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The Best Backpacks for Women

Photo: Maridav/Shutterstock
Michelle Schusterman
Jul 2, 2010
More than just a different look, some backpacks for women are designed based on the shape of a woman’s body for greater comfort.

When I first saw this article on Travel Gear Blog touting women-specific backpacks, I was ready to take offense at the promotion of pretty pink and racy red backpacks marketed towards women (and with an inflated price). But the article raises some great points on what makes a really great backpack for women, as opposed to a generic pack. For example:

  • Women generally have short torsos than men, so backpacks for women have shorter frame lengths
  • Women are (obviously) curvier, so backpacks for women have conforming hipbelts and shoulder straps
  • Women are less broad shouldered than men, so backpacks for women aren’t as wide in the shoulders as generic packs

Travel Gear Blog recommended these four backpacks designed for women:

Deuter Futura Pro 34 SL Women’s Pack

$135 at REI

REI Flash 50 Women’s Pack

$149 at REI

Gregory Jade 50 Women’s Pack

$199 at REI

Osprey Ariel 65 Women’s Pack

$249 at REI

Any Matador women out there who have given one of these, or any other, women-specific backpacks a try? Tell us your recommendations in the comments section below!

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