Ride To Work Pants: OUTLIER 4Season OG Pants

by Austin Chu Jan 19, 2010

Photo courtesy of Emiliano Granado

Pants for men who love bikes.

Photo: Outlier

Rain or shine. I ride my bike everyday. I’m not a fan of wearing capris or bike shorts especially, if I’m heading to work.

My life changed when I discovered the Outlier 4Season OG Pant earlier.

These are your everyday ride to work-market-bar-date-lunch-dinner-breakfast-coffee pants. The Outlier 4Season OG Pants were built to withstand rigorous riding conditions.

At first glance, they look like a regular pair of slacks. However, looks can be deceiving and these pants were designed for durability and resistance. Clean cut, water and coffee resistant, they are perfect for your everyday commutes to work and late night rendezvous.

The OG pants are breathable, wick away moisture, repel rain, and are stretchable. They’re constructed from Schoeller Dryskin fabric, which is the same material as your soft shell jackets. The material doesn’t wrinkle, and will dry within minutes when saturated with water. These pants are tough and durable on the exterior, and extremely comfortable on the inside.

The four way stretch is good enough for your massive calves and sleek enough to wear straight to a boardroom meeting.

Your board members will never know you’ve just jammed a 5-mile loop on your coffee break.

Cost: $180 | Where to buy: Outlier

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