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Win This Tight Luggage Compression Organizer

by Michelle Schusterman Mar 29, 2012
On my list of packing essentials, clothes are near the bottom of the list.

I MEAN, I bring clothes. But other things take priority when it comes to bag real estate. My SLR and zoom lens. Notebooks and sketchpads. Books. Laptop. Other various gadgetry.

And since I refuse to carry multiple bags — camera bag, laptop bag, backpack, purse — I’m constantly trying to finagle as much (if not all) of this stuff into one pack. Clothes are the last thing I care about. I’m not joking when I say I have gone on a trip and forgotten to pack shoes.

GobiGear claims that their Hoboroll “reduces packed volume by up to 50 percent;” that got my attention. I tested it out on a recent trip to Belize.

The Hoboroll is open-ended and split into five long compartments you can access from either side. The compartments are really useful mid-trip, when it becomes vital to separate your clean clothes from the stuff that’s starting to reek.

I tightly rolled and packed one dress, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, three tank tops, five shirts, two pairs of socks, a bra, six pairs of underwear, and a pair of flip flops into the Hoboroll. Once everything was in, I snapped the two plastic clasps and yanked on the straps to tighten it as much as possible.

Image courtesy of GobiGear

I unzipped my backpack — carry-on size — and placed the Hoboroll inside. I’d say it took up about 40% of the interior space.

I added my two small plastic bags of toiletries. Then I slipped my laptop and plug behind the Hoboroll. The pack still looked half-empty. On my last trip, it was hard to close the zipper at this point.

In went my bulky SLR case, which included an extra zoom lens. I zipped the backpack closed easily — there was still room to spare.

This thing is basically a garter for your clothes. (Suck it in, jeans.) The material is a very lightweight nylon, and both ends are fitted with drawstrings, so you can actually use the Hoboroll as a bag itself. Which I will be doing in the near future in my never-ending quest to reduce the apparel section of my luggage.

Want one?

GobiGear is offering a 15% discount for all Matador readers! Just use the promo code MATADOR12 when you order. Or you can enter to win one…

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And the winner is…Rachel Walker!

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