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Rafting the Zambezi River is likely the most popular thing to do in Zambia, and its fierce whitewater and wildlife lining the shore are certainly worth making the long journey to Southeast Africa — and we’ve got a first-hand account that’ll get your heart pumping before you’ve even booked a ticket.

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Exciting as the prospect of rafting one of the world’s most famous rivers is, there’s still plenty of other reasons to visit Zambia, including the opportunity to experience the power of Victoria Falls.

The Tazara railway is another popular way of traversing Zambia, which you can take from Kapiri Mposhi in the northern part of the country all the way to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. It’s a wild trip through the African savanna, almost like taking a safari without leaving the train. You’ll also want to experience some of Zambia’s unique culture, and you'll really want to know this country’s version of the Chicken Dance before you go.

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Following Zambia will allow us to provide you customized content based on your interests
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