Megamid - The Ultimate Tent

by Matador Creators Jul 15, 2008

Today’s gear review comes from Matador editor and community member, David Miller

The “mid” is the ultimate shelter and the only tent that is comfortable to live out of for extended periods of time.


Why? It is infinitely adjustable, can adapt to any terrain, and has no floor, which means you can cook in it, set up chairs in it, set it up over snow, then dig down to create an entire living room, sleeping area, etc. It can be set up high enough to fully stand up in, or half-buried in the ground for shedding snow or sandstorms. And it’s the only tent (again, because of the no-floor design) that can be set up as a sun shade and it doesn’t turn into an oven.

The one drawback is that the megamid is not a free-standing tent. It takes more skill to set up than traditional tents, sometimes involving clever knots, folds, hanging from objects, etc, especially in wet terrain. You’ll also need a mosquito net if you’re in buggy areas.

But once you get dialed in with the megamid you’ll find it’s the ultimate shelter, a true modern tipi – David Miller

Price: $179.50 | BUY

Note: – Mountain Hardwear sells a larger, 4-person tent similar to the Megamid called the Kiva Lite.

Price: $275.00 | BUY

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