Twitter Contest Giveaway: Laken Classic Aluminum Water Bottle

by Matador Creators Sep 8, 2009
As part of the Matador Twitter contest, we will be spotlighting cool gear we’ll be giving away to lucky readers.
Laken Classic Aluminum Water Bottle

Did you know over 2.5 million water bottles are thrown away every hour?

Aside from being wasteful, studies have also shown drinking from plastic water bottles can be harmful to your health.

Laken Classic Aluminum Water Bottles are 100% safe, BPA free bottles, reusable, dishwasher safe, and completely recyclable.

The crack-proof FDA approved Epoxy inner coating also helps prevent bacterial build-up, and the liner is resistant to temperature, external dents, acidic liquids, and alcohol or water-purifying tablets.

The lightweight aluminum exterior is coated with non-toxic powder, and features externally threaded wide mouth openings and a loop cap.

Disclaimer – The color of the giveaway gear may be different from the color featured in the photo.


@joby14 – “I would use this when walking, its invaluable having the loop cap so easy to clip onto my backpack.”

We’ll be contacting her directly to send her the Laken Classic Water Bottle.

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