CONTROVERSIAL street-artist Banksy — famous for his politically charged stencilled images around the world — has just opened the Dismaland Bemusement Park, an obvious satirical take on Disneyland. Located in Weston-super-Mare — a seaside resort in Somerset, England — the exhibition features a more cynical look at topical events in recent history using Disney-inspired characters and attractions (like the Princess Diana car crash/ paparazzi storm and the refugee crisis) as well as works contributed by artists that Banksy personally invited. There will also be musical acts performing each Friday.

Dismaland will be open for 5 weeks, closing on September 27, 2015 and only 4,000 tickets will be available per day. The website has apparently been crashing a lot due to high ticket demand, and some have even wondered if this was intentional as part of an authentic Dismaland experience (a spokeswoman for Banksy denies this is true).