Protect Your Eyes: Oakley Polarized A-Frames

by Austin Chu Nov 19, 2009
The three C’s to goggle selection: Clarity, Clean, and Comfortable.

Photo: Oakley

There is nothing more important than wearing the correct goggles when you’re on the slope. The Oakley Polarized A Frames is the standard in goggles: Clean, unsurpassed clarity, and lusciously comfortable.

Snow glare is harsh.

Especially when the sun is reflecting the light directly unto your eyes. Without the proper lens and tint, the glare can affect your riding. A remedy is Oakley polarized lenses.

According to Oakley, “Conventional polarized lenses reduce glare but they also cloud your vision with haze and distortion. Oakley utilizes a liquid infusion process to achieve molecular level bonding with the polarizing filter.”

To summarize: No more haze and no more distortion.

Oakley’s High Definition Optics also eliminates fog, and allows the air to flow through. In addition, the A-Frame is constructed from a flexible urethane compound, and is lined with a triple-layer foam that wicks away moisture and provides the adequate cushion for the forehead. The most comfortable goggles on the market.

Do your eyes a favor this winter season and invest in a pair.

Tip: Get a couple of different lenses and be prepared for any condition.

Cost: $180.00 | Where to buy: Oakley

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