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Twitter Contest: 4 Guerrilla Backpacks, 4 Chances to Win

by Michelle Schusterman Nov 15, 2011
Matador and Guerrilla Packs are giving away four backpacks for three US winners and one international winner.

TWO DIFFERENT GUERRILLA PACKS sat in my bedroom for nearly two weeks before I finally had the opportunity to travel. It was torturous to look at them, both with detachable daypacks and all sorts of pockets and places begging to be stuffed and taken on an adventure.

The waterproof Voltij is a beast. 65 liters, 26 inches in length, and 14 inches in width, a plastic coated aluminum internal frame with a sleeping bag compartment and a pocket for wet clothes – I can fit more in this thing than I can my closet. All packed up, it straps on very comfortably; all straps and belts are fully adjustable and padded up nice.

The daypack is complete brilliance. It works perfectly as a carry-on if you’re checking the main bag. And it straps onto not only the back of the bag, like an extension, but also around your front if you prefer, so you can keep your valuables in sight and within reach.

As for the main pack, it scores points for both allowing you to load from the top or front.

Bonus: a built-in rain cover.

Extra bonus: built-in compass and thermometer (sewn into one of the belt straps).

The Airporter

The 55 liter Airporter makes me feel like I’m cheating on the carry-on rule, because it’s really three bags in one. In addition to the main pack, you’ve also got a detachable cadet daypack and a detachable laptop shoulder bag (which fits both inside the main pack and the daypack). And with a few zips, you can convert it into a duffel bag – no loose straps hanging out of the overhead compartment.

I planned on using my Airporter as a carry-on on a recent trip to Quebec. However, a full flight from Chicago with too many carry-on fans forced me to check the main bag. I slid the laptop bag into the daypack and handed the backpack over. My flight was only four hours long, but I didn’t see my Airporter until two days later. Apparently the airline was so impressed with it, they had to show it off to their friends in Montreal before letting me have it back.

I thought I’d filled my Airporter up pretty good before Quebec, but coming home, I added a few new shirts, giant hardcover cookbooks, bottles of liqueur, and other goodies with no problem. I suspect I could’ve fit a wheel of bleu cheese in there as well (and I’m kind of regretting not trying it).

And the winners are…

Airporter (red): Jenny Schratz
Airporter (blue): Kaitie Worobec
Voltij (red): Michelle Hawkins
Voltij (blue): Wyatt Martin

Stay tuned for more Goods giveaways!

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