Surf Longer: Rip Curl F-Bomb Wetsuit

by Austin Chu Jul 6, 2009

Photo: Rip Curl

It’s not the cold water that’s keeping you out, it’s your wetsuit.

Stay warm and catch some offshore breezes and perfect A-frames on your next surf sesh with a Rip Curl F-Bomb Wetsuit.

I stayed warm this past winter on my home break in Newport Beach, California. The water isn’t freezing, but a good early morning surf will still get your body numb if you’re not surfing with the right suit.

This suit is loaded with double-sided seamed seals, super stretchy neoprene, and an overhead chest zipper. It’s lightweight, fits really snug and is ultra low-profile.

There are plenty of wetsuits on the market and the prices can vary. You can spend $100 and get a basic suit. You can also break the bank and throw down $400+ for a wetsuit.

My advice? Pick up a quality suit, invest in it, and you’ll be rocking a warm suit for a few seasons/years depending on how often you surf.

Tip: Prolong the life of your wetsuit by rinsing your wetsuit after you surf and hang it in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

Minor setback: Pulling the wetsuit over your head and mastering the art of the towel change.

Cost: 4/3mm $390 & 3/2mm $370

Where to buy: Authorized Rip Curl Dealers

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