When Danish people talk about the weather

When you ask a Dane if they speak English

When foreigners say “tak”

(Pro tip: Tak means “thank you.”)

When you visit the western coast of Denmark

When you discover licorice

(Pro tip: Licorice (lakrids) is a popular type of candy in Denmark — it is salty and sweet at the same time.)

When you use public transportation

(Pro tip: Everything is usually empty, on time, and convenient…though riding bus line 5A (Northern Europe’s busiest) can feel like this…)

When you try “Smørrebrød” for the first time

(Pro tip: Smoerrebroed is a typically Danish lunch dish, an open sandwich on rye bread served with different kinds of topping. And when you try to pronounce it…)

When you talk to Danish people about Denmark

When you visit Christiania

(Pro tip: Christiania is a small city inside Copenhagen, where people live a ‘bohemian’ life. Pot is really easy to buy here, but isn’t legal!)

When you see people riding Segways

When you get to Tivoli Gardens

(Pro tip: This amusement park in is the second oldest in the world, after Bakken, also in Denmark.)

When you discover all the different Danish ways to prepare pork

When you taste “sild” for the first time

(Pro tip: This is a Northern European way of preparing herring.)

When foreigners speak to Danish people on the street

(Pro tip: Danish people usually only talk to people they know.)

When foreigners hear Danish for the first time

When Danish people defend their drinking habits

When you see the Little Mermaid

(Pro tip: This is a statue in Copenhagen.)

When you get to Lego Land

(Pro tip: Legos were invented in Denmark, and there’s a theme park based on the toy.)

When you shop in Denmark

When you see all of the delicious cakes at “Lagkagehuset”

(Pro tip: Lagkagehuset is a famous bakery chain.)

When you experience Danish fashion

When you hear about the Danish welfare system for the first time

(Pro tip: You’ll have the same reaction when you discover they pay up to 60% in taxes.)

When you realize beer is cheaper than milk

When you see the queen’s castle surrounded by the Royal Guardsmen for the first time

When you go to Gothersgade at 3am on Friday night

(Pro tip: Gothersgade is one of the main party streets in the middle of Copenhagen, and at this hour will be full of young and extremely drunk people.)

When it’s over 15ºC (60ºF) in Denmark