Pivoting Backpacks: Black Diamond's Octane

by Austin Chu Nov 2, 2009
The ultimate backpack contoured and designed to move with your body.

New to the multi-hour-day-trip backpack lineup is Black Diamond’s Octane.

Designed for short to long technical day trips, it’s equipped with Black Diamond’s ergoACTIV suspension. The weight is distributed continuously throughout the shoulders and applied to the pivoting weight straps.

In other words, as one side gets longer, the other sides gets shorter allowing the weight to balance from the right to left. It’s the perfect backpack for trips along rough and uneven trails.

One main feature that stands out is the zipper is on the top which allows for an efficient way to pack and organize your gear.

Loaded with a breathable mesh on the hip belt and shoulder straps, it keeps the shoulder cushioned and also prevents moisture from accumulating around your shoulders. It’s hydration compatible, and can securely store your trekking poles and ice axe.

Specs and Sizing:
30L (size L)
28L (size M)

Fits Torso Length :
50-57 cm, 19.5-23.5 in (size L)
45-52 cm, 17.5-20.5 in (size M)

Average Stock Weight :
1.22 kg, 2 lb 11 oz (size L)
1.14 kg, 2 lb 8 oz (size M)

Ladies, Black Diamond didn’t forget about you. They’ve also designed a female-specific version called the Spark.

Price: $140 (Available, Spring 2010)| Where to buy: Black Diamond

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