Larissa Olenicoff demonstrates what apps like PhotoBag, SnapSeed, and NightCap can do for your iPhone photos.

THE CITIES OF Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava are certainly photogenic, which I discovered on my recent trip through Central Europe. Mix that with some funky photo editing applications on your iPhone and you can pump out some real works of art. Here are 10 more awesome photo apps to help bring out the creative iPhoneography genius inside of you.



CameraBag is a simple app that allows you to utilize 15 different camera settings to add to photos shot with CameraBag or already existing ones from your photo library. The Plastic simulation was used on this photo from Belvedere Palace in Vienna. ($1.99)


Dramatic Black & White

Get all Ansel Adams with your photos using Dramatic Black & White. Multiple black and white, infrared, and dramatic black and white presets make this app incredibly easy to use. Here are some guards on duty at Prague Castle as seen through the Dramatic 2 setting. ($0.99)


Leme Camera

Leme Camera is a point-and-shoot app that let's you get creative with various toy camera, lens, and film settings. It also incorporates a photo diary and photo sharing community where you can mingle with other Leme Camera users around the world. This particular shot of Petrzalka, Bratislava was taken with the 2 Exposure camera and random lens. (Free)



NightCap is a wonderful app for night and low-light photography. It's the first app to do actual long exposure, not faked -- up to 1s. This photo of the Chain Bridge in Budapest was shot using auto mode. TEXT($0.99)


NIR Color

NIR Color is a fun app that lets you add some fantasy to your photos. Its "near infrared" technology and infrared color filters can create some pretty striking results, sometimes bordering on otherworldly. A manipulation of the Purple Turquoise setting was used on this shot of Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest. ($5.99)


Photo Artista Haiku

Turn your photos into visual poetry with Photo Artista Haiku. Stylized watercolor elements were used to turn this photo of Tyn Church in Prague into a work of art worthy of a museum. ($2.99)


Pic Stitch

These shots from Prague were put together using Pic Stitch, an application that allows you to combine multiple photos into one. 32 different layouts and 9 different photo aspect ratios are available, as well as the ability to edit individual photo properties. (Free)



ScratchCam FX was one of my favorite apps to use on this trip, especially on the photos I took in squeaky-clean Vienna. With just a few scratch, texture, and color adjustments I was able to turn this photo of Naturhistorisches Museum from clean and magnificent into grungy and magnificent. For quick results there is also a One-Click function for randomized effects. ($1.99)



This is a photo of St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest edited with Snapseed. It's a bit more expensive than most photo apps, but absolutely worth it for all its functions. With it you can make selective adjustments to any part of the photo, tune the image to create depth and vibrancy, as well as add various creative enhancements such as grunge, vintage, and dramatic effects. ($4.99)


Vintage Scene

Taking Michalská Brána in Bratislava back in time with Vintage Scene. This photo app combines various sepia tones, grains, darkened edges, borders and distressed papers to age your iPhone photos. ($1.99)