Photos courtesy of New High (M)art

Grey Ant and Teva have joined forces to introduce the latest in rugged climbing shoes…stilettos

These new soles are a collaboration between Grey Ant and Teva® called the “Grey Ant x Teva Stilleto” which pairs Teva’s hurricane sport sandals with Grey Ant’s edgy designs.

According to retailers, New High (M)art:

This co-branded effort sees Grey Ant marrying the Teva® velcro-strap styling and grip-sole construction to a bold 4″ stacked heel. They’re calling it the most comfortable, performance high heel on the planet — we call it the most daring mash-up of the decade. This is anti-fashion at its purest. And so good when paired with socks.

Teva Stilletos

Is this truly from the same Teva® we know?

Yes, Teva. (Apologies to anyone who just spit coffee onto her computer screen.)

Now you might have sworn off the all-terrain sandal the last time you caught fish at Red Lake (more like Phish at Red Rocks), but the unmistakable grip-sole construction and sturdy Velcro straps — with tribal pattern, natch — have been countered with a four-inch stacked heel.

They’ve been dubbed the most comfortable high-performance heels on the planet by their engineers — and pretty damn good-looking by us…Read more from Daily Candy

The shoe comes in two limited styles: “Worlds Unite” black and white with a velcro closure, and “Natural” in tan with a buckle closure. For “full-effect”, New High (M)art recommends you pair the shoes with “outdoorsy-style socks.”

Personally, I find the tan-colored version quite attractive and could totally rock it. So if you’re in the market for durable, lightweight, and high-performance heels that wouldn’t break while out rock scrambling, look no further.

Price: $330 to look fabulously fierce while climbing Half Dome | BUY