.” (Te bagi ca musca-n lapte)

You’re being annoying. Mind your own business.

9. “You’re so stupid; you’re bleating.” (Eşti prost de behăi)

You’re like a sheep bleating all day long. You’re dumb as an oyster. You’re stupid as a donkey, or goose. You’re really, really disappointing me right now.

10. “You aren’t noticing the pits (potholes).” (Eşti prost de dai în gropi)

Please pay attention. If we were walking down a road, you would trip in every pit.

11. “You’re searching for a knot in a bulrush.” (Cauţi nod în papură)

You cavil, you are fault searching, always looking for someone’s mistakes.

12. “You are looking for it with the candle.” (O cauţi cu lumânarea)

You’re just asking for trouble.

13. “Are you gone with your head?” (Eşti dus cu capu’?)

Have you got rocks up there? You’re not listening to anything I’m saying to you — that’s a mistake.

14. “Keep your tongue behind your teeth.” (Ţine-ţi limba după dinţi)

Shut up.

15. “You are taking me out of the watermelons.” (Mă scoţi din pepeni)

I’m off my hinges. I’m browned off (cheesed off). That gives me the pip. Basically, you’re driving me nuts and I can’t stand it anymore.

16. “Do you have a missing lag?” (Îţi lipseşte o doagă?)

Do you have a button missing? You’re acting very abnormal and kind of like you have mental problems.

17. “You are beaten-up in the head.” (Eşti bătut în cap)

Are you chuckle-headed? You’re acting dizzy and incoherent.

18. “You are squarehead.” (Eşti cap pătrat)

You’re a fathead, a blockhead, and you’re apparently unable to understand reason.

19. “Your mind doesn’t take you.” (Nu te duce mintea)

That brain of yours isn’t helping you at all.

20. “This is the curl over the hoopoe.” (Colac peste pupăză)

And of all things, on top of it all, on top of everything, this is the last straw.

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