Once you have a Disney movie with your name on it, tourists are sure to follow. Such has been the case with the remote island of Madagascar, a seldom-visited country off Africa’s east coast that’s seen a burst of interest in the past few years. Much of that is driven by the wildlife that’s only found on the island, most famously the lemur. But Madagascar literally has dozens of other bird and animal species that evolved over the 185 million years it’s been separated from Africa.

The natural wonders of Madagascar aren’t limited to animals either. There are the sharp, desolate limestone canyons of Tsingy National Park and the eerie, dark fairytale-like Baobab trees that you’ve undoubtedly seen on Instagram. Matador has tips on how to best visit them both, as well as in-depth looks at the culture and people who are stewards for the glorious nature of the island.